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Honestly, don’t sleep on Bobo.. he gets a good QB, and he’ll be fine. Look at his last few years with Richt. Play calling had gotten much better and much more unpredictable. But he has to have the right personnel, but he can develop QB’s.
This is awesome. Lack of discipline only hurts the ball club. Watching Florida fans make excuses for their coach acting like he’s got everything under control while the national media bashes him is like comfort food for the Bulldog soul.
Well, the out loud part is the difference here isn’t it? I can understand it, but it was still dumb to say that in an interview. But it’ll be forgotten before you know it.
I think they both should have been ejected, but that’s semantics. It’s not like that Tech player mattered to the outcome. But Pickens has to remain composed. He’s a freshman.
He probably meant to not pay attention (all players do) and getting the face was a bonus.
They’re just now losing faith in the league? These guys act like they’re the first team to ever have bad officiating that may have affected the outcome of a game. This has been happening for years. It’s happened to every team in the league. No surprise, might as well move on so it doesn’t become a distraction.
In fairness to Oskie... he is no longer on the team. Now if Jeremy pulls an Urban Meyer and lets him back on, then it’s fair game. I don’t expect he will though.
At least it’s funny. Yeah, he’s trolling a bit there, but he’s not being outright ugly. It’s like other teams doing the gator chomp on Florida or the horns down in Texas after big plays against those guys. You have a tradition that’s way overdone, it’s going to get made fun of.
The people they’ve been getting this year have been more on the celebrity end of things, as opposed to having actual ties to the school. These people are probably fans of one of the programs on the show, but they don’t have actual ties like most of the guest pickers they used to try to get on. Zion makes no sense.
Agreed darthA. I don't think coordinators need to defend that season too much. First year under a fully new staff, great rebound the next year.. that's ok.
Agreed. Chaney's time at UGA was a mixed bag. The RBs having to go to him late in the season says a lot. I'd have been fine if he stayed, I think he did enough offensively the last two years to have us in a good place to win games, but maybe we need a change of pace. I trust our coaches and the fact that Kirby didn't fight very hard to keep him was all I needed to know that we're gong to be fine. I hope he does well at UT.. just not against us, of course.
Connor, you really don't know us at all. We are THRILLED to have him at Florida, and that Florida thinks so highly of him to pay him that kind of money.
Exactly. That guy abandoned his players and spurned the FSU fanbase because he took his foot off the gas in recruiting. It'll happen again in a few years.
If you think Jimbo doesn't negative recruit, you're not paying attention.
So it was wrong when your school went after Jimbo who was under contract at Florida State? The irony... it burns. Jimbo needs to grow a pair. He'd do the same thing if he had an opportunity.
One of these days, people will just ignore this idiot rather than continue to give him a platform. It's amazing to think a guy that was as good of a player as he was can either know so little about football, or pretend not to just so he can be the "Anti-SEC Guy".
Yeah, but you're not the better team if you can't sustain that for 60 minutes.
Delusion is not a good look, but whatever helps you get through the day, bud.
Thanks for Bulletin Board Material Luke... probably wouldn't be an issue if you just let it be, but that's ok. See you next year, pal.
Crichvol, I think this is right. Culture change is hard, and Pruitt is bringing a MASSIVE culture change to UT. The key is to understand that HIS players will love him once he gets them in place. You get some successes under your belt, and watch what happens. Buy In will come. Right now, it's not there.
Come on man.. what would any head coach do? Pruitt is not Butch Jones, and UT will be better for that. You can't tolerate insubordination, and he didn't. I think Pruitt will do just fine at UT, but it's going to be rough for awhile.
Talk aout sensationalistic headlines. I thought he went on some wild rampage wrecking stuff. First thought after watching that... is that it? He didn't lose it, SDS geez. Imagine what'll happen if he actually does cause some property damage?
Now that's a hot take. Tebow is not a good analyst. Maybe a touch better at that than being a pro QB, but that ain't saying much.
This guy has no clue when to just shut up.
The problem is the NCAA isn't the NFL. They can't unilaterally address anything. So errant schools like OSU will damage the sport by enabling people like Meyer. We're all guilty be association. It may not be fair, but it's what will happen.
I had a feeling this was coming, and I don't blame her or anyone else one bit. This had implications beyond a head coach's job. Beyond the players... and there was no way the #metoo movement was going to sit idly by and let this be sufficient when the Ohio State report was such obvious BS. Strap in people.. this ain't over.
...and so it begins. I'd like to be snarky, but I can't. There is no real humor in this. It's just bad any way you cut it. But I feel like this is a bid dose of Karma for ol' Urb and I hope this boots him from coaching forever.