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Won’t be long till we won’t want to watch college sports either. Maybe ole Herbstreit would feel better rioting with the guys.
It’s just locker room talk. Emotional. Every coach does it. Even people that never played high school or college sports( especially football and basketball) knows that.
Went to a game in Baton Rouge once a few years ago. The place really does smell like corn dogs and the LSU fans were the worst.
Hard to watch the offense. Defense looks better but it was Portland State. Looks like it’s gonna be another rough year. It’s sad to say but we are getting used to rough years.
Without an offensive line or defensive secondary.......uh No
Arkansas needs to move to Conference USA. Maybe they could win 7 or 8 games that way
I’m not watching this one. Arkansas has no chance of scoring and no chance of stopping anything Alabama will do.
Arkansas has proven year in and year out they can’t compete in the SEC. I don’t think Arkansas St could either.
North Texas will beat us 54 -10. We won’t win another game. Coaches won’t try to win and go for it 4th and 1. We have good running backs but that’s about it. No offensive line. No QB. No defense of any kind. No field goal kicker. Another what is now typical year ahead for the Hogs. Nice stadium though. Great place to live. Instead of going to the home games go camping hunting or fishing.
That's about as close to being a Brett Farve as this guy will ever get
Alcohol just ain't enough to get anyone through a game this year
I will give the hogs an extra field goal that I might not have based on this ingenious strategy Ark 9 LSU 72
I doesn't even come close to mattering LSU 72 Ark might get a late field goal so I will go with 3
My whole family was watching I was trying to find a way to listen to other announcers and turned the sound off several times but, I was watching Hart needs to apply at CNN
Winston beside being a rapist is also a huge dumbass
Not this layoff makes sense The guy is an idiot
as long as he leaves where is Enos going he needs to go too
Tweets to psych out VT might work better Tweaks will only confuse an already confused defense. I expect to see 2 to 3 Arkansas defenders run into each other resulting in a VT touchdown 2 to 3 times during the game if tweaks are used
The toilet half gets real stinky if you don't clean it I've been to Tiger sta dium so i know
Alabama will beat LSU by 21...A and M will beat Miss St by 30 Florida will beat Arkansas by 21 and Auburn will beat Vanderbilt by 40
Love my hogs but, I'm realistic. I see a repeat of the A and M game. Lucky if we stay close in the first half and then our inability to make smart halftime adjustments and Alabama's ability to do the opposite ..our inability to play 4 quarters,,stop the run..run it ourselves etc....Alabama 52 Ark 20
you will get you ass kicked by a&m and alabama you've been lucky so far you should win out after the nest two lo sses Hell you play in the east
Obviously, he watched the A&M game and became concerned that we can't develop an offensive line. Can't run if no one can block. Can't even score from the 1 yard line in 4 attempts.
Right call....bad play took away from a great play by Pulley bad bad play really had them pinned deep