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Pittman stated thats the very thing he doesn't wish to do. Rest assured, until further notice.
Ah, c'mon. Alabama had an off season. Way too soon to say their dominance is coming to an end. As a Hogs fan, and not liking Alabama too much, even I think its ridiculous when I read articles and comments about "the dynasty ending" after a single loss or under-played win. They'll bounce right back next year.
I'm with you guys, MountainHawg and crazymanatuca.
Yea, people are getting tired of seeing at least one of the same two teams playing every year. I understand the "they earned it" angle, but regardless, it gets boring. People wanna see something else.
Oh, quit cryin', Nick. You know you're still gonna come out with ANOTHER championship win... Ah, I look forward to the year when neither Clemson nor Alabama's names are on the championship trophy. I don't even need it to be my Hogs; I'll take literally anyone else for some sort of variety.
Indeed. Imo, this is a time to be excited and optimistic about the future - the near future, at that - with this amazing recruiting class we just signed. Heh, great Christmas gift. Can't wait to see how this crop turns out - because I know they're gonna be great - AND I can't wait to see the class we sign next December/February 2020. I mean, look at this: Morriss' first signing class - well done, esp with the time given to develop a class. The second - BIG improvement Can't wait to see the third and fourth ones. I'm feelin' great about all this.
Check a calendar; the year in the article is a typo. It was this year. You're welcome.
Yea buddy. Everybody can keep running their mouth; they're gonna eat their words in due time.
Forgot that no great college coach ever started by coaching high school.
Ahhh, nice to see th recruiting strength of the coaching staff paying off... It's a dividend I don't think too many people landmine to, given that in their criticisms of Coach Morris and co, they never mention that as a positive among any of the new/current Hog coaches. Go Hogs.
Oh, forgot to summarize my point specifically: the staff's strong ties to Texas high school teams/players/coaches is gonna effectively negate the issue this guy claims is present. So. All in all his statement rings invalid to me...but, hey, he's the expert.
Coach Morris was highly successful coaching in texas, though. In HS ball for 15 years and consistently improved and rebuilt SM U every year he spent there. He has a lot of clout down there to do some very strong recruiting. Other coaches on staff have a great deal of recruiting potential in Texas, too, as well as other states. At nothing else, this coaching staff is SOLID in recruiting strength. And as Alabama has shown, if you can recruit the talent and coach well enough, you can do very very well. I mean, tell me he couldn't just retire, Alabama promote his OC or DC and they'd still dominate. That's not to shortchange the importance of good coaching , mind you, but don't shortchange what good, strong recruiting brings to the table. I have all the confidence in Coach Morris and co. to be able to rejuvenate the Hogs back to - perhaps even PAST, eventually - our former glory. Woo Pig and Go Hogs.
@Jen Yeah, that's what would make him interesting indeed. He could help the other QBs gain a better understanding of how to run the offensive system Coach Morris is trying to impliment. Could work out well.
Great coaches never start with coaching high school? He did so to great success, did well for the year he was at Tulsa, helped build up Clemson, and rebuilt SMU. I do not know why people cast so much doubt on Chad Morris...
Couldn't pull it off, though. Bama's 4th of 5th guy in the QB room could have gotten in and Benn a Heisman candidate. The O-line is the key. Tua is a decent QB with a rock solid O-line to do most of the work for him. Frankly, tho, it's nice to see a team that's not Bama win a prestigious award. Gets old to see the same team take all the Ws over and over. Just no suspense, and gets predictable. I'm sure my screen name gives away what team I'm loyal to. But at that, I bear no I'll will against Bama. I'm just saying I wanna see other people win; breaks up the monotony.
@londonhawg No, I acknowledge the reality. That being that time is what s vitally needed. Joke all you want, but the fact remains that Morris and co. need time to recruit the talent needed and train them up. Look, I can relate to the feeling that, yea, it sucks to be told that...again. But as Iv e stated before, this isn't Bielema 's 7th year with his troup. It's a new staff that runs things in a SIGNIFICANTLY different way; totally opposite, in some regards. Styles these guys needed more time than they were given to learn and train into. With a first season of gruelingly difficult growing pains and having a second off season on the way, maybe we will be pleasantly surprised next season. Perhaps not drastically, but you never know. I have faith in this coaching staff and the players. Total faith. As such, and in observation of the real facts as well, I wholly believe this staff will prove itself to the faithful - and the unfaithful, such as yourself - in due time...which is gonna be sooner than later. Go Chad Morris, Go Joe Craddock, Go Chief Chavis, and Go Hogs. Woo Pig.
Happy birthday, Coach. This season didn't go well, but I wholly have faith in you to lead us to greatness sooner than later. I hope you had a good birthday, sir.
Different system. Takes more than a few months to switch to a system that's a 180 from the one you've been trained in for years. They even came out and said they were only able to install %30-%40 of the new system...which is impressive given that we were still able to hang about 30 on Bama. Promising for the future, I believe.
Interesting. I figured Ty would be the one to leave. Well, happy trails, Cole; it's been good, man. Wish you could had the opportunity to do more while you were here, but I appreciate what you did get to do.
Well, I can't say I ultimately agree wholly, but appreciate that you didn't bash the Chief outright. But hey, time will tell who is right.