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This is a pivotal game for Tigers. Gamecocks are a very solid team. Stingley has done a good job and Ricks has shown promise. Flott and the safeties have not lived up to their individual play in 2019. Linebacker play is terrible, Cox is the only one making plays. Makes me think system is bad. Defense was suppose to be more aggressive than 2019 and truthfully I don't see it. Aranda's "D" was far more aggressive than what's been shown in 2020. Watch 2019 games and compare. Coach BEAUX is not showing results. Go Tigers!
Back against the wall!!! The thing is front 7 defense is not that young, backfield other than no. 7 is, but played alot last year. So far not a fan of 4-3. 2019 had alot of holes midway, but closed them up when it counted. One plus on 3-4 you never knew who was coming after you. Starting to believe 4-3 is as impotent as Les Myles offensive scheme was. Geaux Tigers
If LSU loses to a decent South Carolina team, Beaux is gone and so is the season. Gamecocks offense is not that great(akin to MSU and Mizzou). We'll never catch up, set another record for worst season following NC. Look for Brenner to get hurt and Offense to fail. Hope I'm wrong, but looks scary. Still love my Tigers.
Bamma's offense is great, deep threat is awsome. Get real, they would put 60 points on their on defense. DAWGS WR'S were open most of the night. "Tiny Dancer" couldn't pass the ball to them. Why "Not So Smart" abandoned running the ball beats me. IT'S THE CURSE OF KIRBY. CONGRATS BAMA on victory, it's easy cruising now to the play-offs.
Agree b-tiger, I dislike Gators second only to BUMMA. ALTHOUGH Dan was my choice to follow Les. With our D-play we only had half a chance to win, w/o Slim Brennan we had no chance at victory. Sad... practice Bo, GEAUX TIGERS
I truly hope you're right. A win in the swamp would right a sinking ship. Sadly O-line is facing the best Defense they've seen so far. Old Slim Brennan can only do so much if he doesn't get the time. Bayou Joe was a skilled scrambler, he got it from blown blocks and running for his life. Myles will have to learn or fall. RBs run straight into the wall, hardly no cutbacks, watch replays. Clyde made alot of his yards finding hole. Alot is inexperience, some is blown assignments, but most is bad preparations and coaching. I love Coach O, but he's not a "super coach". He has been a good coach manager in the past. And if his coaches don't do there job, he will "send them down the road", whether he "loves" them or not. I don't think he'll do like Les Miles did, and let stubbornness cost LSU success. GEAUX TIGERS
Dog's D vs Todd's O, that's going to be exciting; Dog's O vs Tides's D, that's the question. Go Stetson, Go Dogs
LSU might have, or had, the D-lineman to play the 4-3, but they don't have the big men to play badass Middle Linebacker to make the stops needed. TIGERS are getting gutted in the middle. Tigers have speed, but other than Cox, no bulk at LB. To many defenders chasing the ball instead ATTACKING the ball. Play the talent you have, return to 3-4 Defense. Third down caller has to go, he's a bust. Produce or hit the road.Geaux Tigers.
The refs blew it...its the curse of Orgeron... wait that's that other idiot. It's the curse of Gus.
SEC always covers their refs butts. Gus always pulls a Ref out of his hat. Just another bad call that cost a game. Well played Frank's Hogs, should have won.
Congrats to mizzu's D, they played a great game in the first 10 yards. Tough front seven. Made the stop when they had to.
I was happy to get Bo P after losing Aranda, due to his history. But we can't stop the run or the pass. They made a good young qb look lik Joe Burrow. It's a combo of young players and bad coaching. Something is got to change, "scrap the 4-3".
Passing game is great downfield, need more "got da 1st down" action that's play calling. Ofor8 is not good. Les Miles was stubborn over the run game, hope O isn't over the 4-3, it's antique. Other than Jabelle Cox, where are the other LBs? Love my Tigers, but if there isn't some change on defense, it's going to be a sad year.
