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The problem with this is if he does not work out, he will not be part of the program anymore. Head coaches don't go back to being tight ends coaches at the same school. He has been one of the few bright spots and to out him in a situation like this is absurd. It will be interesting to find out how they fk'd this search up so bad.
Morris was put in a rough position when he started, losing out on the first early signing period, being hired by Arkansas board of directors (who should take more responsibility for this than anyone) without an athletic director, and lacking the experience needed to get a team out of the basement. Even though I feel like we made the right decision,I feel for the young men losing their coach. I'd love to see Barry Lunney Jr. Have a miracle in one of these games and hope with whatever happens, he stays with the program. Good luck to Coach Morris and appreciate his hard work, even though the end result was not what anyone wanted.
Dear God, I hope you're right. I have seen so many people wanting Mike Leach... He will not win in the SEC. Arkansas football will struggle no matter who we hire I'm afraid, but hopefully I'm wrong.
Bunch of so called "life-long hog fans" giving-up mid season since 2011.
I did not say keep him for a decade. I said let the man coach, see how we finish. Razorback fans are are what's wrong with this program. Giving up on the program midseason and jumping ship is a common theme over the last decade.
Since 2008, the average head coach at Arkansas has lasted 2.7 years; if we fire Morris after this season, 2.5 years. If Morris is able to get a top 25 recruiting class and win a couple of unexpected games, give the man a chance. Fire Coach Morris after this year, be prepared to keep losing for another decade.
The last one you mentioned really got to me. After an emotional pick, your putting in a cold QB with the best arm on the team who has been licking his chops on the sideline. He was not going in to settle for a field goal.
The last one you mentioned really got to me. After an emotional pick, your putting in a cold QB with the best arm on the team who has been licking his chops on the sideline.
I wish they would have given Starks a longer field to get in a groove on his first series. I know it was planned before hand, but we just had a pick, emotions are high, don't put in a new qb known for his arm strength near the redzone.
Amen. Unfortunately, this intellectual beast will continue his cleverness most of this year.
We just have to get him to stop talking next.
There is a reason why Houston Nutt does not coach anymore.
Mentally tough, prepared teams do not have these sorts of ups and downs at home. One the road is one things, but not at home. Physically, we can match up with everyone (maybe not depth-wise), but we looked mentally drained this evening.
Amen. It is good to hear a sensible fan talk. We had the same problem after Houston Nutt left, then after Petrino. Arkansas has now won 12 of its last 16 games (or something close), and you hear our fans thinking we can get a better coach then coach Beleima (not the case). The best thing a program can have is consistency in the SEC west and everyone once in a while, maybe the stars will allign (until Saban retires). Personally, I would rather have the kids we have at kids we have at Arkansas, doing well in Academics and playing beyond their talent level. Idiot fans are idiot fans. They don't remember how bad things can be and have been. I just hope we keep Enos another few years.
Damn it, Bobby P. I thought we would grow old together in NWA.
You're good-ole-boy rant is frivolous. You are judging without understanding the situation entirely. I feel like I just read a rant by some generic billy-bob on a message board.
It is ridiculous that this is a story on your site, SDS.
He may be right, but that man does not belong on television or radio #toastmasters
With Vegas and many articles I have read, I am wondering if I am not accounting for something with how favored Auburn is. This seems like a trendy pick. We are hitting our stride. However, Arkansas is who I follow more thoroughly than any other team, so I am biased, but C'MON.
We are hitting our prime. Hopefully, you guys don't beat us early on and fade into into November, like last year.
I have TAMU coworkers (being an Arkansan working in Texas) and I enjoy the friendly, respectfully rivalry we have. If you guys beat us another year in a row though, I may lose it.
Much love for Walker. Heartbreaking. Hard working beast and a hell of a teammate.
We're getting into the the time of the year the hogs are at their best. Good luck to everyone we play. Nothing is a given, but you better be ready to play. These next few months are about mental toughness.
Welcome to Jim Chaney. I am still jealous of you guys stealing Pittman from us, but I do not know many Arkansas fans who were disappointed when Chaney left the team to head to Purdue. I do not think many of us who have had him as an offensive coordinator are shocked by losses like this. How many seasons below 9-3 will Smart last at Georgia?
Hated to hear this news about his father. I feel for the guy. Coach B seemed to understand the heartbreak of losing a loved one. As long as the Ragnow knows he does not owe the fans, the school, the state, or the game anything. Razorback nation loves and supports him.
Indeed, she was making fun of me for posting on sports message boards - calling me a hypocrite in regards of me having a life. Just ranting about spoiled fans taking what they have for granted.
I believe Miles should have been fired. Though, I believe the LSU fans, boosters, & AD deserve a few losing seasons after how they have handled the situation for almost a decade now. It is like a bunch of children were running the football program there, much like Arkansas when Houston Nutt was in the 3-year process of being fired - even though he deserved to be let go, as well. We got Petrino right after our miscues, and paid for it 2-fold when he wrecked his bike with his mistress. I love college football, but hate most fans & boosters. In the words of my wife, many need to get a life.