Avid UK fan and current student. "Heaven must be a Kentucky kind of place," -- D. Boone

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I wouldn't mind seeing Kentucky in a bowl, but we don't deserve it.
Anybody making a joke in the SEC about inbreeding is pretty much the pot calling the kettle black.
They can't, but to them denying a position to a white person so a black person can have it isn't discriminating.
Actually I'm on Miami's side in this. They did win, in the sense that the refs awarded them a touchdown to win the game. It's the refs that people should have a problem with if they feel as though this winning touchdown was incorrectly awarded. Miami is claiming a win that they were awarded and there's nothing wrong or shameful in that.
I think it'll be closer than most are making, but Cats come out top 17-14
Yeah, but did Joe Pa ever flop like he was playing soccer to get a flag? Arguing with the ref is one thing, flopping like a pansy is completely different.
Mark 11:12-25 Jesus curses a fig tree to never bear fruit again.
Yeah, those are the kinda chants I expect from high schoolers.
Here's hoping that the Cats can pull of a big win this Saturday. Good luck Gators and Go Cats!
Nice of you to throw Vandy a bone, that was high-quality reporting right there.
Glad Kentucky finally made a "Top 10" List.
I did read somewhere (I believe it was Sports Illustrated) that in soccer and basketball you tend to see that the refs are a bit easier on the home team. So it'd be an interesting statistic to see for sure.
Dude, I've seen it in nearly every liquor store in Lexington.
I'm hoping for a win at both of the games you mentioned, but I always look at the Tennessee game as a benchmark personally.
I have faith in Stoops as coach. He's brought life into a program that hasn't had any in a very long time, and I'm excited to see where he's going to take us.
The Cowbells are not Under the Radar in any way. Every SEC fan knows about them an has an opinion on them. Honestly, any other tradition from Mississippi State would be considered little-known.
He wasn't an employee of the University, he was a student who wished to play football. If anything his "pay" for his "labor" was the scholarship he got to play. It's ridiculous that many of these scholarship football players are whining about getting to go top universities for free when many of their peers can barely afford to be there and may be working full time to just be students.
I may be biased, but I'd like to think Kentucky will show a great improvement. If we can start as strong as we did last year and just keep the momentum up for 1 or 2 more games, then you'll being seeing the Cats in a bowl game for the first time in years.
Why? Mixing up the unis can be fun, and to be honest many of Oregon's uniforms look pretty sharp. Now, some are just plain ugly, but many (like the silver and white uniforms they wore to their last National Champ. game) look really good.
I really like the helmet, the gold trim looks nice around the logo and on the facemask. The numbers on the jerseys just look too gaudy to me. I think it would've look better with maroon numbers and gold trim, and the chest logo trimmed in gold as well. All in all, not the worst unis I've ever seen.
I'm excited to see how this game goes. It's good to able to watch a Kentucky football team that actually shows up.
I can dig it, that would be a ton of fun to see and be a part of!