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(My winky emoji somehow did not post at the bottom of that)... kinda messed up the joke
Seriously? smart path? Do you see how hard the road just got for MIZZOU to make the playoffs now? They just don’t WANT us to take that slot. Totally putting up roadblocks on purpose. ...and you contended they were ‘protecting’ the contenders. Ha! Miz will just have to knock those down too.
You’re absolutely right! He should definitely be top FIVE!! ;)
Taking a hit at wide receiver? No.... Mizzou is loaded at that position, and has grad transfers coming as well. The story behind the story was the fact Mizzou was one over on the scholarship limit going into this year, so something had to give. Looks like this is where the scholarship problem has been rectified. Good luck to this fine student athlete. (he also ran track)
UH... Mizzou's first season was a crappy 5-7, so if you're going to try to troll the, at least get it right. Seasons 2 and 3 is when they were owning the East. Funny how quickly you've decided they'll never rise again. What is that saying about Arky then? 'cause if you're using 'recency bias' for that statement, then all Mizzou's ever known since getting into the SEC is Arky should try the Big12 or whatnot so they can compete...
"Don't want to be here anyways..." WTF? Real Mizzou supporters couldn't be happier to be in the best of all conferences -- and overall, the athletics are doing just fine. Eventually basketball will come back around.... hopefully sooner than later. Just too bad SEC never supported wrestling. Mizzou would own that sport every single year. :(
The Lysol can misinfo is one of the dumbest things going around. How dumb of you to believe it. “Coronavirus” is a TYPE of virus. It does NOT mean the COVID19 has been around forever Nor is it simple thing. - SARS and MERS were coronavorisues too— this thing is a killer. You need to lay off believing Infowars or Jim Bakker magic cures, and not risk spreading it to those at risk. Last week it was a hoax, but now it’s actually being taken serious by those who should’ve done better earlier.... don’t be douche. Oh.. and you ARE a freakin conspiracy nut to think otherwise.
That 2015 class had some interesting QBs & rankings.... #01 Jarrett Stidham #02 Josh Rosen #04 Kyler Murray #10 Drew Lock #13 Sam Darnold #15 Joe Burrow #18 Lamar Jackson
Sure.... They'll follow the buffs' lead once they leave the Pac12 and got back to Big12 too! ha
"..will be wishing for Coach Odom back this time next year..." Um. nope. On principal alone, once he donned that hawg sweater, he lost any claim to ever being a Mizzou #TrueSon. Nice guy, but... adios....
Too bad the Bamas and Longhorns took so long to start noticing him... otherwise, the recruiting services would've already have bumped him up to a 4 star. But for longest time, it was just Mizzou, so obviously he wasn't worthy of anything more than 3 stars. #GreatRecrutingJobMizzou!
PINKEL put Mizzou on the map. Sadly, Odom let the map sit on the passenger seat and get washed out and tattered. Nice guy, but a stop by the local AAA office was needed to replace the map... Oh, and we got a nice TripTik planner too!
"... a tuxedo designed by Antar Levar. His groomsmen wore suits by Indochino. David’s Bridal furnished the bridesmaids’ dresses," Well, thank god we know where the clothing came from. Seriously, you don't have to lift the entire People article for SDS. You attributed them, but you are allowed to edit out info more intune with your readers. (oh, and congrats, Tebow)
and no, there's never been any 'threat' to the flagship status. Except of course in college baseball which they are extremely good at!
"Mo State" (aka Southwest Missouri State) went from being Mizzou's little brother to their crazy weird uncle overnight!
If you want to do detective work, just check which softball player left MIZ suddenly to go play for LSU.... (that’s a huge hint)
Dude, look at who left the softball team in a hurry a season ago. atleast one of them was involved. Amazing they got to go another uni and avoid their own punishment.
I don’t care about the ranking right now. I just want to beat Ole Miss without Cale Garrett! That MIZZOU pessimism sneaks in whenever I see an article like this and think “well, we’re jinxed now” even tho that’s ridiculous thinking. And as a reminder, almost HALF of those Wyoming rushing yards were given up on 2 plays. ... what a horribly strange game that was.
HA!! I experienced this exact thing at work two weeks ago. I jokingly said "Lighten up, Frances" to a co worker and basically everyone in the room just stared at me. (all younger than 35.) Even when I said, "Stripes?" I got blank stares.... SMH . ha
4 and 5 star performers? That seems to fly in the face of every yearly talking point that Mizzou doesn't recruit well -- usually a mid 40s class, stocked with 3 star talent....