Depends on what defense Coach BEAUX dials up, Doctor Jeckle or Mr. Hyde. Dbacks that guard recievers or chase recievers. Hopefully Old no.7 will fire up the group. GEAUX TIGERS
Still very rough around the edges, alot of freshman everywhere, still not impressed by our 3rd down caller, and defensive coordinator is still disappointing me, but D showing some improvement. Let's hope improvements continue in the upcoming weeks. At least we're tied for second in the west,lol. GEAUX Tigahs. Congrats
Thanks UGA, you're right, enough is enough! Good luck 'gainst wareagles
5 things I want to see: No.1, better play calling on third down (starting with first down) No.2, Slim Brennan settling down and hitting rbs out of backfield No.3, better tackling, better pursuit (team speed?) No.4, better blocking No.5, finding DBU
You and Buford need to go "duel yo' banjos"! Tigers were beat by a team with a good coach and an experienced qb. I followed MSU in 2019 that's all they needed last year to excell. They'll do good this year as will the Tigers. Sadly BAMA will rule if Gators don't pull a "surprise year". Road to SEC champs goes thru Tuscaloosa.
As per 2019, great offenses can carry average defenses. Rating contenders after SECweekone:Bama,MSU, Fla(can either beat Bama?): maybes if they can play offense:Ga., A&M: if they can play defense:LSU, OLE MISS:if they can play both consistently:Auburn, Kentucky:week two will thin out the herd.
No one wants to loose, but the only truly worrisome problem is db. Barring injury, Stingley and Ricks should carry the cb's. But Hamilton should be the man with Stevens
Agree with Tforlife. Big let downs was: first and goal on the cowbell two yard line; Coach Bo and his man coverage; Slim Brennan's first game jidders;14 players gone; reality bites new year new team. Costello's advice to Slim, "get rid of the ball quick",
Ignored buford, he's really a BAMA fan, if Costello can get over a few fumble fingers, it's him and Trask for the Heisman run.
Revenge is sweet, alot of sec teams waiting their turn. But the reality hits home. New year new young team. O-line too many sacks, but give several too Brennan due to indecision and inexperience. FRONT 7 D will get better. DBU other than Stingley, Ricks, and no. 7 it's back to the drawing board, looked sad. Not a good start for Coach Bo as a backfield coach. Give credit where it's due Cowbells D was ready, looked good. Good luck Bulldogs in 2020.
First, Slim had a rough start, slow reactions and slow on his feet. Play calling not great, but still too many players not sharp. Front 7 defense, not bad,especially Cox and Gaye. Glaring disappointment, NO DBU. We now know how Sooners felt when Bayou Jeaux picked their dbs to pieces. Ricks will be a good one with experience. Cowbell D looked ready TIGAHS O diddn't. RPO needs a QB who can run. Slim will get better, maybe great, but NO JEAUX. But remember Jeaux looked awful against Cowbells in 2018. Other than Bama and Gators, no SEC looked that great on 26th. GO TIGAHS!
The curse of Cholly Mac... the curse of River Boat Miles.. and on and on. Some Tiger fans need to take a boat ride down Black Bayou and not come back, GEAUX TIGAHS..
Hahaha, I agree...ol'Slim can have a great season if he can just surpass Bayou Jeaux's 2018 season, that where we should compare stats. GEAUX TIGERS.
Can Georgia score enough points to outscore Bama, that's the question. Auburn had a great defense in '19, but Bama still put up points. LSU outscored them, After NFL and opt-out both of them are rebuilding. Maybe Florida in the championship?
That's alright, I got numb fingers and autocorrectosis too,lol,but I agree Ricks is going to be a winner, look for him to swing to safety later. Also look for Dwight "Mac" to make his presence known.
Well said, with all the big guns off to nfl, keep eyes open for Kayshon Boutte and Koy Moore to shine. Alot of excitement rolled up in those two.