I hate all SEC teams and Gus Malzhan!
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You still have Saban on speed dial! Help me daddy, help me!!!! Sooie!
Next year will be a huge test for Opie! Mark Richt’s recruits will be gone! Daddy Saban will be on speed dial! Sooie!
We shall see what happens next year! It’s Opie’s team next year, no more coach Mark Richt recruits! But, daddy Saban is just a phone call away!
Every program has legacy players! Nothing wrong with that!!
We have our championship QB now! Woooo Pig Sooie!
Chad Morris will win a Natty at Arkansas! Woooo Pig Sooie! Ready to call the hogs!
Pay no attention! Pruitt is a great hire and will steel some recruits away from Bama!
Many things Bama needs to address:Replace J. Pruitt! Beat back Saban to NFL rumors! Practice, practice, and practice!
Great hire! Razorbacks will win the SEC championship within three years!
Great hire! Woooooo Pog Sooie! Now, let’s go win and make the rest jealous!
The pups will struggle because the stage is huge! Hoping for a great game and SEC embarrassments!
Agreed! Tweeting Kiffin would be entertaining!
Get a job Aubie! We are coming for Auburn next year and we will make our mark!
That blows! We ain’t getting no one with a resume! Go get Kiffin and call it a day!
They really can’t enforce restrictions because NCAA pending sanctions will not allow it! These kids can go anywhere they choose! That really sucks for Ole Sis!
Saban to the Giants? Wow! I don’t believe it but Saban is not getting younger! That means Dabo to Bama!
This is the biggest mismatch between the two games! Mayfield vs Fromm! If Georgia can run the football, they have a chance! Oklahoma will score some points! Hopefully, the pups can hang and represent the SEC!
I heard ole les turned them down three weeks ago!
The shocking thing about Tennessee is just how far they have fallen under the radar! No one wants the job! That’s shocking because Knoxville is a football town!
Just my Opinion! I agree with your assessment about recruiting Texas! It’s really a bad year for finding a head coach!
Kiffin can develope QBs and has a proven track record everywhere he has landed!
Lane Kiffin is the best coach on the market! He will win at Arkansas and soon! IMHO!
I still have no understanding why Kiffin is not under consideration in Knoxville! Their is no person who would love to beat Bama more IMHO! The guy can coach!
The hell with Gus! I want Nick Saban! Offer 12 million and call it a day!
The pool of coaches are slime! Derek Dooley is a interesting choice!