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Born and raised in MO. A Mizzou fan since I could walk. Then, from 2012-2020, all 3 of my daughters went to the U of A. So, of course, at least for this week I switched allegiances and have been paying for it ever since. Choke, choke, cough…congratulations Mizzou!
Very excited for the Razorbacks season TY. We’ll have a better idea of where we are after the Creighton game this evening.
Mizzou should use the Black Friday weekend every year to play Kansas. It’s a legit blood-feud. The problem for us is, I’m not sure anyone sees us as a rival, at least with that level of intensity.
USC leapfrogs LSU next week. They get ND. If they win it will far overshadow LSU over A&M. They will probably move to the 4 spot, especially if the OSU-Michigan is a beat down.
Just to clarify, does anyone “rock out” to September?
Could not agree more with Mr. Manuel. Manufactured rivalries seldom take. I believe the leadership committee thought they could recreate the Border War but we don’t have the political and athletic history to do it. I’m glad you’ve got something going with Kentucky but I’d love to see you schedule Kansas every year at Arrowhead. We‘Ll focus our ire on our southern border rival.
ND will be a boon to TV ratings for either conference but won’t elevate the level of play. They will have the same impact as Nebraska moving to the Big 10 or Texas A&M to the SEC…6-6 to 8-4 most years.
Clearly we have no shot at a Top 15 finish as we have zero chance of winning the Citrus Bowl.
It seems that the Citrus Bowl is more prestigious than the Gator Bowl. If so, why would Aggies get the nod over Arkansas? We won the head to head and finished higher in the West? PS: I’m happy with the SEC Championship result yesterday because it puts two of us in the CFP and annoys the heck out of everyone else!
Regarding the A&M defense, they’re obviously very good. However, none of their first three opponents have prolific offenses. Kent scored a bunch on VMI but that’s really it. So we’ll learn more about the Aggie D after a few SEC games. I worry more about the emotional impact of the 9 game losing streak but I think the coaches will have them mentally prepared. Huge opportunity for the Hogs TY to shed two giant monkeys from their back. First A&M….then Mizzou…WPS!
Big props for the Animal House reference! BTW, it was supposed to be filmed in CoMo until Mizzou’s president objected. I don’t get it, the movie was the reason a lot of people decided to go to college in the first place. It could have been a great recruiting tool for the school.
As a resident of Springfield, MO I’m really happy MO State landed him as a Fire Sale deal. He’s had a tremendous impact on the program in a very short time.
The Hog’s defense will compete. The outcome of this game is on the shoulders of the offense. They don’t have to score tons of points but they need to sustain more drives than they did against Rice and win the field position battle. It will be a hot night. The defense needs rest and to not have to defend too many short-fields. Also, better punting will help. Let’s go Hogs! WPS!
The defense will definitely compete but it will be a hot evening and they need rest. If the offense can sustain enough drives to let them rest it could be an interesting game. If it’s a parade of 3 and outs it will go down faster than the Titanic. Let’s go Hogs! WPS!
Completely agree. This is a W we will have to play very well for.
Not that I wouldn’t be thrilled to go to any bowl this year but I’ve actually never heard of the Sarsaparilla bowl (nor the Gasparilla Bowl) even though it’s been around since 2008.
Token Bitter Razorback Rant: Hogs went 4-0 against the finalists yet we’re stuck watching from home. Aighh!!! Okay, got that out of my system. Good luck Hail State and Vandy Boys…For what it’s worth, I think Leiter would have won the rematch against NC State, had they been allowed to play. Hated to see the NCAA take the ball out of his hands.
Hogs have had an incredible run this year but I’m still nervous. Absolutely don’t know what to make of Nebraska. They’ve won 10 of their last 11 but have played no games out of the Big 10 so no common opponents to compare them to. Thoughts?
All in all, a very winnable regional for Arkansas. I’d be lying if I said Nebraska doesn’t make me nervous though…winners of 10 of last 11 games. It’s hard to know what to make out of that since the Big 10 had no out of conference games. We don’t know how good they are. thoughts?
Ok. If that’s how you interpret the article, I can’t argue with the logic. Good luck against Alabama today.
Respectfully, Florida lost the last 3 games of the regular season and 6 of the last 10 heading into the post-season. How does this qualify them as one of the “hottest teams” in the tournament?
Mizzou’s D played better in the second half (minus Bolton) than they did in the first.
LOL. If you’re an SEC school not called Vanderbilt you have no room to talk. We’ll be the kettle, you can be the pot.
Really happy that this game will be played. Fingers crossed that no one gets COVID before kickoff (or after). Born and raised a Mizzou fan but, as you can see by my username, my kids chose Arkansas and it sunk in. So, this is the only game of the year where I root against the Tigers. WPS!
Completely agree. Also, Indiana should be much higher.
Despite the depleted lineup this is a game the Hogs should have been able to win. The Offense should have been able to put it away in the 4th quarter. Unfortunately we really struggle with offensive play calling with leads, especially late in games. I realize the tempo creates some problems but it’s definitely an area that needs improvement.
Surely Florida has the offense weaponry to score a lot of points and the media is surely loves that. But why is no one talking about the defensive flaws. I don’t see any way they make a playoff run or get by Alabama this year. Am I crazy?