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Because what could possibly be more appealing to a prospective coach than a program run by a Twitter mob?
Everyone acts like Tee would definitely take it. He's going to get a shot at HC at some point without this drama. If, as an alum, they called Doeren before me, I'd tell them to go piss up a rope
This. As a member of BBN who has been to almost every venue in the SEC, TN has by far the most obnoxious fans. And not just to other teams, to their own teams. This isn't just about Butch; coaches see how people get treated there. I don't think TN fans have any idea how much the handling of Cuonzo Martin hurt them in the coaching fraternity, not just basketball
As a U.K. fan living in TN I agree, but the decent fans have to start shutting down the obnoxious ones. We went through this years ago and KSR kind of united the fan base in understanding that we had to start showing coaches and players appreciation. Otherwise, coaches and players stop coming. TN has a rep now as a place where you go to get treated like crap. To do this while your basketball team is looking great sends an awful message to those players. And the Cuonzo situation really crystallized what TN is for a lot of coaches and players. I'm actually hoping this situation leads to some reflection among TN fans