My first exposure to Tennessee football was in 1963's orange and white game. Next year, coach Dickey took over and I was able to meet Steve DeLong, Outland Trophy winner and All-American way back in '64 in Nashville.

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Greg Isaacs is a valuable resource for anyone finding themselves needing a big time lawyer. Tim Burchett is only a good ole boy who was last seen with knee pads and orange stains on his lips. GBO
These are young men who have a variety of reasons for wanting a transfer. They should be able to transfer freely to any school or conference that will accept them and be immediately eligible. If a kid happens to pop off at the mouth about the school causing the holdup, is it the young man's fault or the school's? After all, the school, and its athletic program is supposedly run by competent adults.
Watch where Tennessee ends up. They will surprise some people is my prediction. Tony Vitello has them on the right path.
Let them laugh Wolfman. Let's remind them of Urban Meyer. From Bowling Green on into football history. You never know what is going on in the brain of a coach who is successful everywhere they go. We shall all see.
13.5 sacks so far is outstanding for sure. If it is anyone's fault, it lies at the foot of THE Ohio State University unless he actually did something or received a benefit that is not allowed.
The replay says it all. I am sure that many of these last minute injuries in a situation like this are fake. The Bulldogs are driving the ball and then one of the opposing players tells another to hit the deck. It was too obvious. There needs to be a special penalty when these things are caught. The replay official sees all replays and saw this one but had no power to do anything. We need a flop rule like in the NBA when a player fakes an injury. Kelly would make a fine politician with the way he covers things up.
Those teams must have been god awful for Tennessee not making that list during the Foo Dooley years. He wouldn't even visit the local high schools.
Bruce Pearl's hard work at Auburn has paid off on the basketball court. Hopefully it will go well for them should they have to go to Federal court. The Tennessee fans ran off Cuonzo Martin in hopes of luring Pearl back to Rocky Top but Auburn jumped on the chance before he was even eligible to coach yet. Charles Barkley has been a huge supporter of Pearl through tough times. I will always appreciate his coaching no matter where he happens to be as long as he is not alone with my wife. snark snark
The playoffs need to be expanded and then the bowl games will mean something again. 16 would be great and I feel Joe Cox is off base on his thinking. This year teams with losing records played in bowl games as there were not enough teams with winning records.
I always thought you tore up somebody else's property. Tear your own up? I don't get that.
No matter their competition, there is a target on Alabama's back. The same with Kentucky in basketball. Most teams play to win. Up to this point, Tennessee has beaten Alabama more than any other team. GBO It's time to get back on track.
The second verse is same as the first. A quitter is never a winner and a winner is never a quitter. Still, I wish him well.
UF has the inside shot at the Sugar Bowl. Tennessee should hope for a game against a higher ranked opponent. A quality victory like that could help ease the pain of blowing the chance to win the east.
Tennessee has relied on last minute heroics all season long. The luck ran out against A & M and Alabama brought them back to reality. They have not put together a complete game the entire year. Injuries have killed them on defense. The goal is still in view though.
He is fast, shifty, and has good field vision to spot the seams. He sort of reminds me of Stanley Morgan.
Losing a game is part of sports. Losing to Tennessee for a gator fan must be like getting sprayed by a skunk. It doesn't just go away in a day or two. We have felt the same about you. Enjoy that smell till next year my UoF fans.
In my opinion, which I dare say is the right opinion, amateur athletes should never be booed. Pro football players are different. They are well paid to perform. Some of these kids are just out of high school. Plus, what message does that send to those Tennessee is recruiting? My message to those who booed, "Next time and the time after that and so on, stay at home. We don't need any fair weather fans who don't understand loyalty."
Where is Doug Atkins? He dominated offensive linemen. Sacks were not counted back then or he would be at the top of the list.
I thought a Republican vote was for smaller government and fewer regulations. Time to butt out Ricky.
Best wishes to Nick and godspeed on his recovery.
Do you mean to tell me that Vanderbilt's fan base is too optimistic? All of their optimism went to Penn State.
The Tennessee tandem will bring back memories of Chuck Webb and Reggie Cobb. Or maybe Jamal Lewis and Travis Henry. Two good running backs can take a team a long way.
I also like the orange pants as a road uniform. However, I am not a big fan of the all orange uniforms.