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The fact that we are hopping around with crossed fingers HOPING to have a Freshman start at quarterback speaks volumes about development at that position. I want to blame Richt but I don't think he planned things out this far in advance. We need to do a better job scouting quarterback talent in the state of Georgia.
Dead wrong. The four top recruiting states for division one schools are California, Texas, Florida and Georgia. That is just a fact.
Now you're talking. The ghost of Vince will rise up from behind the hedges. It really is time that better use was made of the best talent base in the history of college sports. If UGA could just corral 40 per cent of the state's available talent they would rule the SEC East.
Richt just has to go. He gets beat nearly any time he faces a good coach. He can't beat Saban, could not beat Meyer, can't beat Miles and could never get ahead of "the ole ball coach." He has the best talent in the best league and he cannot win. That's it. He's got to go.
You inadvertently answered your own question(s)..."with the exception of Alabama." There is (at least) as much talent in Athens right this minute as there has ever been in Tuscaloosa. The talent gap that Georgia is facing around the SEC right now is at head coach. Richt does LESS with the talent at his disposal than any other coach in our league. Period.