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So Arkansas plays a weaker opponent and they suck. TCU plays a weaker opponent and is just the greatest. Basically that is what I got from this article.
Okay, um he is not a weapon if he 0 catches last week. This does not make the matchup tougher. Please word your stories a bit better :)
I am a bit worried about the TCU game this weekend as a Hog fan...but I do take comfort in that fact that they still have that thug Kenny Hill behind center. Hope he gives another throat slash or something :D! It's going to get wild in Fayetteville Saturday...
Tech has lost their star QB and 2 best receivers from last year but they are still a dangerous team. If MSU comes out sleepy, it's going to be a fight.
We will... After South Carolina wins by 3 touchdowns ;)
Arkansas over TCU by 7. The Chase Hayden train is coming.
Arkansas wins by 7. The Chase Hayden train is coming.
Lol Pississippi State is going to go 6-6 this year Bulldawgrock. Also we scored 58 easily last year on you guys on the road...I see us scoring 70+ at our place this year!
Why are so many Tennessee games on this list? They aren't going to be THAT good this year...
NO way Mississippi State ends up with a good enough year to end up in the Citrus Bowl.
Lol the writer acts like all Hog fans expect an SEC Championship and a CFP appearance. From most Hog fans I have talked to, anywhere from 6-6 to 9-3 has been said. I am expecting a 7-5 or 8-4 year.
Your stupid if you think either of those are over Allen...