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You are an idiot. What freaking grade are you in? You freaking don’t know how to spell.
I’m 66 bit could still probably kick your sorry ass..
Amen to that! Thank the Lord that he is all right and hopefully he can still play to his full potential. This world is crazy!!!!
Sounds like you were pretty excited about something when you made that mistake. Mind if we ask what that was???
A psychologist would likely understand you as a person so obsessed with a team that he fears so much that if you continue to say enough against them then you hope that they might go away. This indicates you are living out of touch with reality, very immature and are very insecure, at best. Why don’t you just focus on your own team instead of obsessing over another team that you are afraid of and let people enjoy their team, whoever it might be?
Alabama_Crimson_Cried and Bubbtime need to do a circle jerk. You are both idiots. Maybe a better term is imbecile. Freaking idiots.
You are a freaking idiot! And, the fact that you spend so much time trying to pretend you are an Alabama fan is pathetic. It shows that you must have no life at all. What a sad and pathetic life you have, loser.
All I can say is that it takes one to know one! Smells in here!
You are stupid, Leghumper. Why don’t you go hump a tree?
He should coach as long as he feels good and still has that edge. I think he will know when it is time. Whoever takes his place will have big shoes to fill, that is for sure!!
I wish that I could get paid "a fortune" for my "opinion" regardless of how far fetched or accurate it may be to the truth!!!
“Negan the Troll”. You are some kind of special, for sure. It is very obvious to everyone but you and a couple of others that you are obsessed with Alabama football. Is it possible that you hate yourself because you are an Alabama fan deep down but tell yourself you shouldn’t be? Is this how you deal with internal conflict? Help us all to understand why you do what you do… I wasn’t all that happy when Kirby Smart left Bama but I do not troll Georgia articles and try to pick apart their coach, team or victories. Are you in Middle School or perhaps Junior High School? I can’t think of a sound minded individual doing what you do. Maybe you are just a freckle faced kid with acne or something? At best, you are immature. You are funny, an amusement. We will see how it plays out on the field. I look forward to your next mentally deranged comments!.
You are another troll trolling Bama articles. It’s clear that you and lame LeghumperU have nothing better to do.. You are so worried your win was just a flash in the pan, one and done, aren’t tou?
No one is talking about Arkansas or Tennessee. Both are markedly improved and will be better this year....
LeghumperU. What kind of username is that? You are delusional, first of all. Kirby was not telling Pickens that they were throwing the game. He was telling him if they lost that they would get another chance. Only someone reading their own bias into those comments would come to that conclusion.. And, the fact you troll the Bama articles indicates you are obsessed with Bama. Intrinsically, you believe Alabama is better or else they would not be living in your head the way they do. And, anyone who is not bias, and I have talked to a lot of college football fans, believes Bama would have won the CFP championship if they had only had Williams. If they had Metchie in addition it would have been another shallacking just like in the SEC championship game. Kirby Smart is a great coach and recruiter but his win was by luck, this time. Once he demonstrates he can repeat and repeat and repeat like Bama, then you can start to strut your stuff. You had just better hope he does and this was not just a one and done because you will have to eat a lot of your words. In the words of Bear Bryant, "Act you have been there before" and so far your acting is far short. Grow up and get a job or life or something and quit trolling Bama articles...