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“Division rivals South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee and Missouri”????….do better and don’t copy paste other articles.
Agree. Produce and win football games. Awards will come. I don’t get the hate on the Penn State game. KJ had 110 yds rushing and we ran for almost 400 yds and 6 yds a carry…he didn’t put up passing stats because we didn’t need to pass to win.
Probably because he doesn’t want to play safety…transfer portal has let players play the position they want to play.
Bama’s last TD wasn’t a catch…biased but you won’t convince me otherwise.
You can’t just say we are better than Oregon now, and act like that game wasn’t played. It’s why we use head to head as tiebreakers. The “resume” argument doesn’t hold water here. Oregon proved they are the better team.
The better team deserves to be in the playoff. Not the team from the better conference. The decision should be based on, “Who’s better OSU or Oregon?”, and that question has already been answered.
I don’t understand how Ohio State is in the playoff over Oregon…Oregon handily beat OSU in Columbus. Head to head has to mean something.
This has to do more with reports that JT Daniels might be out, than bettors liking our squad.
Seriously…one person says “it might be close” and Bama fans take offense…Vegas put you at 16 point favorites.
Congrats on beating us, and yes you “whupped our butt” by 2 points congrats. I was merely making a point that KJ had a good game. I wasn’t saying that Mizzou was bad and my last comment was taking a dig at someone that comes comes on an Arkansas message board to hype up a team that we don’t care about. I’ve been going to SDS for a long time and haven’t clicked on the Mizzou site one time. The fact that you commented on this and continually do on our side says you are a complete troll.
Mike Woods transferred because he wants to play for OU. To say it's because of KJ is weird considering he found him a couple times in the Red/White game for some scores. KJ is no Spencer Raddler though, so I kinda see your point. Hopefully KJ can run the option well and continue to throw a good ball down field. Also remember the most points we scored all year was when KJ was at QB not Franks.
This article is very short sited. I would agree that we have been down recently, and the football talent in our own state isn’t as rich as others. What this article doesn’t touch on is the recruiting changes that this will cause in the state of Texas and Oklahoma. The demise of schools from the former Big 12 like OSU, Tech, and Baylor could really help Arkansas in recruiting. The fact is we never win many recruiting battles with OU/Texas anyway, but they can only get 25 players. Texas is so rich in FB talent and if we can nab more talented players away from those other universities, it will help our overall talent in our team. Mizzou can reap the benefits as well.
Good point. Also if the new SEC West is an OU/Texas for Auburn/Bama swap, that’s a push in my book. There are only 25 spots a year for OU/TX we might get a couple from them. Let’s just ask the question if we took the 2 best players from Tech/OSU/Baylor and put them on our team would we be better squad this year?? The answer is obvious.
Good get. With the uncertainty of what’s going to happen to the Big 12, it makes you wonder if we can get more former targets and transfers from schools like Texas Tech/OK St/Baylor. That’s what I’m hoping anyway....
You’re not a contender Jesse Siminton!!!!!!!!
Both are studs and the main question will be who will be the most productive. This will be more about the offensive scheme and personnel around them. KJ Jefferson/Burks had a great game against Mizzou because we were running the ball well, and getting one on one coverage. If we can do that consistently next year, expect a big year from Burks. If not, I don’t think KJ has the arm talent to match production from UGA and Pickens.
He's obviously talking about seeing them in person...you know Covid restrictions on recruiting and all.
Didn’t read the article...but the answer is no.
Sucks he's leaving....hopefully TJ Hammonds can make some plays and help Treylon with the running game.
It is kind of confusing...They rank "Athlete" as a position. Which just means he could play a lot of places. So of the players ranked in the "Athlete" position he is 40th in the country. Of all the players/positions in Georgia, he is ranked 46th overall.
I’ll admit that the call against LSU didn’t cost us the game but the one at the end of the Auburn game sure did.
I think slim. We would love to have him back, but he's got a baseball contract on the table.
The didn't...thank God. At least I didn't see it if they did.
I agree Justa...taking the field goal and being within one score was the obvious play. Also Chaney reminded me why he frustrated me while he was here...questionable calls on short yardage situations.
Stop trolling...Beliema was at Arkansas for 5 years, was that not enough time to establish an identity? As far as Morris, if you actually watched our program when he was here you wouldn’t say that. It takes a lot to get fired at Arkansas after 2 years and he checked all the boxes and then some.
I actually watched this holding call that you said “was missed” and it wasn’t even that bad. The fact you are comparing it to the kickoff touch is laughable.
Yeah, I can make a judgement based on an opinion...happens all the times. Actually all opinions are judgements, otherwise they would be facts. Pretty simple.