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I’m reading different but in the end it doesn’t matter...So you’re saying the refs screwed up the call on the field and on replay and they are now trying to just clarify the rule so it doesn’t happen again?
Everything I’m reading is saying that they will now consider any recovery within the play when reviewing calls. Is that a big enough change for you?
Actually you don’t...they made changes based on the call. That’s what the article says and it’s true. Don’t really understand the argument. Because it won’t take affect until later it’s not changed yet? That’s dumb. Why does it matter when it’s changed? It still will be because we got robbed.
A new guideline isn’t changes..so if I added something to a law it isn’t changed?? Come on...
Saw Arkansas get robbed...said this shouldn’t happen and made changes so it wouldn’t happen again. Facts bro.
I have raised this question. The refs didn't rule it a fumble. They called it intentional grounding, which is the incorrect call. So if it was a fumble it should have been ruled dead on the whistle which is 8 yards further back, and the clock runs on the refs signal.
Of course I think he can turn it around. I'm hoping before year 3. I know that we've been terrible lately but I think just making a bowl game at Arkansas is an extremely low bar. From 1998 to 2017 we only missed a bowl game 4 times. Two of those were under Beliema in 2013 first year and 2017 his last year.
Who cares what an anonymous source says? Arkansas has failed on all levels lately, but the main one is offensive and defensive lines. They were good under Pittman with Beliema, but started to falter after he left and was the main reason Beliema failed. Then, they were beyond awful under Morris. It was mixture of young players and bad coaching. One of the worst in the country on both sides of the ball. Pittman has a long road to hoe to get us back, but I believe it all starts with O Line and D Line. Good thing is, he knows how to do O Line and hopefully steel sharpens steel. Whether he can do that as a head coach remains to be seen. Why throw shade on the Briles hire?? I thought it was a pretty good one. Am I missing something?
Actually Nutt was more ground and pound than Beliema was. Remember the Wild Hog?? To say that Nutt had similar system to Petrino is incorrect. Petrino had to recruit skill players to fit his system because we had none when he arrived. Something that Morris tried to do but failed. Everywhere school that Morris left has improved dramatically once he does leave. See SMU/Clemson. You can credit Morris for building it or blame him for underachieving previously. It depends on what you are trying to make yourself believe. I know where I fall on this and I can guess where you do as well. Time will tell.
I wouldn't just blame the player's union here. The owners love it too, and if they wanted to end this, they could make it happen. The entire NFL loves it, owner's don't have to pay as many athletes, and other players keep their job. Win Win. Also, the universities/coaches/NCAA hasn't come out and said they are opposed to this. They need to. It's hypocritical and wrong. It's supposed to be an amateur sport. You can train to be a professional, but if you want to be a professional and get paid, go do it. That's what college is all about in my opinion. You train/learn to get a good job. If you are already qualified to make millions. Go do it. You shouldn't be forced to stay because it's confinement for your future employer.
It’s not a good point? So you are totally opposed to professional athletes losing a job to other professional athletes? That bothers you? You want the NCAA to pay for a problem the NFL created with their own policy?
To put the NCAA as some lone villain in this is ludicrous. The bottom line is that college football has become the minor leagues of the NFL. That is the NFL and the NCAA's fault. It benefits the NFL to not have to have a minor league system and just draft fully developed kids out of college, because after all why not?? They don't have to pay and they are trained and developed for them. To fix this is simple. Get rid of the three year rule. If a player wants to be a professional athlete, go be one. Enter the draft. High school senior or 40 year old they should have the ability to be drafted. It should be up to the NFL to train these guys. Not colleges. Keep the NCAA an amateur sport and allow people to be professionals if they want to be. College football and basketball keeps athletic programs alive and lets many other athletes come to school for free. It should continue to be that way.
Buechele would have to sit out a year because of transfer rules. Hicks could play right away.
A&M and Mizzou joining the SEC are not the problem. The recruiting stopped when Sam Pittman left for Georgia. Bottom line we recruited and had a good offensive line when Pittman was here(even with A&M in the SEC?? Shocker!!). When he left the bottom fell out and in two years Beliema was gone and left no talent on our roster. There is a reason why we are taking 13 Offensive lineman in this year's recruiting class....Beliema wanted to build a program on offensive line play and then didn't recruit any good ones. That will lead to what we saw from his teams and the one that took the field this year.
How bout the hogs go out and win the freaking game? That would also help.
We lose money. We lose recruits. Players don't like it, but the Little Rock boosters got rid of our last AD because he didn't want to play there, so now our program is forced to embrace it. The end.
Nope. Like I said I don’t care, but it’s good we agree on some points in these conversations.
I don’t care, and I guess you don’t either. Thanks for proving my point.
Would love to! Obviously you responding to my posts actually does say you care what I think...Thanks for clarifying I can think what I want. I find it hilarious that you thought I was waiting for your permission. Have fun only caring about the SECCG or NCG and not caring about a postseason game for the rest of your life. I’m guessing you realized you felt this way after your team was sanctioned...how convenient. You’re right bowl bans are no big deal, because bowl games don’t matter and it’s championship or bust for you. Great fan you are....
So you don’t care about any postseason games except the national championship or the SEC CG? So Ole Miss hasn’t played a postseason game worth a damn since 1963? So Ole Miss should just continue to try and cheat get sanctioned until they win a national championship or play for the SEC? Why do it the right way, because everything else doesn’t matter? It seems the Navy hasn’t taught you anything about integrity or sportsmanship. You have shown your true colors and you should be embarassed.
You're not personally *affected*....so as an Ole Miss fan you are totally fine with no bowls for two years? Not upset at all? If you are that's being personally *affected*. If my team cheated so much that the NCAA punished us, that would embarrass me as a fan, whether I was personally involved or not. If you aren't, than you are either a bad fan or too ashamed to admit that you are.
Well, I think Hogman66 is just wondering are we going to keep showing improvement in areas and fight. Actually that's exactly what he said. I'm just hoping to do better than the 63-7 embarrassment Ole Miss put up earlier in the year. PS-Good luck in your bowl game this year Buster.
Tonight we had 2 blocked punts, 2 punt returns into the red one and a kick off return TD. Last week we had the fake fair catch fiasco for a TD. We out gained them by 65 yards and lost by 31? It’s on the coaches to clean up the penalties, Special Teams, and stupid mistakes. We outplayed them and still got killed. Ridiculous. It was improvement but still extremely frustrating. We play very undisciplined.
I’m somewhat worried. O line, O Line, O Line. Our defense was ok. It will be mediocre, but we have to figure out a way to run the ball. If you average two yards a rush against a D2 trem, that’s bad.
Why the hate fiji? This defense was the worst in the SEC so I would almost be happy just seeing a 3rd down period.
Obviously he was referring to you being a troll because you brought up a freshman WR DUI case that has nothing to do with this guys recruitment. It says he will play DB and there is no mention of the DUI case in the article. Also, Morris should make a decision to cut that guy because DUIs should not be tolerated, not because of a "good management" decision. The fact that you bring up he should cut this guy because he should "sacrifice" someone is shameful. Real men stand up for what they believe in and make decisions based on that. I would think the Navy would have taught you that....I guess not.