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"The NFL model will not be successful in the college landscape." Dumb statement. We won't know til it's been tried.
I just don't think this is the Hogs year....doesn't 'feel' like it..
Texas is Texas. Good way to put it. Three things you can count on in life...death, taxes, and Texas with a high pre-season rank, deserved or not.
I've seen several. An attorney or two here in central AR has half a dozen razorbacks doing commercials...some from football, some from basketball.
"Arkansas fans are unlikely to be adopting rally raccoons".....yea uh I wouldn't be sure of that..
No one has said they've "arrived", they're saying they might surprise some folks. I take the term Dark Horse to mean someone you don't expect to win, but ends up doing better than everyone thought.
Gill in several comments now you've made it clear you think AR being considered a dark horse is silly. No offense but to bring up the record of previous years is irrelevant. Arkansas has done more with less the last couple seasons, while A&M has done less with more. I don't think AR makes the playoffs, but to call it ridiculous is just hate talk on your part.
We as SEC fans tend to root for SEC teams when they play teams out of conference. As a fan of AR from the old Southwest Conference days, it's gonna be hard to root for the longhorns when they play out of conference....
I agree Lefty. Bama will be ready for AR, didn't mean to say they wouldn't be. I'm just saying although AR is on the upswing, I don't think we're going to win the West next season.
I'm betting LSU is going to have a good year.....gutt feeling I guess.
It's a yearly tradition that Texas be in the pre-season poll in the top ten. I'm used to it by now.
Well dang this comment was supposed to show up under the relevant convo.
IF Ark beats Bama, it doesn't necessarily mean they'd win the west....and yea, you can be sure Saban remembers the A&M game....
Arkansas will have to mesh...growing pains... if they start the season ranked 1st, wonder how long they'll stay there. No matter, it's where you finish that counts.
Well mrfuzz, Texas will be joining us soon, and they might take over as 'most arrogant'....now the rest of the SEC will learn why Ark and Tex A&M dislike them so much lol.
OBF I get what you're saying. I guess I'm a traditionalist and always will be....but then, I miss the old Southwest Conference lol.
Is there some way to block Ron? He's the typical coward who barks insults from "behind his internet"...or maybe he can block me.
Vermont is not a gimme. Sloppy play will send AR home early. A few "experts" are leaning towards picking Vermont.
Ok, AR has beat LSU 3 times now, and they're still behind them in the net rankings...
The last time Ark won the SEC tourney, they were not expected to win it. Any team from the quarters on could pull it out.