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Important to get coaches that aren't recommended by people that don't like you like coach Bielema got when someone (pro coach forgot who) recommended Curt Anderson for the line when coach Pittman left. Well that's the story I've heard it might not be true. Anyway they sound like good hires to me.
Also, many people thought he couldn't be successful running a smash mouth offensive system at Arkansas including myself were wrong. It was his defense that fell off starting with year 3. I figured it would be the other way around. You just never know.
Bert is a very good coach in my opinion. He did a very good job at Wiscky winning 3 championships and they haven't won the B1G since he left. His last 3 teams were year 5,6 and 7 so there were none of Alverez's players left. So when Wiscky fans talk about the former coaches players being the reason for his success they are lying. I also believe Bert learned alot while he was at Arkansas. Especially starting with his 3rd year. He is an even better coach now than he was then. I am glad for his success. Sure he ran his mouth a bunch and pis-ed off the Texas high school coaching fraternity which was dumb. But he learned. His teams played hard and behaved themselves off the field very well. Team Academics were good too. Just my take.
Baloney on talent not being there. According to 247 sports team talent rankings UF has the 14th most talented roster in CFB. Oregon St. has the 54th. Billy is just over his head.
UF beat Kirby just 2 years ago. They can beat him again.
OSU is 10-3. Doesn't sound too average to me. Actually a 6-6 team should'nt be playing a 9-3 team to start with. But it was a serious but whoppin.
Correction on number 7th ranked roster that's for 2021. For 2022 it's the 14th ranked roster according to 247. Still pretty good top 15 lot of schools will never have that highly ranked roster.
Very concerning. Lots of transfers. I know it's happening all over but this is troubling. Kansas liable to pull out a V over us. Sure will hate to see it.
I wanted Geoff Collins. But I don't think that many coaches want to come to coach the 10th best roster in the SEC. (According to the 247 team talent rankings)
I don't know where all this Dan Mullen didn't recruit nonsense comes from. ON the 247 team talent rankings Fla. is ranked #7 in CFB. Number 7!!! There is talent all over the field for Florida. Billy Napier is just trying to get things figured out at a school where you better know what you're doing when you get hired and that's the problem. Also Too many sun-belt coaches on his staff (just like chad morris when he came to Arkansas.) Billy is the problem. Should've kept Mullen 3 very good seasons out of 4 ain't bad. Y'all screwed up.
With all the opt-outs this was probably going to be a loss but this was an old fashioned but-whoppin, no an ambush! It's not fair to match a 6-6 with a 9-3 from the outset but with the quitters missing from Florida's roster it really was unfair. We're going to see more of this from SEC teams because so many of our teams have NFL talent but it's hard to watch. Still 9-3 should not be playing 6-6 in bowl games that's just plain not right. In closing Mullin should not have been fired off just one bad year after 3 very good years. Fla. kind of asked for this to a certain extent. He just should have been told to fire his D coordinator and reevaluate his recruiting priorities. Now you have to start all over again.
It worked out pretty sweat for O.M. fans. Get to keep Kiffin, NIL gets blown up in a way that probably was not going to happen before. I'd say O.M. fans should be pretty happy. Leach is a winner. He finds ways to keep beating teams he shouldn't. The SEC just keeps getting tougher. Makes for an interesting future.
This is not good for us Arkansas fans. We did not need for O.M. to be this good. If he had left for AU it's almost certain O.M. would have not been able to adequately replace Lane so now AU get's a better coach and O.M. keeps a very good to great coach. Congratulations Rebels Lane will have O.M. functioning on all cylinders for a good while. As for my team it's not looking too good. The SEC is just unbelievably competitive.
Love the comments on this article. Even fans of other programs are intensly interested in how this goes. I hope Lane stays where he is for some reason. But I don't think he'll stay long term. My guess is he's waiting on Saban to retire cause I don't think DABO will leave Clemson. If Billy fails at Florida I can see him going there as he loves the state of Florida I hear. Oh and about Liberty not being able to match Auburn in $$. My friends are Liberty grads and they say Liberty is swimming in money. Almost Literally.
Looks like the Hogs picked this game to explode. Glad to have the Pit Boss. They don't really out talent anybody in the SEC but they're doing pretty well with what they have I think. Crowd was really in it and that always helps. Great home atmosphere and very good looking stadium makes me proud. Grant Morgan's comments were excellent!
