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I'm glad they weren't any Vol fans wanting to do away with the series when Tennessee had a seven game winning streak against Alabama in the 90's with no end in sight!!!
Then who will win? Fla was lucky as hell to win last year, so are you predicting Tenn???
SC will have a better defense and overall team than Tennessee!!!
bryanchip, you had me believing till you said SC never wins more than 7 or 8 games a year. It hasn't been long ago that they won 11 games 3 years in a row. Now there's not many teams that have done that, but SC has!!!
You are wrong stsomeware, I am a VFL and was on Tenn team for a while in the early 70's. I also, since living near Columbia, go to most all Carolina games including last nite. When Carolina was good and winning 11 games a year, just a short time ago, they always beat Tenn. Just ask my friend DJ Swearinger!!!
I'm a VFL and 58 years of pulling for UT, but just being honest, coaching is also the reason Tenn is very slow getting going in games this year. We have a coaching problem for sure, I just don't know for sure who's responsible!!!
Wasn't Shoop the DC with Franklin when Vandy was winning a lot of games. They had a good defense then.
When fans boo, it's not about or to the players, it's to the coaches and the decisions they have made!!!
As a Vol fan, it's hard, but I have to admit you are exactly right. Whether they win it all this year or not, Kiffin has proven what everyone should have known already, he's an offensive genius and lots of teams will be willing to give him a third chance! It was also genius on his part to go to Bama and resurrect his coaching career!
Your last statement sounds crazy, other than that I agree with you!!!
Tenn will be very good after about 3 games in.
I wouldn't count my chickens before they hatch if I were you. That's a long way off right now!!!
Because Saban said Tenn gave them more trouble than any other team last year, losing by only 5 points in Ala. They lost 4 games by only 17 pts combined and was 2 pts away from winning the East last year. Plus, they have much more depth than last year with 17 returning starters back this year. I guess that's why. Also, those same professionals are predicting Bama to lose at least 2 games this year!!!
Tenn was much better than Fla last year, and more so at the end of the year. Fla was lucky last year, Tenn out played them all but 4 min or so of the entire game. This year, Tenn will crush Fla, and many years to come!!!
No way, and this year they will beat Bama like they should have last year!!!
Alabama, Ga, and Fla will run all day long? What a joke from a real tier 2 or is it 3 school in Kentucky!!!
Tenn can't pay Gruene what ESPN is paying him, no where close!!!
I agree with the top four EXCEPT 3 and 4 should be switched!!!
Mizzou should be ranked 13th at least!!!
Mizzou should be ranked ahead of Ga, Ole Miss, and Miss St!!!
In 2007 Tenn played LSU for the SEC championship in a close game. That year I believe LSU won the BCS championship. The next season after a slow start Tenn fired Phil Fulmer. The rest is history. Never in my 62 years of life do I remember Tenn not being able to even have a winning season. I know Butch Jones will turn things around given a reasonable amount of time, I just hope he's given the right amount of time considering how low the program has fell. Tenn will be back to relevance soon, it's just that most of their problems were brought on by themselves. With all the competition in this sport it's hard to get back once you've lost the competitive edge. It's easy to fall but very hard to rise back up in college athletics, especially football. When Tenn, Florida, and now Kentucky along with whats already taken place in Miss and Miss State get going full speed the conference will be that much better if that's possible!!!
With Carolina's back against the wall they will come out and beat Georgia. I will be there and can't wait to see it. They know it's a MUST WIN and we all know how Georgia plays in the big games. NOT TOO GOOD!!!