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On South Carolina really? If you don't develop an OLine, those 3 break out Freshmen don't stand a chance of doing it by themselves. And as awful as that OLine was this year. All of them except 1 will be back next year. Hopefully they finally get a good OLine coach that can get them straight. Then and only then will those 3 have a true opportunity to get better. And if their defense doesn't get any better it will be another 6-7 or 7-6 year.
There is a difference between fans who just get on here and post and people who are paid to do this type of work. So you sit the **** down.
The guy who wrote and the guy whose job it is to proof read this article needs to be fired for allowing it to be posted with all the grammatical errors. "closer to come" and "when it comes to play time" and also "transfer rom the program". Also I kind of doubt that he we featured in any game. He may have played in 7 games, but with only 2 catches for 17 yards. I wouldn't exactly call that featured. I think he is probably thinking well hell I'm in the dog house and probably won't be able to get out, so let me take my candy and go home.
He isn't there because he is a defender. He is there because he played both offense and defense and special teams, and scored at all 3 positions. If he were a pure defender only he would not be there.
SC was only suppose to beat Western Carolina, and UMASS, and the East Carolina game was a game that the national pundits was saying was a toss up but most were picking EC but SC won that one. They were also suppose to lose to Vanderbilt and Missouri and Tennessee and they won all 3 of those games. So to me just based on the fact that they were definitely not suppose to even thinking about going bowling and they are going. To me means Muschamp pulled off a miracle to even get them to bowl eligibility and to overall finish in front of Miss St, Ole, Miss, Vandy and Missouri he deserves to be in that coach of the year conversation, but as long as Saban keeps running the table on the conference then he will likely win it every year. I can understand your Stoops point, but to me if you finish where you were suppose to, then he was just doing the job he was suppose to be doing much like Saban.
Stoops finished right where he was expected too. Coach O didn't coach the whole year and LSU was expected to be competitive and they were. Muschamp, took a team that wasn't suppose to do anything and made them bowl eligible. Most people Had SC with no more than 2 wins this year. And for Saban to be Coach of the year, I could have coached that team to 13 wins.
I think Muschamp should have been coach of the year. To take a 3-9 SC team that was expected to finish last in the east and overall last in the SEC. And he brings in a whole new staff with the exception of Shawn Elliott and according to all services was completely lacking any talent left from the previous coaching staff and to get them to 6-6 and be bowl eligible. I think is a heck of a job.
really starting to wonder if there are any other schools in the SEC?
guess it's hard for those guys to find real jobs after going to UT, Can't spell UnemploymenT without UT.
If his whole family lives on the east coast why in the world would he even consider Washington or USC (assuming you mean University of Southern Cal)? Tennessee would be closer than either of those 2 if his whole family is on the east coast?
No one said you were jealous, let the kid make his own decision. Why go play for a team where he may have to sit behind a loaded roster for 2 or 3 years. He wants to go and play right away. He has that right and not a damn one of you should say a thing about it. Let him live his live just like you were allowed to do. If he is truly good enough, he will make it to the NFL regardless of what team he is playing for that is evidenced by players from DII schools on NFL rosters and a few NAIA schools.
they were powerhouse enough to beat you in 2010 when you were ranked #1 in the country.
Guess they also left out Sadarius Hutcherson
a few SC fans, most would say he will get an interview. I don't think that makes him the leading candidate for the job. And I have yet to see any where in the media where they have said he was the leading candidate for the job.
So how is it ironic? It makes no sense Spurrier was already gone, you didn't really return the favor, Elliott is an interim Head Coach, who probably wasn't going to get the job anyway.
They should not look at Elliott's record as interim HBC, because he has the same players Spurrier head, talent wasn't going to change when Elliott took over. They should look at how the players have responded to him. And the effort they have played with. I think Elliott is the perfect person for this job. He has a passion for the University and is a very good recruiter in his own right.