Hog Wild through and through! WPS!

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What the heck?! He couldnt wait till after bowl season so it would count for the Fulmer Cup??? Selfish....
Well.... You aren't wrong... Kinda a douche but not wrong.
Y'all are about to put up 70 on us.... our pass defense is one of the worst in the country. I'm not sure how more of these "rebuilding" years us hog fans can take.
Nothing against the kid. He was unranked and only gained a 3* rating after he accepted the offer. Not a huge loss. BUT we need all the OL commits we can get.
Beyond ready for next season... or the one after that... really any other season...
Nice. Now all the old-timers can chill about the uniforms.
13th in the nation and still cant have a decent program.... sad....
Wish him the best.... but huge disappointment when it comes to actually performing for the 4* TE.
Thats true.... Ive done it lol! Part of life... if i was good enough to play at UA id prolly pull those strings too.
Awesome. Not really. No one cares. Its a no name college. Why is this on a SEC website?
I PRAY it isnt Us... Tennessee... All yours
But on that note... Good for Gus. Getting more money and and extension. But like StobyJoe said... Hope he doesn't expect to come back to Arkansas when/if it doesn't workout in his favor.
This is the only reason i think Gus made a bad decision. Of course Auburn is easier to recruit and bigger name. No one disputes that. The deal is... We would have paid Gus 7MILL a years and honestly would have been ok with 8 win seasons. As a Hog fan I know we arent National Championship bound ANY time soon if ever.... BUT I just want to have a coach get us 8 wins a season on a semi consistent basis... Win a couple games we arent supposed to and Pi$$ of some teams in the process.
I got Ole Miss by 17+ easily. I have never ever ever seen a Hog team this unmotivated... this slow... playing with ZERO heart... We have not one single thing i am excited and looking forward to. NOT ONE. I just PRAY that Bielema gets left in the airport in Mississippi with his cup of coffee and turkey leg. WOO PIG for ever still.
Im all for a coach that is all in....... But SCREW BIELEMA. Im over it, He isnt gonna win here.
Something incredibly hilarious reading this comment... from an Auburn fan. HAHA!!!
Can someone explain to me why everyone is on the South Carolina high Horse?! What am I missing here...
All true. My wife went to a smaller school and didnt understand how or why i was so serious about Saturdays in the fall. We would have a huge fight like clockwork at the beginning of every season. After i put a ring on it this year im hoping that stops... We shall see....
Hoping for a quick recovery! BUT in other news "TJ Hammonds walks out on the practice field for the first time after surgery.... andddd broken foot."