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I think Woods will regret the decision, but time will tell. Good luck to the kid, all the same.
In the beginning, I really thought Arkansas had somehow bagged Bielema from Wisconsin. In the end, Barry Alvarez should have been included to "direct" him. In my opinion, Bielema was lost in Arkansas without his AD [and de facto head coach of the Badgers].
Love what Muss is doing with the program. When these guys get a tad older and mature, get ready SEC.
As a kid growing up in the SWC, the Razorbacks lead the series and have never feared the Aggies. The game is typically competitive, as it should be.
Many congrats to HC. He and Grant Morgan should both be candidates for the Burlsworth Award at the end of the season, given to former walk-ons who have gone on to experience success, as with Brandon.
If things continue, Barry Odom should be in line for significantly more "cabbage" after the season. Kudos to Sam Pittman for finding what appear to be top shelf coordinators. Go Hogs.
Very proud of Sam Pittman, his coordinators and players. Terribly difficult schedule, but the Razorbacks aren't going to roll over and will be competitive. Good things to come in the future.
I get what you're saying, but you'd suck at quarterback also, when there is no offensive line in front of you. Starkel got hit every time he threw the ball or sacked while trying to throw it. From the pounding, he became gun shy from getting repeathed popped and his footwork seemed to get worse with every game. Those were coaching issues, not so much Starkel issues, in my opinion.
Starkel is a classic dropback, pro style, play action quarterback. Bielema touted such an offense, or so he claimed. If Sam Pittman was inclined to use the same kind of offense, I would think Starkel would have stayed. Good luck to the kid, regardless.
Neither Cole Kelly nor Ty Story are suited for the RPO, which in order to thrive, demands an athletic, duel threat quarterback. Connor Noland or John Stephen Jones should get a legitimate shot. If not now, when? Utilizing a RPO offense without a quarterback who can run effectively eliminates roughly one third of the options.