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Not sure how you missed it, but MIZZOU at VANDY on Oct 19th?! Come on! That has GAMEDAY written ALLLLL over it!
Jeez. I should’ve gone back and spell checked that post beforehand on my phone. Too many errors. Sorry! Doh!
Listen, I know most of the other fan bases will scoff and say it’s jist a participation trophy, but I’m quite pleased MIZZOU currently sits at 31sr in the rankings (and they also scored 3 nice transfers that don’t count toward the ranking!) Yes, absolutely, that’s still 13th in the SEC, but it’s one of the highest rankings they’ve scored in recent years and they still have too. To get more recruits in feb. within the SEC it isn’t impressive, but for everywhere else, it’s a pretty good showing... so I’m glad we got 31st right now, which is still higher than 7 BIG12 schools and 7 big ten ones. It’ll always be a struggle to compete with our conference mates, but MIZ is trying!
L'Damian is on the roster for that new BIRMINGHAM IRON AAF football team. At least he'll have another chance to play! Good guy!
FYI - the Purdue game at beginning of season skewed the numbers horribly for MIZZOU, so they’ve been fighting that rep the rest of the season. However, they are actually ranked 53rd in tota defense now after 12 games. That is hardly a horrible defense. Come on, Tomlin. I know the easy out for every writer and opposing fan base is to say they’re “terrible” but they aren’t nearly as Bad as the pushed storyline from you folks. Let’s give that a rest now, shall we?!!
Nice of you to say MIZ is a “good team,” Long Beach. However that totally goes against the fan base of every team with beat. “Mizzou just a garbage team!” That’s the general consensus among them as they lost. (Maybe we aren’t nearly as bad as they claim?) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
And MIZZOU would kill to have a do-over in the SC and UK games. (& Atleast those we’re close..) Hell, we should be 9-2 right now. Every team wants a chance to correct their mistakes.
Exactly what I was logging in to comment on! No, they weren’t great today (but they are HARDLY a “garbage team” as some shmuck above commented) but when your arm gets hit as you throw there’s nothing “inexplicable” to a possible interception.
Michael betting WITH Mizzou? I'm so confused right now....
technically, you're wrong. MIZZOU played a home and home in '12 and '14 against UCF. Won both. (21-16 in Orlando against Bortles & 38-10 at Columbia).
Worst officiating? Hell no. Especially in terms of what Mizzou has dealt with over the years. NOTHING will ever surpass the infamous Fifth Down against Colorado (which somehow allowed them later that season to claim a Natty) Plus we've got the Flea Kicker, along with a whole slew of fun calls that has sapped the fan base into a constant "how else can this go wrong?" underlying attitude. That blocking ref was nothing in the scheme of Missouri lowlights.
Cool! And if I'm not mistaken, I think they're playing off season 2 of Stranger Things as well. They're using the backlit tunnel look of the lab, and I heard the demogorgon sound effect in there too! Nice!
As for the TIGERS mascot, not trying to be a mizzou homer, but, Missouri did have the name first... MIZZOU -- 1890 AUBURN -- 1892 LSU -- 1893
Hate to say it, but 'agree.' This week's questions are rather lame. (there's definitely TOO much talk about those beakers anyway...don't need to mention them twice!) So, Adam, how do you submit to this mailbag? Twitter response? If so, I'll try to offer a Q for next week!
damn, I put "sarcasm font" in my comment under that first sentence, but I used those 'carrot' brackets, so it didn't show up... oh well. there goes the joke.
i can NOT believe the Mizzou v Boston College game on 9/25/21 didn't make this list!! Unbelievable! ;) We're lined up to play WVU, BC, ILL, Kansas State... that's about it.... definitely no marquee matchups...
Here's the thing with that 6 game win streak for me. In every criticism of Mizzou's play last year and how they turned it around in the second half of the season, it's always pointed out that the Tigers only won games against teams with losing records. Well, four of those six wins came against SEC teams. HALF their conference schedule. Everyone always touts how hard it is to play in the SEC, and playing games here are overall much more difficult than any other conference. (also one of the reasonings why we don't go to a 9game conf schedule?) Teams with losing records here are still better than winning teams in other conferences(??) So, what is it? Is it that MIZ only beats 'subpar' teams which then is an indictment on the conference, or do we give them some props for trudging thru and winning games (quite handily mind you) when they had to? AND -- it's also pointed out how the tigers are hurt by lack of depth in their talent pool, so to compete with stacked teams with obviously higher talent should be worth something. (for the record - the team was missing some key players early in the year too, so it's not like they had full strength all season, but when Mizzou wins one of those games, you hear about 'the injury bug' as if the win wasn't valid. The 2s and 3s on some of those teams should still beat the Tigers anyway. I'm seriously asking - because SEC fans seem just as quick to dismiss Mizzou's accomplishment at the expense of the power of the SEC than to say, "Hey, nice job" without qualifiers.
