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Many in Arkansas remember the pain of a coach run amuck. The coach who thinks they are above the rules. Ours did not concern NCAA thank goodness. Very proud of our record concerning that. Now, there our some in our base who have joined the bunch of glory of destroying. But know there are many who feel your pain. I am a Christian and have prayed for your coach and his family. However, there are consequences for our actions. Hope to see the Hoddy Toddy bounce back!
Remember there is a lot of that ther oil ther in Texas! Happy with Arkansas in 12th position. Especially, with our small population. To be ahead of all those other SEC teams with large populations. Says a lot about our alumni, fans and staff!
Why isn't Williams #1. Has the most yards and stats! Would have won that game if they had just did what they did in first half and let him run! Say what you want about Coach B but he has had a 1,000 yard rusher, sometimes two EVERY season at Wisconsin and Arkansas!
All but Alabama is weak this year. I even wonder about Arkansas who has won their bowl games the last few years when most has lost!
Is Saturday Down South published from Tennessee or alumni publishers. They just don't give up the hype. ESPN said Arkansas had the 2nd toughest schedule in the nation. Now, that may or may not be right but the only 2 teams we have lost to are #1 Bama and #5 A &M. We STILL have #18Florida, #23 Auburn, #LSU then Missouri.
I believe your right Volman. 👍🏼
If you haven't seen he movie Greater it's worth the money and time. Better than I expected and funny at times!
Love our Coach B!He loves his kids on cans off the field. We want only #Uncommon MEN here!
Nice to know Marg or Marq Burnett with the SEC Atlanta Journal has Arkansas ranked 21st. Thanks.
How is Ole Miss a team we beat last year ahead of the Hogs or others with one loss. That means if we lose to #1 Alabama this weekend we will have two losses to 2 top 10 teams and should stay where we are! Predicted all year though that we will win this game in Fayetteville!
Arkansas will surpass some of these teams on strength of schedule I presume. We have Alabama, ole Miss, Florida, LSU and Florida. After playing A/M and TCU. Otherwise this is bogus.
Wish they would put win/losses up there. Is not Ole Miss 2-2? Did not Arkansas beat TCU? Did we not just lose to a top 10 team? 3-1 Cannot get into AP heads and especially the Coaches heads? Weird.
We (Arkansas) told them about Chaney but they did Not listen.....blah, blah blah! As usual the West is the beast and the East has it easy!
Wish they would list won/lost record beside each team. Did not OU lose 2 games already? How are they 25 ranked.
CS. Arkansas won the 1964 National Championship! Most knowledgable sportscasters and fans know this! We went undefeated and beat Texas. The team that beat you in the bowl game. Arkansas won its bowl. Undefeated!
Why do you keep showing the same picture of Jen Beilema in swimsuit and all the others in coats and winter attire? Mrs Beilema took that picture before the first year of football. There are hundreds of wonderful pictures of her in more clothing. Particulary, the one in a stunning red evening dress holding a football helmet. Which is her avatar on her Facebook page that is open.
#8 Claimed Championships. This guy must be from Alabama. No one is as bad as Alabama. Case in point, undefeated 1964 Arkansas Razorbacks.
Point is Arkansas would not. We seen Texas for what they were (greedy, selfish and ego driven) back in the Ole SWC days. We just were smarter than the rest! SEC. SEC
Here I was thinking Arkansas season looks very good. Finally, we have Ole Miss, Alabama, Florida and LSU at home. That schedule away was murder last year even if we beat UT, Ole Miss and LSU away. Not one to be over optimistic but don't count out Arkansas!
Love the #SEC but think that yell is trash! So classless. Cannot believe University condones.
Not trying to start a feud but you look at our schedule this year AND particularly next year with TCU and West Division IF we win at beginning of season we better be ranked higher than Georgia. Their RPI sucks. Wish we were so lucky.
Did not include teams record. At 8-5 with wins over Auburn, Ole Miss, Tennessee, LSU to end the season and with a 21 point bowl win (may I say with a bowl win last year) is Arkansas not ranked? Don't tell me Toledo at first of year. They were in top 25 most the year if not finishing that way after their bowl win.
As always Alabama claiming Ntional Champions it does not have. Arkansas 64 National Champs, we earned it!
At least Arkansas wins its bowl game both years! Can some of you say that. We know what we are capable of seems like some of you should too.
Never thought Florida was a good team this year. Not surprised they lost. Once again it's about being in the SEC West.
Ahead of UT for sure! We beat them at their house, beat OlMiss at their house and beat LSU at their house at night! We had EXCESSIVE key injuries and they changed our O line to different positions. We adjusted for the SEC. Besides, Arkansas plays in the West. Have all them and ALabama home next year. No, we usually only have 4 stars but Coach B knows his talent recruit wise and coaches them up.
Had to get last remark in didn't you? Toledo was in the Top 25 most of the year. So, obviously they were well thought of. Enid had moved our offensive line around to new positions and took a few games to play. 3rd bowl win in a row!
Think Oklahoma should be punished a game because of no post season against whom ever comes in second in Big 12. Big disadvantage for other colleges who do.
What's the most important statistic category for a QB? That's right! TD's! 29 for Brandon Allen!