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Why would Florida not take up LSU's offer to play in Gainesville Sunday or Monday nights? Gainesville did not suffer much damage if any.. actually they could of played Saturday night! The weather would of been much better than what NCS & Notre Dame played in Saturday. Florida clearly does mot want to play this game. It is their best chance of winning the SEC East.. they are the most cowardly team in the SEC.
Florida knows it has a high chance of losing.. they do not play Alabama nor Texas A&M like UT does.. instead it plays LSU and Arkansas this year... if they can avoid a loss to LSU then they only have to play Arkansas! If they have only one more conference loss and Tennessee loses to A&M and Bama then florida will have a better conference record!
Actually the game is on CBS ! Not ESPN as stated.
Last year the Vols should have.. But did not have the confidence at that time invthe season.. It should be an exciting game!
Tennessee needs to open up their offense. This is game is their season.. Offensive line needs to play much better with better technique or its going to be a long day. Would love to finally hear only silence from the obnoxious gator fans and Gainesville.