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Is he possibly the next Trindon Holliday? I still have nightmares from him taking it to the house against the Hogs when he played for LSU.
Hard to get receptions and yards when coaching staff is playing musical chairs with the QB’s and none of them can get the ball to the WRs. Just saying... they’re talented. Just need a someone to get the ball to them.
You obviously haven’t been following Arkansas (understandably so) Franks will have weapons. So. WRs Treylon Burks and Trey Knox could have gone anywhere in the country and have already made an impact. Not to mention Woods and Jackson. TE Hudson Henry was the #1 TE recruit in the country coming out of HS. You may remember his big brother Hunter. He’s having himself a nice career in the league. Coaches and analysts say Hudson is going to be better. Finally, RB Rakeem Boyd is coming back for his Sr. year. We thought he was guaranteed to enter the draft. He’s among the best RB’s in the conference. A lot of young talent behind the starters as well. Main concern is OLine. Good thing we have Pittman who has time and time again produced incredible lines. The failure of this program wasn’t about the Jimmy’s and the Joe’s. It was about the X’s and O’s (Coaching staff). We now have highly regarded coordinators in place and a solid staff altogether. Pittman for HC is an interesting choice, but I am coming around to it. He’s done nothing but impress the fans, has built an elite staff and has already made an impact on recruiting. Arkansas started Early Signing Day around 114. They’re now sitting at 45 with a projection to sign a few more blue chips on NSD.
Two thoughts. Tyler Wilson also made Mallett-esque throws. He didn’t have the cannon that Ryan has, but the dude could absolutely sling the ball around the field. Also, After 2 seasons of only watching the “lowest of lows”, I’ll be happy to take a wildcard QB that can make NFL throws and also be frustrating at times. Maybe a new coaching staff and environment is just what he needs to settle down with the “emotional outbursts”, I just don’t want him to lose his fire. Franks knows this is his last shot (maybe he gets 2 seasons if he’s granted a medical redshirt) to prove that he’s a NFL caliber QB. Hope he takes that to heart.
Totally agree. Just saw a stat that no defender has had more solo tackles since week 10 than Dre. As a hog fan, are you really that surprised he isn’t mentioned?
It would be reckless not allowing them access to their shoes. Don't want them all getting stress fractures and sprained ankles wearing velcro shoes that came from Payless...
Not sure if serious??? Clearly states in the article (along with pictures) that he is a grad transfer from UT...
Chris - chalk up another NCAA Outdoor Championship for Arkansas T&F as of last week. The women took home the title and men got runner up.
Jerry World... A Dump? Not sure if serious... Be honest, the real reason A&M doesn't like playing there is because Arkansas gets to dip their toes into the fertile recruiting waters of the Metroplex. I do agree that SEC facilities are insane, but I enjoy the annual neutral site game between our beloved schools.
People around the guy do say that despite how the media portrays the him, he's very likeable. Putting away fandom and agendas... watch some of his press conferences. Don't deny you wouldn't want to have a drink with the guy! I know this fits right into your argument, but for accuracy sake, his salary last season was actually $4.0 MM averaging out to $4.25 annually over the life of the contract.
I see someone is still bitter about that fateful loss @ Neyland last fall. Have fun with those lofty expectations this upcoming season! Woo Pig
It is great news! Ricky Town is an Elite 11 alum as well...
Yes, Knoxville is bigger... But Fayetteville is over 100,000 (including students) and the Northwest Arkansas metro area is about 600,000. Not the small town it used to be...
Drew Morgan just makes plays... Kendrick Edwards... I can keep going...
Dominique Reed, Jojo Robinson and Jared Cornelius will do the trick.. Not to mention adding Will Gragg and CJ O'Grady to play TE behind Henry.
Obviously you've never been to Fayetteville. http://www.forbes.com/2010/03/05/college-sports-towns-lifestyle-sports-college-towns_slide_5.html
Those two last wins that you mentioned: '00 & '03 were in fact in the Lone Star State. 2000 Cotton Bowl in Dallas and 2003 in Austin. Woo Pig!
A. You forgot Big Red in the final rankings. B. You do realize the Razorbacks have a 400 lb Live Russian Boar on the sidelines, don't you? Apparently not. That might change up your rankings a bit.
Arkansas needs to make sure Robb Smith and Randy Shannon are on this list before next season
Love the film breakdown! Thanks for the article, Murf. Arkansas fans obviously believe in what Bielema is doing. We're smart enough to see what he's building. RE: Luring top notch receiver talent - Case in point - ESPN 300 recruit Kay Jay Hill, LaMichael Pettway (flipped from Ole Miss), TE's Will Gragg and CJ O'Grady and the receivers mentioned by tx_hogfan above. Football players want to play for a coach like Bielema. Now, time to get after the Rebel Black Bears this weekend... Let's see what we can do following having a bit of success.
I think it should be mentioned that the weather for the LSU vs. Arkansas game was in the 20's. 97.5% capacity in frigid temps is impressive!
Add Arkansas' Knile Davis. Offensive stats were less than stellar, but he did have 49 yards and a touchdown. He also had a 99 yard kickoff return for a touchdown.