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One of my life maxims is "you can't stop stupid" One of the dumbest draft moves I have ever seen is taking Jones over Lock - a case of buck fever (how these jackasses get to be GMs is beyond me). That said, teams draft for needs. Oakland and Denver both saw Lock falling, and saw the only possibles were Oakland; San Diego; and New England. Either Oakland or Denver will pick him up in the 2nd round.
Well thought out ... something to consider. When the defense can't stop the opposition, it dictates the play of the offense - you're constantly behind the 8-ball in terms of score, field position, and time of possession. Being a Mizzou partisan, I look to the game against Arkansas vs. the game against LSU. Against the Hogs, we had good balance and the defense showed up ... against LSU the game was over right after the words "...home of the brave" floated through the air. Turn any team one-dimensional and your life gets simpler. My hope here is Mizzou gets the defense we had in 2015 (#6 in the nation) coupled with the offense we had last year. That happens, and yeah, we'll have the best offense in the SEC East.
Just what drugs are you taking, and where can I get them? Mizzou returns the 13th overall ranked offense in the nation intact - no losses through graduation. It features a 3,400 yard QB and a 1,000 yard running back; two of the best WRs in the SEC; and an O-line ranked sixth in the country for sacks allowed. To be a truly great offense, you have to have a truly great O-line. Here's the brutal truth - the Gamecocks don't. - Avg. yds/carry = 3.68 ... 108th in the country - Sacks allowed = a whopping 41, ranking you 118th in the nation While four starters return on your O-line, no matter how hard you want it to be so, hamburger isn't filet mignon. Sheesh
Henson's play calling is unimaginative and stale. Even when the playbook isn't working, he continues calling the same plays. Pass plays are always to the sidelines; no crossing patterns, quick slants, stick routes, rubs, flares to the flats, etc. The O-line looks disorganized, with frequent, inexplicable mental lapses of judgment. The receivers could be better, but again lack the mental toughness and concentration to look the ball in. What scares me most is Henson will be responsible for developing Drew Lock -- look what two years "development" did to Mauk. Each year he looks less sure of himself, and each year his stats decline. Make no mistake - we lost to a superior team in Florida, but the offense really stunk up the place.