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I love to hate Saban as much as the next guy. Why ? Because he is one of the best ever and he aint ours. That being said he is a class act and I think he will being sitting in front of the T.V. routing Hurd on come playoff time.
I wouldn't count on it. I think LSU is still a big question mark and Kentucky is getting better while MSU seems to be falling apart so I think that is where the East best chance is.
Take Alabama out of the equation and I think most SEC teams could beat the others on any given day. That being said Arkansas would have to have a bad game for Florida to win and while it can happen
Is it just me but do we not go into this every year. The Big 10 is better than the SEC this year, the PAC 12 is just as good as the SEC another year somebody else will be better the the SEC next year. If the SEC doesn't play the best ball why is it the SEC is the one everyone else is comparing their sleeves to. Other conferences are just that, they are everyone else, and this is the SEC what other conferences want to be when they grow up.
Agree, I love my Hogs but even in the TCU game they didn't look like a top 10 team. Our program is on the up swing but I am not ready to say they have arrived. Coach came into a bad situation and I really believe he has made the best of it and done it with class so win are lose this weekend I am proud to be a Hog fan. WPS!
Nick is an ass, a classy ass but still an ass and in my humble opinion one of the best coaches ever.
Its hard to see Tennessee ranked in the top ten at the end of the year, that being said it is good to see them back in the hunt. The east is showing signs of life again and that cant be anything but good for the SEC. The SEC is the only conference in football where you can have the 20th best team in the land and loose every conference game. I love my hogs but its hard to see where in the world we get even 8 wins from this year.
Maybe he was talking about not buying a player so you can win a National Championship.
Next Year will look like almost every other year with Bama on the top. LSU and Ole Miss fighting for second. Arkansas will be in the middle and TAM, Auburn and State will fight it out for last.
Love it when Georgia fans still think they are still relevant.
In a time of self glorifying athletes Brain was an inspiration and one of the greatest HOGS ever.
Ok here is my thoughts, just in case anybody cares. 1.Clemson 2.Bama 3.Ohio St. 4.Stanford 5.Michigan St 6.Iowa 7.Oklahoma 8.TCU 9.Michigan 10.Ole Miss 11.Baylor 12.Huston 13. Notre Dame 14.Wisconsin 15.Florida ST 16.Oregon 17.North Carolina 18.LSU 19.Tennessee 20.Georgia 21.Utah 22.Oklahoma State 23.Navy 24. Northwestern 25. ARKANSAS!!!!!
Even though the hogs won this years game I don't think the hogs have near the talent the Vols do, oh and we have to go threw Bama to get to the championship, not a easy task.
I was a tide fan for about 4 hours but now its over I am back to being a hater again Well I will be a fan for about 4 hours next week too.WPS!!!
Bama always has a nice line coming in and going out and on the field and sitting on the bench.
All I can say is good luck Bama and Roll Tide, now excuse me while I go throw up.
Spoken like a true homer, olemisschuck but I don't think anyone outside of Oxford would take Chad over Dak this year. Next year I look for Chad to be the man but this year it was Dak.
I think being a good coach means you recruit well also so I am not buying into the #1 spot thing. I think that is the logic used for ranking Arkansas that high as well and not buying that ether. I think Bielema is a coach but sorry fellow hog fans but he is not better than Miles.
Best LSU and its all down hill from there with Auburn on the bottom. Bama not to bad.
Shows what Smart thinks of the Arkansas program. I dont know why anyone would be mad about that he has his hands full trying to get the east to play like the west..
Ok that's just not right, but funny just the same.
Great bunch of players, I don't think I can disagree with any of them. WPS
You people have been watching to much TV, I can fire someone if I don't like the color of there car and my people don't have multi million dollar contracts with ethics clauses. If one of my sales people come to work drunk they are fired and they don't drive any heavy equipment. Sometimes I wish people would think before they comment and I really hope no one believes this stupid stuff.
Before anyone try's to run out and use some of Mythic514 logic remember even if you have a disability you cant come to work drunk.
Not a very big rivalry but it sure is a big trophy. I guess we just need to keep it in Arkansas since its to big to move.
It would take desperate coach to go in and coach those players, or a Charlie Strong to go in and boot them out and get new players. Offensive coach is the least of that teams problems .
Arkansas and Missouri really? Just because the SEC said it should be one don't make it so. Lots of games played lot's of broken hearts and memories make a rivalry. As I Hog fan the team I hate the most is Texas, always was always will be. No amount of stupid trophies will change that, in 20 years are so maybe, but for now it's just another game.