I twitted at Keith, since he doesn't seem to be checking these comments... Maybe he'll fix it(?)
Pretty sure the writer is leaning toward you going undefeated, so I think the respect is there... This article is just one of those "What ifs" to fill column space until the season finally starts...
appears YOU don't know how to spell OFFENSE either.... ...so give up the stupid 'inbred' comments. You failed miserably, dude.
True!! (and not to be a stickler for grammar, but the correct spelling is: kansas. We never capitalize that word. especially that word!) :)
I like your quote: "If you’re like me, you probably bought one of the “Big Three” magazines: Phil Steele’s College Football Preview, Athlon Sports or Lindy’s." I usually only purchase the one that has my team ranked the highest. Obviously they are the ONLY one who knows anything about CFB! ;)
BamaTime - Totally got ya! Glad I could sorta clear that one up! (and I hope the below comment about 'crying' doesn't apply to my post.) I was just commenting about the sports situation the school finds itself in due to its location. God knows I'm not trying to whine about that... Hell, when I was a kid, it was the 'st. louis cardinals' football team I was enamored with. (although they sucked) ha
Pretty sure it doesn't expand the capacity. That's not the reason for the renovation, so it's not a 'cart before the horse' situation. In the 80s, the max capacity was 75,000, and now it's roughly 71,000.... Matter of fact, I just saw a statement that when the renovation is completed, capacity will be at 65,000. So dunno.
Well, it's kind of a 'damned if you do, damned it you don't" scenario for Mizzou. Since joining the SEC, we hear how our facilities are subpar compared to other SEC schools. This End Zone renovation is trying to help bring the school up to atleast the middle of the pack concerning football facilities - as TigerTD mentioned - it's to help entice recruits over what it currently offered. As for capacity? I don't think it adds many (If any) seats to the overall capacity. It does create some luxury boxes though in hopes that more high end donors will open up the checkbook. And of course Mizzou doesn't fill the stadium. They rarely have in the past four decades. Even when winning, they had trouble selling out the 'cupcake' non-cons. Realistically, though, a portion of that also has to do with the university's location. - Mizzou has constantly had to compete against KC and STL pro teams. When the Cards or Royals are in play-off contention, it messes with the first half of the football schedule. And the Chiefs pull other would be fans away as well the rest of the year.(RIP STL Rams no more) I'm not making that an excuse for Alabama. They are superstars with a diehard base regardless. - But in other SEC towns, when it's the only sport within driving distance, it's a lot easier to fill that stadium win or lose.
Of course, most outside the state even know this, but theres also an additional 'fun fact' for this game (that many Mizzou fans keep as bulletin board material) After Missouri left for the SEC, then Texas AD, DeLoss Dodds, had to make this pissy statement in early 2013 because, well, he's an ass.... "Our bad years are not that bad. Take a school like Missouri. Our bad years are better than their good years." Since said statement == MIZZOU 2013 - 12-2-0 2014 - 11-3-0 2015 - 5-7-0 2016- 4-8-0 2017 - 7-5-0 Texas 2013 - 8-5-0 2014 - 6-7-0 2015 - 5-7-0 2016 - 5-7-0 2017 - 6-6-0 Hmmmm.. maybe he had that backwards..... :) MIZ
Uh.... "..It will be tough for the Tigers to win each of those games, but doing so would be a big boost for the program." You've already decided how good the team will be in 2023?!?! There's no way to tell now what state any of those programs will be in 6 years from now... Seriously. Might be jumping the gun just a little bit there, Paul. ...unless you're ready to flip to page two for "the rest of the story..."
Has Phil ever been correct (or close to it) in his pre-season predictions, say in the last 5-10 years?*** ***asking because I'm too lazy to try to look it up. Obviously his 2017 picks are way off...