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I don't think he speaks for the "team" but get back to us when the hogs win the west....
well, you could TOTALLY say that's what Odom did against Mizzou last year... so yeah.. it fits
Oh, don't worry. the NCAA will probably give Mizzou another bowl ban for Tenn's infractions. #Mizzou'd
Keith Farner.... If you're including an asterisk behind the names for Jacobs Blocking Trophy, it'd be nice to have an explanation what the asterisk is for..... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Ah, yes... 50 yrs ago... when, oh let me check... RONALD REAGAN was governor of California. Yep. You nailed it. Good take.
Biggest complaint about this season? The constant use of "not playing anyone with winning record" narrative for certain teams such as Mizzou. IT'S A FREAKIN' SEC ONLY SCHEDULE! This is supposed to be the top tier conference. Belittling wins because of records is completely opposite of the 'toughest' conference idea. Shouldn't it be that a 5-3 team in SEC play should be looked at as much stronger than a Big10 or Big12 team with same record? If not, then we don't have much to stand on if we are better across the board. - Cant have it both ways. AND it looks bad to outsiders if we are so quick to discount fellow SEC teams with losing records. Seriously
We owe it all to the GOLD BLOCK M on the helmet! That gold is perfect too!!!!
The best part of reading about these picks is the GUYS PICKING THEM! "Chris is 10-15-1 against the spread for the season while Michael is 9-17 on the season." - So the odds are most of these will be wrong! Sweet! ;)
That south endzone/new locker room - workout area is a step in the right direction.
I don't think even the most ardent Mizzou fans thought this was a winnable game going in - with the covid players out & injuries. We all just wanted to keep it close. ...but hope does sneak in on game day. Especially after scoring on our first drive! :)
They're the best! I love listening to them over Sirius while watching the tv broadcast on mute! (and on the DVR I can pause it just enough to get it in sync with the audio delay) Woot
It's just harmless fun. What's the big deal? Have you completely forgotten how to have fun? (And for those complaining they're 1-2, well, shucks! that just makes the humor even more fun....). Lordy.
Lighten up, Francis. THAT'S poor taste? Seriously? Just having some fun... not really a big deal... except YOU're making it one. If you want to have a little laugh, go back and re-live 5th down, or flea kicker or the hell that was "Woody's Wagon." A crushed cigar shouldn't get your knickers in a bunch.
....and how’d’Bama’s Defense do exactly? Yep
Sorry! That was meant for Blep farther below. Had a reply fail. My bad.
(My winky emoji somehow did not post at the bottom of that)... kinda messed up the joke
Seriously? smart path? Do you see how hard the road just got for MIZZOU to make the playoffs now? They just don’t WANT us to take that slot. Totally putting up roadblocks on purpose. ...and you contended they were ‘protecting’ the contenders. Ha! Miz will just have to knock those down too.
You’re absolutely right! He should definitely be top FIVE!! ;)
Taking a hit at wide receiver? No.... Mizzou is loaded at that position, and has grad transfers coming as well. The story behind the story was the fact Mizzou was one over on the scholarship limit going into this year, so something had to give. Looks like this is where the scholarship problem has been rectified. Good luck to this fine student athlete. (he also ran track)
UH... Mizzou's first season was a crappy 5-7, so if you're going to try to troll the, at least get it right. Seasons 2 and 3 is when they were owning the East. Funny how quickly you've decided they'll never rise again. What is that saying about Arky then? 'cause if you're using 'recency bias' for that statement, then all Mizzou's ever known since getting into the SEC is Arky should try the Big12 or whatnot so they can compete...
"Don't want to be here anyways..." WTF? Real Mizzou supporters couldn't be happier to be in the best of all conferences -- and overall, the athletics are doing just fine. Eventually basketball will come back around.... hopefully sooner than later. Just too bad SEC never supported wrestling. Mizzou would own that sport every single year. :(
The Lysol can misinfo is one of the dumbest things going around. How dumb of you to believe it. “Coronavirus” is a TYPE of virus. It does NOT mean the COVID19 has been around forever Nor is it simple thing. - SARS and MERS were coronavorisues too— this thing is a killer. You need to lay off believing Infowars or Jim Bakker magic cures, and not risk spreading it to those at risk. Last week it was a hoax, but now it’s actually being taken serious by those who should’ve done better earlier.... don’t be douche. Oh.. and you ARE a freakin conspiracy nut to think otherwise.
That 2015 class had some interesting QBs & rankings.... #01 Jarrett Stidham #02 Josh Rosen #04 Kyler Murray #10 Drew Lock #13 Sam Darnold #15 Joe Burrow #18 Lamar Jackson
Sure.... They'll follow the buffs' lead once they leave the Pac12 and got back to Big12 too! ha
"..will be wishing for Coach Odom back this time next year..." Um. nope. On principal alone, once he donned that hawg sweater, he lost any claim to ever being a Mizzou #TrueSon. Nice guy, but... adios....
Too bad the Bamas and Longhorns took so long to start noticing him... otherwise, the recruiting services would've already have bumped him up to a 4 star. But for longest time, it was just Mizzou, so obviously he wasn't worthy of anything more than 3 stars. #GreatRecrutingJobMizzou!
PINKEL put Mizzou on the map. Sadly, Odom let the map sit on the passenger seat and get washed out and tattered. Nice guy, but a stop by the local AAA office was needed to replace the map... Oh, and we got a nice TripTik planner too!