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Petition to make Osage-a-rage the official name of the game.
Doesn't matter what UGA did to those teams, because that's not what his comment was about. He's not wrong. Georgia is the best team in the country in my mind. But they definitely struggled with AU and USC, just at UT did with UK tonight. Changing the subject matter doesn't detract from the truth in his comment.
If you're a player or coach who's "bored" with winning, you wouldn't have won a single game anyway, much less 2 consecutive national championships. No such thing in sports as being bored with winning. If there is, the pain of losing will extinguish it. Bad take. Maybe it's just the fact that they lost a ton of NFL talent. Ever think of that?
Don't know what you've been watching the last 3 years, then. This is a "down" year for him in which he has no blocking, yet he still has a 5/2 TD to INT ratio. 57 TD's, only 15 picks as a starter, and 2 of those picks were on Hail Mary's. 19/5 TD to INT ratio as a starter seems pretty danged good to me(and a school record for total TD's, completion percentage, etc). Add in 1,400 rushing yds and 16 rushing TD's and you've got a QB 95% of the country would kill for.