I'm a die-hard razorback fan love my hogs win or lose

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Hiring Chad Morris was a stupid move. I wouldn't give him a job as the teams waterboy.
If you live in the south and ain't happy about your heritage go somewhere else like north or out west
I still don't see how Mason Jones is not on anybody's draft radar after being SEC player of the year 22 points per game
Hey UGADAWG78, if Rakeem Boyd was running behind two first-round offensive tackles I bet you he would hit about 2,000 yards. If Zamir White was playing behind Arkansas high School offensive line he probably would of had to retire from being absolutely devastated with injuries. Oh yeah and you know Rakeem Boyd went for over a hundred yards against Alabama right(2018). It don't matter if he's playing against good competition or not if he has a chance to get the ball from the quarterback and have a space of daylight he can straight out fly,juke,and run folks over. Let's see if Zeus (more like Achilles) can even make it thru the season before you start putting him ahead of a proven stud instead of a hyped up rb who ain't done $hit
What has "Zeus" done other than tear ACLs. behind the worst line of scrimmage in the SEC rakeem Boyd put up 1100 + yards last year. Not to mention her head coach was such a moron he only gave him the ball five times and some games look at the Western Kentucky game five carries 185 yards.Facts all Zamir White has been is hype with two first-round offensive tackles to run behind take off your glasses Homer.
10.38 to be exact in case you can check out nwa homepages pig trail nation
Hahaha your so funny I got it from the best Arkansas reporter Otis Kirk. Man STFU LSUmc and Afan I don't see hog fans trolling your articles
Missouri's coach will not be as good as Sam Pittman. Eliah Drinkwitz has one season as a head coach at Appalachian State on his resume. He will not be a better Coach than Pittman or Mason from Vanderbilt guaranteed. Pittman has more connections and is a better recruiter. Mizzou fans sorry for y'all. You guys just got Chad Morris 2.0. Get ready to suck.
Man I sure hope we can keep this kid. 10.3 in the 100m. Oklahoma will come back and offer him to be a running back instead of just a cornerback. Dude is just an absolute stud no way around it.
Pretty impressive rakeem Boyd put up all the numbers he did against great competition with a bunch of terrible offensive linemen that got man handled every Saturday. And a retarded head coach named Chad Morris
Me too man and I wish you'd quit posting on every single one of our articles. Woo pig sooie who's your team the second-tier bulldogs of the SEC. Man STFU I'm unimpressed with anything you bring to any discussion threads on here.
If he was allowed to play than Sam Pittman should have been fired before he ever got to coach a game. The sexual assault was with a 12 year old girl. There is no way I can support my Razorbacks if they let a piece of scum like that play on their team(consensual or not the girls 12 years old he was 18).
I guess now Arkansas will at least have an excuse as to why they're won't be fans in the stands. It's the coronavirus not the 0 SEC wins in almost 3 years. Coronavirus are not people are just tired of watching the razorbacks get their butts whipped every Saturday.
Jimmy Johnson at Arkansas would of been noteworthy. Who else on here has won a super bowl and NCAA National Championship
Hey dumba$$, ur kidding right. I could honestly say that Tennessee's the third best team in Tennessee and that would actually be true. Vanderbilt's owned Tennessee. Memphis has been a lot better team than the vols the last few years. Go ahead and stick that chest out hopefully the vols dont run into Georgia State lol.
Bro hes already a 1000 yard running back.He ran for 1133 yards in Chad Morris garbage offense. LOL Hell of a hire by Auburn I can't wait to watch these guys suck
I love your comment and really respect the University of Georgia. When it comes to being first-class class y'all set the standard. What would these recruits names be?
I am a die-hard razorback fan but if my kid we're coming up right now and I know he'd be playing for Chad Morris I would encourage him to look around because this guy is a moron and he's not making anybody improve their career after football or even their football knowledge.He's single handidly the worst coaching hire and worst coach in the history of razorback football. At least John l Smith's dumba$$ won not 1 game but two games in the SEC In one season
How about the Florida rapists of the east
Not directed at you Royal hog for Benton hog
You're an idiot why dont you go cheer for the red wolves
Thanks for noticing some of our own sorry a$$ fans won't even recognize that
All the Arkansas fans on here putting down the program go cheer for A state and get the f out our program. I don't want to see guys jumping on the bandwagon in a year or so
Just keep talking $hit Arkansas' is not as bad as u all want to think. Yeah we lost but I saw plenty of things to be optimistic about.
Cutcliffe knows his football, especially the quarterback position inparicular. I always have thought he was an incredible offensive coach one of the top 3 in college football.
Don't be a deuche, maybe Georgia will finally play all four quarters next time they play Alabama lol but I doubt it man. Georgia fans always showing their a$$ on this site, we all know you got a good team quit acting like a bunch of prima donnas every time some of u guys post something it's to hate on Florida or Alabama sheesh.