I'm a die-hard razorback fan love my hogs win or lose

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Treylon Burks is going to be one of the greatest wide receivers Arkansas has ever had not a doubt in my mind. Kid deserved to probably be a 5 star but didn't attend any camps. Looking forward to seeing him play he's been a phenom in Arkansas since the 9th grade. 6'3" 225 lbs 4.4 forty get ready to learn that name my SEC brethren.
I know we had a terrible seasoning but we still got a few good players that could have made this list.
Man the disrespect for Arkansas runs deep.Dejon Harris led the sec in tackles during the regular season. And he comes in at 25 the only razorback on the list. Rakeem Boyd, Mctelvin Agim, C.J. O'Grady not one of them guys could even make the best of the rest.
not really newsworthy now it would be interesting if a team actually didn't cut a player for aggravated assault that would be something worth writing about
If you really want to find cheap tickets to a razorback game let him lose to teams like Colorado State and North Texas again then you probably get paid money to go watch it so the stadiums not well over half empty
Boring match up to bad Ken Hatfield ain't the coach at Rice anymore
Don't really think we'll notice any difference with our defensive statistics this year
He definitely crossed the line. However when you look at a really dominant defense they have a couple really mean dudes. Awesome defense players usually aren't nicest people
Starkel Starkel Starkel. If we are going to go to a bowl game this year I guarantee you Ben Hicks won't be the quarterback that gets us there and Chad Morris won't keep his job very long going with Ben Hicks
Straight Savage our defense needs some mean guys like that again.
DLU that's a joke right? I mean they've had a couple good defensive lineman but I can think of about 6 teams in the conference that are better candidates for that distinction.
I like the article except for one thing. Our defensive line is going to be the strongest part of our defense I don't think we'll have an issue rushing the passer.
I like it looks good maybe we can actually get the ball in the new endzone this season
Is he bringing Jessica Durell with him or some other volleyball player
Yeah they definitely looked like they were blowing Clemson in the stadium under the bleachers in the locker room lol
This is a great article. Awesome job SDS, inparicular Al Blanton. Well done all five of these programs have great tradition.
Has Auburn not lived up to their potential every year since "Scam Newton". GFU
How is cocaine possession a misdemeanor? Special treatment for special people I guess.
Once again a Saturday down south article that is completely inaccurate. How the hell is Ole Miss defensive line better than Arkansas'. Keep overlooking Arkansas please. Our D line is deep and the strongest part of our football team. Oh well less than a month away time to prove the naysayers wrong.
No doubt I don't care how many points we win by. Seeing as last year we didn't win a conference game.
The reason I see Arkansas winning that game is Ole Miss is breaking in a brand new quarterback that has very little experience. Where as Arkansas has two veteran quarterbacks. With it being the second game of the season for both teams I think that really goes in Arkansas' favor. And last but not least Ole Miss was the only team whose defense was worse than Arkansas' last year.
That Ole Miss game is a hell of a lot more winnable than 26 percent. Oh well, I can't wait. It's now less than a month till the season starts.
I'll bet Ben Hicks starts game 1. However if my hogs are going to make a bowl game this year I think you have to at some point make the switch to Nick Starkel he's got two years of eligibility remaining and too much talent to back up Hicks all year. Why not get him ready this year so next year he's already got plenty of experience in the system and is comfortable with running Morris' offense. Not knocking Hicks but if Morris wants to keep his job I bet he already knows this.
This would have definitely came in handy last year when we put the worst razorback team of all time on the field. I would definitely have caught a buzz and maybe not have been as mad about the game on the field
Yeah that don't deserve all SEC freshman team otherwise Arkansas would have about 6 guys on there
Arkansas had about 5 true freshman with more tackles than that but you don't see them on the all freshman team just saying pretty obvious Alabama get special treatment
9 tackles gets you on the all-sec freshman team must be the Alabama special treatment BS it's always going on
Big time get. Darin Turner could be on board next. It seems as if Chad Morris is smart enough to realize that Memphis is right in Arkansas's backyard and a recruiting hotbed. Why Arkansas previous coaches failed to realize this I don't know? But either way this is a big-time get for the razorbacks
You're right Arkansas has been terrible. I was just calling out the poster acting as if Tennessee's too good for them. Most Vols fans are very classy.
Hell as good (lol) as Tennessee's been lately I really don't care if they offer kids or not whenever I'm looking at who we're getting we're about to take Martavius French probably Bryson Eason as well and Adrian Moore out of your backyard. Vanderbilt is who we should be looking at if they're offering kids not Tennessee. Haven't they owned the Vols the last 3 years in a row.