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Dan is losing because of his Dee-coordinator, Fisher is winning because of his, O was fired for not hiring good ones. "AS THE WORLD TURNS"
I hope Poop-head Paul shows as much class as Coach O did when the finally get rid of his skinny ass. O knew his time was up, his choices for assistant coaches was terrible, but he showed his love for his school and Tigers with grace. I hated to see him go, but the time was now. Hope Paul's time is soon too.
Lane- no Luke- hmmm Billy- proven at lower level Dave- doing pretty good, but? Joe- no HC experience Fisher?- same as Lane Hey isn't Herman available, lol.
Roughest job is keeping our best in state and not being lured away by St. NICK. If you can do that you've accomplished something.
Well the media helped shoot down ol'Coach O, now their paving the way to kill Dan the Man. Good coaches don't have a chance anymore. Unless you're at Kentucky where they're just happy to win. St.Nick has set a standard that no one can match. Dabo is showing his mortality. We'll see if Kirby can move up from good coach to legend in the next few years. He has the team, and the 5-star roster. If he doesn't win it this year with the defensive equivalent to 2019's Joe Burrow's offensive crew, he'll be "Not-So" Smart/ Mark Richt 2.0 in the headlines. And fans will be lighting the torches.
Note #2- If you haven't won a Natty by your fourth year, don't come back!!! Correct me if I'm wrong: Dieztal & O- 4 years Saban- 3 years Mad Hatter- 2 years NO PRESSURE
You're a tackless ass. If you had a brain, you'd take it out a roll it on the dirt floor of your shack. O'll be eating double cheese burgers all the way to the bank with a Natty in his pocket and you'll still be a reckless ass. Hahaha
With 17 million he's done coaching. Unless he blows it all on booze and girls.
I agree, Fisher is a good coach, solid. But he, like Kiffin, inherited a butt-load of good players. O isn't a great field general, but he is responsible for putting together the super team. While recruiting against St. Nick.
Hahaha, that's right. Look how long it took to get rid of the Mad Hatter.
Tell that to the old "Mad Hatter", who recieved a thrown pint whiskey bottle on the side of his head at Ole Miss years ago.
Congratulations Tigers, I'm as proud as I am surprised. That's how you finish a game. GEAUX TIGERS
Florida destroys Tigers! Very possible, if they lay down like they did against Kentucky. If they do, Jones is just as bad as Peetz&Pal. Send all three packing.
Dang TFan, you're so on... against Cats it looked like they were whipped down b4 they started. EMOTIONALLY drained. They played decent, but sloppy, against Auburn. But half-ass against Ken-tuck. If they play like that again this week Gators will slaughter them.
I look for Diesel Dan to play close to the vest, with Dawgs after the bye. Keep everyone healthy.
I'm with GeauxT Love 2 C that happen. For the Tigers to finally play an organised game.
With 10 one-time starters out from a team that wasn't playing that well to start with, the first, third, & fourth "bold", looks more obvious than bold. Would truly like to see #2 happen. But #5 looks the real BOLD forecast. No matter, still GEAUX TIGERS!!!
Disagree with Danielson, if comparing with LSU'S teams I would say Dawgs resemble 2011 team but with a slightly better defense. Hope Smart does better in the playoffs and doesn't blow it like the Mad Batter did. 2019 Tigers had a way better offense, but no way close to Dawgs Defense. Dawgs Dee could be classic if it stays healthy.
So true GeauxTee, but the O-line is going to have to play the best they can & Mad Max is going to have to release ball faster or run. Max has to throw better & young guys can't drop anything. All three losses were winnable. But they have to play smart & earn it.
The spread for this game rests entirely on the Gator defense. G-offense is gonna score some points on Tigers LB's & safties.
Which defense shows up for Tigers? The one that faced Auburn or the one that faced Kentucky? One can't stop the run, one can't stop a scrambling QB. Oh no!!! Gators got two scrambling/ running QB'S. Zonks!!! Now which Mad Max is going to show up...
Epistle of Stupidity = Negan Who wants a quitter, no matter how good he is. Give Us Billy Napier, he's proven his leadership and potential. Bayou Boys know he's a winner. Keep Meyer and the rest.