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Good point. Also if the new SEC West is an OU/Texas for Auburn/Bama swap, that’s a push in my book. There are only 25 spots a year for OU/TX we might get a couple from them. Let’s just ask the question if we took the 2 best players from Tech/OSU/Baylor and put them on our team would we be better squad this year?? The answer is obvious.
Good get. With the uncertainty of what’s going to happen to the Big 12, it makes you wonder if we can get more former targets and transfers from schools like Texas Tech/OK St/Baylor. That’s what I’m hoping anyway....
You’re not a contender Jesse Siminton!!!!!!!!
Both are studs and the main question will be who will be the most productive. This will be more about the offensive scheme and personnel around them. KJ Jefferson/Burks had a great game against Mizzou because we were running the ball well, and getting one on one coverage. If we can do that consistently next year, expect a big year from Burks. If not, I don’t think KJ has the arm talent to match production from UGA and Pickens.
He's obviously talking about seeing them in person...you know Covid restrictions on recruiting and all.
Didn’t read the article...but the answer is no.
Sucks he's leaving....hopefully TJ Hammonds can make some plays and help Treylon with the running game.
It is kind of confusing...They rank "Athlete" as a position. Which just means he could play a lot of places. So of the players ranked in the "Athlete" position he is 40th in the country. Of all the players/positions in Georgia, he is ranked 46th overall.
I’ll admit that the call against LSU didn’t cost us the game but the one at the end of the Auburn game sure did.
I think slim. We would love to have him back, but he's got a baseball contract on the table.
The didn't...thank God. At least I didn't see it if they did.
I agree Justa...taking the field goal and being within one score was the obvious play. Also Chaney reminded me why he frustrated me while he was here...questionable calls on short yardage situations.
Stop trolling...Beliema was at Arkansas for 5 years, was that not enough time to establish an identity? As far as Morris, if you actually watched our program when he was here you wouldn’t say that. It takes a lot to get fired at Arkansas after 2 years and he checked all the boxes and then some.
I actually watched this holding call that you said “was missed” and it wasn’t even that bad. The fact you are comparing it to the kickoff touch is laughable.
Yeah, I can make a judgement based on an opinion...happens all the times. Actually all opinions are judgements, otherwise they would be facts. Pretty simple.
So you are adding points to your score when the kickoff touch happened....wow
What do you mean that wouldn’t have put them up 8? It was 28-27 Ole Miss was kicking off. TD plus extra point puts them up 8. I never said that there was a conspiracy theory for Auburn. Just one team benefited more today from an obvious blown call.
Being up 7 with a half left and being up 8 with 6 minutes left is different. I will give you the fact that there was still time for Ole Miss to do something to win the game. Yet, where I don’t agree is that because there was a holding call missed it cancels out a more obvious error by the officials and replay both. Auburn benefited more from that than Ole Miss did on the holding call in my opinion.
I can make the judgment...it’s an opinion I have. You can disagree though.
So if you saw the bad play and could change would you? Because that could have actually happened here. Why didn’t it? That’s why it’s worse.
The fact that they did nothing is the main point and why it’s worse..because they saw the finger move like everyone else did and did nothing, and hence ignored the rules. That’s why it’s worse than a holding call. I’m not going to give the booth credit for just watching the blown call like that is enough
You’re right...some calls are worse than others. That’s all I’m saying. As far as the replay booth..you saw the replay what did you see? Probably the same thing everyone else did.
No obviously you don’t understand...I get that bad calls happen. If it’s a judgement call I get it, but when replay officials have a chance to change an obvious bad call and make it right but do nothing....That goes above and beyond. Especially late in the game like that. You are talking about a non reviewable call that happened at the first play of the half. As far as still being mad we lost..I guess. It’s irrelevant to this discussion and you trying to justify this call.
You’re delusional...not all blown calls are the same. It was obvious and everyone watching the replay(which could have been overturned unlike holding) knew it. You got lucky. It’s ok. Admit it.
There have been plenty of blown holding calls...but the refs and replay officials ignoring something obvious is another. Quit acting like it’s the same thing.
There is a difference and a holding call and refs and replay officials ignoring the rules of the game....again
"Seemed like the right call to me"....are you serious??? It was obvious.