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BOLD COMMENTS: 1.Racey McMath will be the go to reciever,(everyone will be worried about Chase, Marshall, Gilbert, ect.), 2.SLIM Brennan will far surpass Bayou Jeaux's 2018 production, and 3. Bo's defense will be #1 in 2020. Bold?
The ONE thing I wonder is can he scramble as good as Joe could? Most of the time Joe was turning sacks into 1st downs. If Ol' Slim Brennan can turn the same, oh boy, tigahs will pick up where they left off. He's got the arm and has been understudy for two years, he should be ready. GO TIGAHS
Ol'SLIM BRENNAN is another Paul Bunyan, wait till he starts chunking the pigskin to Racey, Jamar, and Terrace,among others,instead of chainsaws at trees.GO TIGAHS
Agree! Amanda was a good DC, but not that good (for the money). Alot of mistakes in 2019, gave 14 pts. to Bama thru a quick thinking Hawaiian Eye. Lil John from Ole Miss looked like he owned LSU. Bo will give TIGAHS A SOLID "D",that is a must. That's what Steele gave them when he at LSU. SEC can eat DC's for breakfast, GEAUX TIGAHS
It would have been a good game, I would have to go with BUMA. I don't think Saban wanted that physical of a game right off the blocks, w/ UGA, LSU, AUBURN, plus down the line. Bad memories of 2019 injuries fresh in his mind. GO TIGAHS
WTH!!! How can you 4get Racey? He's been making plays off da bench for two years. Get real, Tiga o-line looked great in 19 due to Joe and Clyde's never give up 3rd down scrambles. O-line 2020 got great potential. Look for Brenner to exceed Joe's "junior" year. DEFENSE to surprise, line and backfield to dominate, linebacker play to decide championship finish. Running back crew will being back memories of Alfred Blue, Michael Ford group. 11 wins hinging on Brennan's scrambling ability. Go Tiga's
Dr. Jeykel and Mr. Mond, look back over two years. Who's going to show up? Hard to say elite, inconsistent probably.
I'm definitely no A&Mer,but don't count Mond out. Keep in mind the 2018 season, he was tough, suffered from pressure problems in 2019.