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So true Glad&guys, love our college games, NFL gotten too political.
People give Dancing Dan a hard time, but he can get alot out of a quarterback. Just hope they have more juice than they showed against Sooners. Reminded me of LSU at 2020 start, "where have all the players gone?".
I agree bout Slim Brennan, even with a rough start at MissSt, he did well. He definitely didn't lose Mizzzou game, play calling & defense did. Looks good for next year,especially with Max in the bullpen.Still big questions on o-line, running game,and safeties. LB should improve with coaching. D-line should be awesome. GEAUX TIGERS
Both teams will do well next year. But as usual they, plus Florida, A&M, & Auburn, are sucking hind tit to St. Nick. Auburn may be the bad question mark, whereas Ole Miss and the Hawgs might make some BIG Time waves to move up. Bayou backers, like any other school, aren't going to be happy unless they win & win consistently. DAWGS want a championship and soon. So anything is possible.
Too high: Curtain & Horn Too low: Barmore & Bolton Missing? N.Harris & T.Marshall
AGREE biggie, he's not a troll, he's just a "never will be" that can't deliver a decent, intelligent comment. Like most morons, and case of mental malnutrition.
Chill Corch,don't be cruel Bama Boners can only troll in 2021. They fed humble pie to all SEC last year. Gators tumbled, WarEagles crumbled, Bayou Bengals humbled... and you, sir, "Not So" Smart made Athens the place 5-stars go to die. Vols are in a spiral,don't blame anyone for getting cold feet. Auburn on the edge. At least Hogs, Mizzou,and Rebels are seeing light at end of tunnel. Cat's, Cock's, and Dulldogs are chasing their tails. Poor old Vandy ..?
Must be true, UT couldn't get a better one. He's been solid at Bama, LSU, and packed Auburn for last two years. Same deal Vols gave the Chief.
Eye of the beholder, smack talk is part of the game. Badger had position and it was a bad call, tried to smackdown Grandpaw Moses & it didn't work. Badger does good work for alot of people so get over his past. Brady IS a great field general (check out the Rings) so get over who he voted for. And Devin White is a football machine!!!!
Hey there turderjack, St. Nick is the man! A recruiting machine. Just two more natties and Alabummer ties, who is it Yale (?), for the most. Then St. Nick flies off to Hall Of Fame history and Bummer is history. Troll Crimson Stain. But right now Yale is Title Town & Tuscaloosa is still a Pee Stop.
Oh by the way Gumpie, how many bammers dressed out for LV Super Bowl? Was there any? Hmmm, I don't think so. How many Tigers? SIX, I think. When St. NICK leaves Tuscaloosa, all it will be good for is a pee stop between Georgia and Mississippi. Boring place.
LSU has always had stud LB's and Safeties, from Roy Winston to Patrick Queen (not to 4get White & Minter Super Bowl Champs) and Jamal Adams and company. 2020 was a cosmic blurr, covid, Pelini, 4-3 conversion, ect. whatever the excuse DC's like Steele, the Chief, Aranda, among others always brought the wood in the past. 2021's returning talent plus N.Strong, Ryan, Smith, ect. Tigers will be back strong. GEAUX TIGERS
I love Micah "the hound of" Baskerville. He's tough as nails, but too slow for the middle, Damone has the speed but doesn't attack well, (which could've Pelini's fault). Still have high hopes for both of them in '21. GEAUX TIGERS
Ain't it the truth,,,another WR. Give us Too'o Too'o, please
Definitely St. Nick is the Master. But all things must come to an end. But with this steamroller O-line he signed he'll go out in a blaze of glory.
What they showed against sooners, they gonna need him, and more... he can catch but don't expect him to block.
Not a reach... been reviewing 2020 games. Most big plays came from d-alignments, QB came to the line, saw the opening & "bam" 30 yards or better. If you can stomach it, watch the lowlights. I've never seen RB's beat the edge or QB's scramble against Bengals like this year. Even the "Chief " stopped Johnny Football with preparations. Safeties and LBs were out of position constantly. Dee-line was the only bright spot, and they're all coming back. Along with Stingley & Ricks. Look for Jay & Dwight to move up also. GEAUX TIGERS
Aggie's Dee was tough, overall best in SEC, won most of their games. 2021 looks like they'll be needed to pull the load again.
Damien had a great Frosh season and has the speed of all the past greats, but let up too many "up the gut" runs last year. That's why I think it was defensive planning. Micah's tough as nails and heart of a Tiger, but lacks speed needed middle,needs to be outside. No disrespect in DL's, Mason already the man in the plan and big No.99 was awesome, Farrel and Logan are going have great year too, if the planning (Def.Cord.) works out. Still, GEAUX TIGERS
I don't mean this in a bad way,OMF82, but you should know. Corral was all over the place in 2020. One minute he was Great, next not. He's still more talented than Nix and if he gets it together it's gonna be heck to pay for the West. Of course you realize,I hope he doesn't. Lol
Tigah fans, remember the 2018 O-line, not very good, all came back in 2019, voted best in country and went 15-0.(and put two on All-Pro Rookie Squad) Hopefully 2021 will follow suit. Still waiting for new DC, MIDDLE LB, and Safety help for Defensive outlook. But still might have best CB tandem and DE's trio in country. GEAUX Tigahs.
Good point, one of St. Nick's strenghs is getting his players to return en lieu of NFL jumping. Worked great in '19 to '20. Hope it works for Tigers in '21.
Agree KNola, Ol'SLIM Brenner is still the starter and deserves it. Mad Max a better scrambler and will be a great backup. TJ has a great arm, but has the mobility of a dump truck in the pocket. I don't see him staying a Tiger at QB with the new QB's on the recruit plate. I love Coach O, but sometimes he's not the brightest light on the tree. There's no telling what's in his gumbo.
Agree, Corral is your typical loose cannon. JT is a solid QB. Watch out for Bamma's baby, Mizzu's boy, MissSt, and whoever at LSU. Next year should be good @ QB in SEC. Oh, no one mentioned Au-burn, looser cannon.
I'm by NO means a gator fan, but their "down the Bowl" game was no indicator on their, or OK's 2021 future. Sooners, with all their stars shining, caught Gators with their pants down, not unlike our Tigers for most of 2020. Where's all our stars? OPTED OUT BABY!!! Truth hurts in Rebuild Mode, not Reload Mode. But Freshmen grow up and remember the pain.
I love my Tigahs, but truthfully after the Pelini Plunge on Def, we're in a wait and see mode for 2021 defense. But offense should be top-10 caliber by game 3 or 4. Brenner had at 1,000 yards & 11 TDs in first three games, and Johnson looked great as true freshman & undefeated. Both with rebuilt O-line. No.15 is good motivation for Baby Bengals to grow from. Can't believe I'm agreeing w/ a SDS reporter, lol.
Losing Gilbert hurt,but I understand players like TJ- a great arm, but slow in the pocket,- chances of playing QB are getting smaller. Unless he moves to Dee-line or Tightend, transfer portal is his best route. Maybe Dawg are getting their checkbook ready for Gilbert- what ya think, TDOW the great?
The best part of the defense is back w/ Mason coming to push. Pass dee will be better with healthy Ricks and Stingley leading the way, Safety is going to be a battle with better coaching?, experienced players and new talent on the way. Linebacker is big "?", Baskerville is a 100% type of guy but not very fast, others did improve toward end of season. Great to see Coach O get BJ, big "O" to return. GEAUX Tigahs
Playing ugly got them at least a no. 3 finish. Congratulations Aggies
Hey, don't forget the Miss St Muggers and their senile leader.