I enjoyed the article Sydney. A&M fans have a right to be angry. If I was Jimbo I would negotiate a settlement and go back to the country roads of West Viginia.
I been hoping they don't let Kirk push his son into the Head coaching chair when he retires. Maybe the events of this year will keep that from happening.
Absolutely right except for the imbecile and moronic comment. I'm sure he's a smart young man but Kirk had to know if making a son a coordinator of a P5 football program came back to bite the great Bobby Bowden in the arse it would not work out for a dude that does a good job but hasn't won his conference in 20 years and no Natty's.
Even though I think he's done a very good job at a place that cannot recruit highly ranked recruiting classes I agree with you that to refer to him as legendary is being a little too kind. Two B1G championships 20 years ago is not exactly "legendary" material. It's real good for a school that recruits sub top 40 recruiting classes but not "legendary". Thank you for your comment.
Glad to see the Vols get back to normal, winning football. Tenn. and Al. are the two traditional powers in the SEC. Alabama's defense is why they lost the game. When you score 49 you should win the game. Golding needs to go.
Billy Napier seems like a good smart young coach, and I think a much better hire than Drinkawitz at Mizzou. But he is unproven at the P5 level and especially the SEC P5 level. Did he pull a Chad Morris and Brian Harsin and hire too many G5 level coaches at a Big Time football gig? I'm concerned that he may have. We'll just have to wait and see. Anyway the learning curve is steep and Florida is no place for OJT. Plenty of G5 coaches that do well as G5 coaches can't cut it in the big leagues. I think Neal Brown at WVU and the dude at FSU right now are good examples. Drink at Mizzou, Chad Morris at Ark and who knows if Brent Venables at OU may be the next one. If Napier doesn't get'em on the winning track soon the pressure on Harsin will seem quite modest by comparison.
Glad to see LSU win this one. I am glad to see the ND fans realize what they did not appreciate, and glad to see the LSU fan realize what they do not appreciate in Brian Kellly's hire. If Miles who was actually a good coach (not great) could win a Natty and nearly another one during the Saban era, and O while loveable is not even a good coach could win a Natty, Kelly is going to clean up! He won up a storm at DII, Central Mich., Cinnci, and ND and is going to make LSU into a monster. Can't wait to see it.
Appreciate the good wishes from fellow SEC fans. I was worried about this game. I've seen BYU do some "giant Killin" over the years to lots of big programs! Good game in front of an excited raucous crowd and a packed stadium on homecoming no less. Very proud. KJ is a dynamic QB and doesn't get the credit he deserves. He makes players around him better. He is a Tim Tebow clone (6-3 240 4.69 in forty). A true dual threat QB.
Alabama just scored 49 points!! And they did it in front of a very loud very raucous crowd with a QB that is probably still not quite 100% after getting hurt in the Arkansas game. What is it with the condemnation of Bill O'Brian? 49 points is enough to win any game! It's clear that Golding is not holding the Defense to the Bama standard but Bill has got them scoring well within reasonable expectations. I just can't figure out why you Alabama folk are blaming Bill O'Brien equally with Pete Golding when there is no comparison. The O-line was clearly going to be the weaker part of the team going into the season and they are scoring just fine despite that. It's Golding that's got to go. Saban is not "slippin", it's just Finebarg's job to create click's and controversy with his "pro-wrestling" esq. "over the top" type comments. I don't get why he is so sought after for his "alarmist" opinions. He should have been Gordon Solie's understudy on Georgia Championship Wrestling not wielding the clout he's got in CFB.
Good article Crissy. Mizzou... like Ark. and Miss.ST. and USCe is in a rough situation in the SEC. Not really able to recruit enough of the talent to win much most years. It's kinda sad but its reality. Perhaps the transfer portal will even some things out and give all the fan bases something to be excited about from time to time.
They sure look great against Arkansas last week, against A&M too. I thought for sure they would beat Kentucky. Can't figure out why Leaches teams play so differently from one week to another. Boom or bust type offense?
Fantastic analysis. When Harsin put Ashford back in and things started to happen I jumped up and said: If they will just get off Harsin's but and let him alone he will build a good team. He is a good coach and the Auburn community that won't shut up and support him ought to be ashamed of themselves and the boosters that slandered him and tried to get him ran off after just year one are just the worse people I can imagine. What respectable coach will want to go into this situation if Harsin is not given more time to build a program and treated like this is beyond me. I hope they have to settle for a MAC coach.