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I saw this whole season coming, the minute I heard Enos was replacing Briles. When Sam fired Dan it was too late by then.
I don't know who's next, but keeping Sam can't be an option. So many say "if you fire Sam, who ya gonna get?". Arkansas ain't no Bama, LSU, Georgia, or (insert big name college with years of winning tradition)...but it's still a good job in the best conference.
Personally, I was never on the KJ wagon. Anyone paying attention can see he's a limited QB. His 'bigness' has won a few games, but take that away and what do you have....not much. Arkansas football has suffered for so many years now. At least basketball season is upon us.
Many of us Hog fans were very disappointed the minute we heard Enos was hired. So glad he's gone.
Glad2b you're right. I was disappointed the minute I heard Enos was hired. I knew everything was going to change and it wasn't going to go well. Most don't agree with me but KJ bears a little of the responsibility. My folks in-the-know tell me there's only so much he can do, and Enos' game plan was out of the realm of KS's abilities.
The minute I heard Enos was hired, I knew it was bad.
I've watched Notre Dame play teams from the ACC and struggle to win or lose. I watched ND obliterate USC last night. Not buying the great pac12 narrative.
Another moral victory? Do they give trophies for those?
The minute I heard Enos was hired, I thought, oh no...
I love Sam, I really do, but it's becoming obvious he's not the man for the job. Problem is, who else could we get?
That game was proof that these rankings are garbage. Notre Dame ranked 10th? Anyone who watched that game wouldn't buy that. Rankings prove themselves to be based on a teams tradition and record based on many seasons, not what they actually are in the moment.
Things I'm not over-reacting to: Looks like another season where Arkansas will be lucky to go 6-6.
Arkansas is a better team than the record shows. How much better, who knows. Anyone who watched the BYU game knows Arkansas beat itself with all the mistakes as much as BYU did. They made too many mistakes against LSU too, but, that's part of the game, and mistakes or not, hogs lost. I have no prob with Ark being 12 on this list, it's up to them to win their way out of it.
Side note...just saw the highlights of Walker White's game tonight (Auburn commit). Yall got a good qb coming.
I tend to agree. KJ's powered his way to some success the last couple seasons, and Enos' playbook hampers that.
KJ has always held the ball too long, and been slow to sense a collapsing pocket. The new schemes put in place by Enos are not going to agree with KJ's style of play. This looks to be another mediocre year of Razorback football.
It's been pointed out many times....take the Jameis years out of Fisher's record, then see what you have..
Arkansas couldn't run against one of the worst defensive teams in all of college football. Gonna be a long season.
Uh, boot, if you watched the game or read the comments above, you'd know WC was selling out for the run. Enos has been hired by good programs. KJ's success passing saturday was partly because WCs entire defense was at the line of scrimmage. Pay attention.
Ever noticed how poorly LSU plays in Fayetteville when it's freezing temps? Like you said, a healthy KJ and we win that game.
Thanks ESAD, your insults show your intelligence.
Thanks ESAD, your insults show your intelligence. I saw lots of busted coverage. I saw lots of things. I followed all the behind the scenes stuff going on in the off season. Say what you want. You think I'm stupid? I think the same of you.
Petrino always has a good first couple of years with every team he's hired on to. I'm betting he'll be moving on soon to be head coach somewhere.
Yup, WC sold out for the run. The secondary looks to still be a question mark.
I only watched about half the Arkansas game, but I'm concerned. Rushing was not good, although it appeared WC was selling out for the run. The secondary may be the same ole secondary. KJ looked good. It's only one game, and the opener, but I'm already picking the Hogs to go a little above .500. I guess there's the hope Sam was holding back...