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All trolling & hating aside, with Dawgs loaded and St.Nick reloading, look for both to be in Championship game. Barring critical injuries, they should meet in a very exciting game. Don't see a Tiger'19 or a BAMA '20 on the horizon in '21.
Interesting fact, LSU's 2020 O-line allowed 25 sacks in 10 games. 2019 O-line allowed 29 sacks in 13 regular season games. Maybe that was the reason Brad Davis was hired...
Seriously folks, as it's said, we've got two really good guards that played solid on the '19 NC team, a converted all-ivy league tackle that was feeling his footing at center, one tackle that started on that NC team(seems like he's starting his 7th year) and a Godzilla at the other tackle that never put on his mean face. Good Lord willing, maybe Brad Davis is the key to turn this bunch into a solid unit. GEAUX TIGERS
Bama's always the team you have to beat. But AyamM, I don't think they'll come flying out of the box in 2021, I look for Ol'Missie to be a "Surprise Usurper" to shoot down a bunch of dream teams.
Pushing all Troll-bowlers aside, the truth is still how 'bout the O-line, linebackers, and safeties? Everywhere else is loaded with talent. 2021 is going to be a wait and see year.
Confusing... why waste probably an all-american DB to possible injury for a twenty yard pass completion when you already have a room full of 4-☆ WRs? Especially when we saw the drop in defensive production in 2020 when he and Ricks were injuried.
Appreciate that TD, trolls are losers. Trolls whither we they face the facts.
Can't say worse, 2021 will be GOOD, but 2020 was BETTER.
With you CT, this is going to be nail biter of a start in 2021.
I agree MC, got some big time recruits coming this weekend. Something's up or someone else is available. Gregg was simply overated... Jeaux and Clyde E-H made the O-Line look better. It is odd timing.
Three things I've heard: 1. Gilbert is a good kid 2. He was homesick. (But was tempted my Devil Dan) 3. He wants to play WR, not TE. Good luck Arik
Are you trying to tell me... you don't like Saban?
Corral is a great athlete. He's gonna make mistakes, but it doesn't break him down. He's a competitor. No insult intended, he reminds me of a Patterson, Nix, Ehrlinger type of quarterback. But I would put Mayfield in that classification also. QB's like that are always exciting, playing on the edge. And that's Corral he makes the game exciting.
I don't know how to fix it, but I'm afraid the NIL is going to kill NCAA College Football.
Great, how much does this show that he WANTS to be a Tiger. GOOD LUCK PIG... We had a honey badger, do we have a WartHog now? Hope so...
Me too pop! Wondering about Florida and Auburn too. Oklahoma made Gators look bad. Aggie's counted on defense more than offense to pull them through, which was solid. Lots of question for all in '21. GEAUX SEC
Troll on Aggie, Offensive Coordinators stayed away from Stingley most of the year, when he wasn't hurt, while they attacked Ricks until they realized he was no slouch. Truth is even Patrick Peterson couldn't shut down great receivers 100% of the time and he was the best. NFL will take him early on the first day of draft, no matter what his stats show. GEAUX TIGERS
Pull up some 2018 games on YouTube, Tiger's O-line was a mess. That's were Bayou Joe learned to scramble like a master. 4 returned in 2019 & had a great year, but still Clyde & Joe made them look better. 2021's hope is an experienced O-line will make run and protection game functional. Runners are solid, not outstanding. QB's will stand out and receiving crew strong. Now if the defense can return to at least decent, we'll have a good year. GEAUX TIGERS
NO RECORD IS SAFE, but what about some single game recs. like my guys' most yrds receiving =308 Kayshon Boutte and most passes caught=19 Josh Reed?
The Lane Train inherited a team that was about 80% freshmen in Luke's last year ( I know, not accurate but for effect). An offense that ran all over the '19 National Champs' defense. Though they did lose talent they return alot of seasoned juniors with a ton of speed. We saw that Joe Burrow could win games by outscoring his opponents, but when it comes to the playoffs you need defensive talent and a man (DC) to pull the strings. Will the Lane Train stay on track? Or will it be UT & USC revisited?
Don't write off TJ, put behind a solid O-line, he could be the type of "game manager " St. Nick likes. Although TJ would be automatically stuck behind the new Tua-clone, who would have to lose his job. Auburn would be best site to play.
With you Tigah, '21 is a total mystery. Bama/offense, Auburn/ new regime, LSU/defense, Fla/ "Sooner" hangover, SoCar/ makeover, Aggies/O-line, and on ... all question marks. GaDawgs look most balanced, unless Kirby "outsmarts" himself. Rebel's Lane Train Points Machine could be the 2021 Surprise. Way too early, O'Gara just needed to fill the empty space.
Hey y'all can troll whatever team y'all want... But don't mess with Little Debbie.
BAMA will always stuff a running team, LSU for decades and Ga.dawgs recently. You have to have an elusive QB and a speedy offensive to hang w/ St. Nick. Aka Johnny Football/Hugh Freeze attack to rustle Nick's feathers. But truth, this season will test the "STAR" rating on Bama's recruiting lists to see if it's reload or not. If it holds true his 5-star choices will be set for years. Rebels have the potential with Corral and the Lane Train if the defense can pull out of the station and the Tide's offense rolls out to sea. Aggie's O-line is a question mark and LSU is still a mystery. Bell-ringers and Hogs will make some tough games for anyone. Geaux SEC West. Auburn ? Wait and see...
Amazing how young players like Mo Hampton, Damone Clark, Shika Ika, among others looked like future All-SEC under Aranda, and looked like dogs chasing their tales under Pelini. Lost 3 or 4 good ones to transfer. Hope our new DC glues the Dee together as one "heartbeat".
NEVER been a fan of Harris. Beaten to much, out of position, not a great tackler, and injury prone. Not a safety for a elite defense. Dwight is a future gamebreaker. He'll be Ricks partner when Darrell leaves for NFL. Burns is a good player stepping in against some young studs at safety. Ward has the potential if he can "let it go", beastmode. GEAUX TIGERS
There's no telling with Corral. But one things for sure, he's exciting.
Brennan out-stat-ed Burrow in first 3 junior season games comparison. I'll pick him to continue as long as O-line contributes and he stays healthy. But Max will play enough to stay sharp in case Brennan goes down again. Not quite two QB system but close.
I predict Corral will throw 3 TD passes and run for two. He'll also throw 4 interceptions including a pic-6. And lose by 10 pts.