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@Geaux Long No one made that point so you can chill with your all caps. The argument was about UF/UGA, anyone with a brain could see LSU was the better team. LSU fans please don't turn into a sore winner, the SEC doesn't need a Dabo in our conference.
My favorite scenario: UGA beat LSU, Minn beats OSU after beating Wisc, Utah dominates Oregon, Oklahoma dominates Baylor this time around. Who gets in? UGA and Clemson for sure. Then the last two spots between Minn, OSU, LSU, Utah, Bama, and Oklahoma. Who would ya'll take? I think LSU gets #3 but no idea who is the four.
Clemson didn't sell out a home game in 2018. Can someone please explain how a fan base who doesn't show up is deserving of the 5th spot? And Notre Dame basically allowed UGA to take over their stadium in 2017, only place you'd see that in the SEC is Vandy. How does selling your tickets to a once in a lifetime game get you the 8th spot?
Agree. I don't see them beating UF but i also don't see them losing to both Vandy and UT.
Only one I disagree on is Florida. Sure, Miami and FSU are big names on paper but FSU is a dumpster fire and Miami isn't what it was a couple years ago. I'd take A&M, Georgia and LSU's over Florida's.
Agree with pretty much everything in this article. It's a slew a several different things that are all working against fans and just pointing to one is lazy. As a Georgia fan, it's the ticket prices (Notre Dame and A&M tickets are insane) but also the desire to be able to drink in a bar watching every game on.
Definitely not taking away anything Saban has done at Bama (and LSU), greatest college coach of my generation IMO, but it helps when you bring in more talent than any other team. The guy's recruiting ability is insane, the fact that this 70 year old guy is out-recruiting 40 year olds across the country doesn't get talked about enough. Pure coaching though I'd have to take Chris Petersen, Matt Campbell, or Gary Patterson though because their ability to do more with less. Regarding the article though, yeah, you might get Saban once or twice (see Ole Miss or Johnny Football) but Satan always adjusts and wins in the end. All that from a UGA alumni who hates but immensely respects the guy.