I'm a die-hard razorback fan love my hogs win or lose

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Jimmy Johnson at Arkansas would of been noteworthy. Who else on here has won a super bowl and NCAA National Championship
Hey dumba$$, ur kidding right. I could honestly say that Tennessee's the third best team in Tennessee and that would actually be true. Vanderbilt's owned Tennessee. Memphis has been a lot better team than the vols the last few years. Go ahead and stick that chest out hopefully the vols dont run into Georgia State lol.
Bro hes already a 1000 yard running back.He ran for 1133 yards in Chad Morris garbage offense. LOL Hell of a hire by Auburn I can't wait to watch these guys suck
I love your comment and really respect the University of Georgia. When it comes to being first-class class y'all set the standard. What would these recruits names be?
I am a die-hard razorback fan but if my kid we're coming up right now and I know he'd be playing for Chad Morris I would encourage him to look around because this guy is a moron and he's not making anybody improve their career after football or even their football knowledge.He's single handidly the worst coaching hire and worst coach in the history of razorback football. At least John l Smith's dumba$$ won not 1 game but two games in the SEC In one season
How about the Florida rapists of the east
Not directed at you Royal hog for Benton hog
You're an idiot why dont you go cheer for the red wolves
Thanks for noticing some of our own sorry a$$ fans won't even recognize that
All the Arkansas fans on here putting down the program go cheer for A state and get the f out our program. I don't want to see guys jumping on the bandwagon in a year or so
Just keep talking $hit Arkansas' is not as bad as u all want to think. Yeah we lost but I saw plenty of things to be optimistic about.
Cutcliffe knows his football, especially the quarterback position inparicular. I always have thought he was an incredible offensive coach one of the top 3 in college football.
Don't be a deuche, maybe Georgia will finally play all four quarters next time they play Alabama lol but I doubt it man. Georgia fans always showing their a$$ on this site, we all know you got a good team quit acting like a bunch of prima donnas every time some of u guys post something it's to hate on Florida or Alabama sheesh.
I'm not looking forward to watching that man play against my hogs.
Newsflash coach Morris you should apologize when you're making $3 million dollars a year especially after how the team played last year. Razorback fans were hoping to finally see your offensive genius on display. That was a swing-and-a-miss coach you should apologize for that crappy 4th quarter game management and the Misusage of Rakeem Boyd. Why on Earth would you keep taking your only stud out of the game for that big of chunks at a time to give the ball to Hayden and Whaley. Also when you are coaching (stay with me now don't get lost coach) and you're only up by 14 in the fourth quarter with a crappy offense you definitely shouldn't be playing your third string guys on defense cuz of these dumb coaching decisions they made it a one-possession game and got the ball back and had a chance to win or tie the game.
Why is coach Morris so enamored with Ben Hicks. The guy clearly doesn't have the tools to be an SEC quarterback let alone even look serviceable against an FCS team. Nick starkel through a pick but he definitely has the god-given talent that Hicks does not have. I was worried about that after the red and white game when he looked bad, apparently it was for a good reason.
Tennessee football I guess this is your karma for firing Phillip Fulmer. That man was a hell of a head coach for y'all and all y'all could do was run the HOF coach out of town for one bad season. Love it you guys are so arrogant for no reason really. My team's not great but man. How's this last decade been for you guys.
Mississippi State fans, that Kylin Hill is an absolute beast for you guys. I love watching him run the rock.
Meant for it to type leave the starting defense not fence darn autocorrect.
One more thing that I noticed that really irritates me. Chad Morris is the worst fourth-quarter game management coach I've ever seen. Why in the world is there a bunch of 3rd string defense players in there when you're only up by 14 points in the fourth quarter and your offense has struggled all day except for Boyd. anybody with common sense would have loved to start a new fence in there cuz guess what they did make it a one-possession game and had a chance to tie or win late. $3000000 a year and you ain't got enough common sense to manage a football game ( I thought Houston Nutt was terrible in the fourth quarter but this guy).
Am I the only one who thinks that rakeem Boyd still didn't get enough carries and was taken out for too big of chunks at a time I mean for real Chase Hayden and devwah Whaley are not in the same classification
I'm starting to actually truly believe that this kid can really play and isn't just getting a scholarship because of his dad. I guess we'll see but he seems like a real cerebral quarterback with those god-given abilities that you can't just teach or coach into somebody.
Awesome pick up Morris & company best recruiters I've ever seen on the hill. If coach Morris ends up being able to coach as good as he can recruit Arkansas is going to be a force pretty soon.
Treylon Burks is going to be one of the greatest wide receivers Arkansas has ever had not a doubt in my mind. Kid deserved to probably be a 5 star but didn't attend any camps. Looking forward to seeing him play he's been a phenom in Arkansas since the 9th grade. 6'3" 225 lbs 4.4 forty get ready to learn that name my SEC brethren.
I know we had a terrible seasoning but we still got a few good players that could have made this list.
Man the disrespect for Arkansas runs deep.Dejon Harris led the sec in tackles during the regular season. And he comes in at 25 the only razorback on the list. Rakeem Boyd, Mctelvin Agim, C.J. O'Grady not one of them guys could even make the best of the rest.
not really newsworthy now it would be interesting if a team actually didn't cut a player for aggravated assault that would be something worth writing about