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Yes, Shane is bringing in some talented players. After being thin in 2021 it looks like we have five or six quarterbacks. My hope is our offensive line is much better in 2022. If so we won't burn through qbs due to injury like we did last year.
This is great news, but I'd be more excited if we had acquired an offensive lineman.
Well, the SEC haters better buckle their chin straps because once Oklahoma and Texas arrive things are only get worse for them. My guess is there will be many more National Championship games featuring two SEC teams.
I'm so thrilled for Dak. He's done everything asked of him and finally got his chance at quarterback. He could have easily transfered but kept his commitment to the Gamecocks. What a performance it was.
This is a huge waste of time and space. Bowl projections on October 3rd is like a weather forecast for next July. Granted there are trends developing, but no one knows what's going to happen over the next sixty days. I get that these "content creators" have to write about something. However, there are many great stories out there in the SEC. I hate to be negative and maybe this is totally correct, but let's wait until November before we fill the bowl slots.