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I agree with Leech on one thing, something needs to be done concerning the transfer portal. It's just a free agency for college ball.
How do you ground the Air Raid, keep the pilot on his back. Raiders did seem more inspired from the start.
"GEAUX TIGERS, I'M GONE." exclaimed "O" as he rowed out of sight.
Wonder how the Knights like their gator, fried, sausage balls, or in a sauce piquant?
IF Kelly can form an offensive line that can protect him, IF the WR's stop transferring out, IF the RB's can reach their potential, and IF the defense can pick-up where they left off in regular season, Brennan will lead them to many victories in '22. IF he can stay healthy. I hope so, GEAUX TIGERS
Correct me if I'm wrong, & I know someone will, but the Tigers only took 50-odd players to the Swamp in 2020. They were low on schlrshp players then.
If O would have fired Peetz & pal earlier and left Jones alone on defense, he might still be the "Man". But he didn't.
Wish he would like Damone Clark, play one more game in purple and gold. But nevertheless good luck in the draft. He never got the attention he deserved as a force in the middle.
Really like who we signed, just not very many or very highly rated. Just spoiled, only been out of the top ten 3-5 times, depending on listers, since 2002. Holding my breath to see how the "Swamp Irishman" finishes off.
Kelly is causing me to grab my "rolaids". The only joy fans had in 2021 was the resurgence of the defense and the blitzing LB"s. Raymond and Baker were solid recruiters, Kelly is like "Bayou Clueless". Hope he knows what he's doing.
They should have went to Clemson. Dabo must not have been impressed.
I think his plan was to do one year and then bolt to the NFL. It might backfire, not unlike Rattler, and ride the bench as back-up or worse.
Rather he go to Baylor. He could help Aranda out. Trey is a quality athlete.
Great news, Slim will give Garret & Howard a chance to grow up. Think about it most guys his age are in the pros. I'm glad to have him back.
Good place for him, but I'd hate to look across the field at him
Jazz slid over to BAMA. They always poach a few good ones.
Many cautions should be considered LSU's Johnson's were supposedly headed to gamecocks now Rattler entered the equation. Several transfers he signed last year are still riding the bench. Pays to wait on the right situation before you jump.
Top 20 is okay with me as long as he can find some big guys that can block. We've had many 5-stars that didn't cut it. Max plans went from starter @ LSU to potential 3rd string @ So. Carolina? Hope dad has a better back-up plan the doesn't involve Spenser Rattler.
Not very excited over White. Nothing personal, but just not much history on White. No obvious results like Aranda or Steele. Is his Kentucky success his or Coach Stoops? At least we saw Coach Jones improvement, especially after Coach O turned him loose. Or I'm just one of THOSE who fear the unknown, like with Peetz or Pelini?
You bet MC, hate to say it, but Nix would be tough replacing Corral at OleMissie, given that Kiffin gives him his YODA talk.
Looks rough for the Au-Tigers... join the crew!
Hit alot of good points oldfrog. Look at Matt Corral in past years, he was a mess(example: vs LSU 2020 among others). Muffin settled him down and made a complete QB. Nix could surprise a stadium full of critics under the right leadership. Harsin definitely wasn't the man.
Since 2000, we've had St. Nick, the Mad Hatter, Coach O the Cajun, and Bugaloo Brian. Let's make this clear; this is not the Saturday Night Fever we're paying you for.
Coach Jones had Tiger's Dee cooking with hot sauce by the end of the year. Overcoming a load of injured for the year players. I would really like to see how much more they would continue to improve if lefted under his lead.
Hard to believe went from 3 potential starters and a 4-star freshman to two walk-ons freshmen probably starting in a bowl game. Unless Coach Brad takes Jacob Hector's advice and convert Jonte Kirkland to QB. He was a stud in high school. Anything would help.
Tremendous strides is obviously an overstatement. But making a silk purse out of a sow's ear, would be better. Under a terrible amount injuries, he kept them functioning. Tigers left tackle, a third string freshman, should have filed assault & battery charges against A&M, he was beaten so much. But he never quit against a superior athlete. And held him off long enough for a winning TD to be made. Give credit to him and his coach for their tenacity. Glad Coach Brad is staying, wish Coach Raymond could have stayed.
That would be a sensible solution, I agree, but lately LSU hasn't shown much good sense. A Bold Statement for Coach Brad to take Jacob's advice.