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LOL. If you’re an SEC school not called Vanderbilt you have no room to talk. We’ll be the kettle, you can be the pot.
Really happy that this game will be played. Fingers crossed that no one gets COVID before kickoff (or after). Born and raised a Mizzou fan but, as you can see by my username, my kids chose Arkansas and it sunk in. So, this is the only game of the year where I root against the Tigers. WPS!
Completely agree. Also, Indiana should be much higher.
Despite the depleted lineup this is a game the Hogs should have been able to win. The Offense should have been able to put it away in the 4th quarter. Unfortunately we really struggle with offensive play calling with leads, especially late in games. I realize the tempo creates some problems but it’s definitely an area that needs improvement.
Surely Florida has the offense weaponry to score a lot of points and the media is surely loves that. But why is no one talking about the defensive flaws. I don’t see any way they make a playoff run or get by Alabama this year. Am I crazy?