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He was one of my all-time favorite Arkansas players and only played two seasons. He demonstrated perfectly how to be a team player on and off the field. Starting as only a 3 star recruit, the man finished 2016 as the SEC's leading rusher, and was honored on the SEC all academic team. It makes me sad thinking about what he would have done this year and potentially the next if chosen to stay. There's no doubt in my mind he would have had a successful NFL career too. Arkansas fans are all too familiar with not only losing their star running before the season, but also their overall best player and team leader. However, we will all agree this was the best decision for you as football is only a game and your health is much more important. Rawleigh, best of luck going forward. You have many people rooting for your success, and we know you will be great at what ever you choose to do next! #WPSAlways
Exactly. No Arkansas fan thinks we should be favored on the road against a really good Auburn team. We are just confused why the spread is so large.
Right, and I agree with you. OM D is terrible (as is Arkansas') and we won't have as much success running the ball this weekend.
WarEagle: Couldn't agree any more. I believe the line should have started at Auburn -3.5. I think these two teams are very even and AU gets the edge because of home field advantage. It makes you wonder what Vegas is seeing that were are not. And the line continues to increase... SEC-ond to none: OM did make Arkansas' offense look better than it really is. I always say, if the Hogs can run for 5 yards a pop than the other team is in trouble. AU's D looks to be quite the challenge. If they can slow the running game than they have a great chance of winning. AA is an unbelievable QB, but needs the play action game to hit in order for him to have a big day.
Check out his bio lol. I hope he is joking.
Touché. Was mainly thinking about conference games.
Random take here but the SEC is still the best conference in college football. While the Big 10's top 3 teams are arguably better than the SEC's top 3, there is still no depth in that conference. Nebraska at number 8 has to be the most overrated team in the country. To put into perspective, Ole Miss would without question be 6-0 with that schedule (as would many SEC teams), instead of 3-3, and looking to compete for a play-off spot. In the SEC, the conference winner has to play a difficult game EVERY weekend. In the Big 10, one upset and you can potentially coast to the championship game..
If they practiced for an off-season together and had Saban as a coach, they could hold their own against lower tier NFL teams. I don't know if they would win any games, but I believe they could make it competitive. The majority of these players will be NFL starters in the next couple of years anyway.. Of course, the roster would need some editing if the plan was to take on NFL level talent.
It's hard to tell because Hurts and Knight are athletes and Allen is a traditional pocket passer. Kelly is a little mixture of all three. You could rank these 4 QBs in any order and have good arguments as to why you ranked them that way. For Allen, the thing that sticks out me is his ability to produce with a below average OL. We'll see how he does this weekend against a very good Auburn D.
I am extremely excited how the Hogs started the season. However, the media is really over hyping our team (top 10 national power rankings, etc.). By no means am I trying to be negative, but we could very easily be 1-2 compared to 3-0. I know that part of being a good football team is learning to win close games, but I am not yet sold. This weekends match up will show us everything we need to know about the Hogs. A win would validate the hype but lets try not to over analyze teams until mid way through the season.
Keno98 - I agree that AA should not be in front of Dobbs at this point in time. Dobbs is starting for his third season now (I think), and is the more experienced player. I think AA has a lot of upside and only time will tell if he can live up to his potential. That being said, I was not stating the Dobbs is a bad player, I just don't think he is a great QB. I believe his athleticism allows him to produce at the position, but I foresee AA being a better QB by the end of the season.
Also, Josh Dobbs seems like a great kid, but the guy is not a good QB. Great athlete, but not QB.
I can agree that for the most part AA is unproven, but if rankings are actually based on their cumulative efforts, how can you justify putting Jacob Eason/Greyson Lambert over AA? Is this based on Lambert being a "veteran" QB, or Eason's upside? Obviously I am biased but if I had to pick between the three QBs *JUST FOR 2016*, I would pick AA. Please explain your thoughts.
@Rebel_LandSharks My favorite part of last years season was being in Oxford, Mississippi. I got to watch a 25 yard backwards pass prevent OM from going to the SEC championship for the first time ever. Man the looks on y'all's faces. Even saw some tears.
Please explain how one could not understand that question?
I will have to disagree with you about Tunsil not being able to come back from this. Hell, he has already received his punishment and can now move on (lost about 12 mil). He no longer has to hear to the NCAA. And remember you have the likes of Greg Hardy and company on active rosters. He should be fine if he produces early on. On the other hand, OM received the short end of the stick. Will be interesting to see how this all plays out.
You see the main difference here is Ole Miss goes from losing 24 games in 3 years to the unreal draft class of 2013, lead by the new guy Huge Freeze. Doesn't add up that well to me. That's why most people want answers.
Also Joey Kent, your ignorance is showing once again. For a Tennessee fan to say "stop dwelling in the past" is just hilarious. Keep up the good work.
You make it seem as if being a middle of the road SEC WEST team is a bad thing. Nationally, that would make us a top 25 program... Yes, I will take that any day of the week.
He obviously wont be playing QB.
Considering all of the teams you mentioned have been far more relevant than Tenn in the past 10 years (minus KU and Vandy), I wouldn't be so quick to judge. Also, you forgot to throw in Ole Miss to your "bottom dwellers." That would put us as a middle of the road sec team. I'll take that any day.
Excited about the new hires. Lord knows this team could use some help at the secondary position. Lets hope for a great 2016 season!
Put Florida and LSU in front of FSU.
I would say I dislike Ole Miss the most because most of my buddies went there. Makes it fun to smack talk with each other. Anyways, both of you guys have been good to us the past couple of years.
The simple explanation for Arkansas is we have no one else to hate/we don't have a rival. You guys are the closest ha.
One thing you don't realize... Mississippi has 15 juco football programs in state. Arkansas has 0. Huge difference when you are talking about 20,000 in difference of population. You guys are also smack dab in the middle of the most fertile breading ground of high school football players in the country, giving you easy access to most eastern sec football states. This is why the state of Mississippi can maintain 2 major football programs.
While I agree either Bama or Georgia should be running back U, ESPN does currently have Arkansas titled as RBU. True story, look it up. I also would rank Arkansas ahead of Auburn, but that's a personal opinion.