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Smh... Offense is playing great today. Defense sucks...
At this point I’m not seeing another win. Hicks has been awful. If he continues to be the starter we’re screwed.
That an understatement. It feels like at this point we need to pay players to win...
WPS! Would be nice to watch the child molester cry!
RednBlue... At least state could beat the hogs lol.
Thanks for being generous lol
Then we need to recruit players who have heart. This is embarrassing. Stings bad to the fanbase. Thank god i didn't go to the game! Something has to change. Tired of bouncing from the middle of the pack one year to being a complete dumpster fire the next. Like I've read in a lot of comments we've only been consistent in choking in the second half.
Get out of here with this crap! Not once did i see any coach on the sideline trying to motivate the team. You just stood there lost with that dumba** blank look on your face like you didn't know what was happening! This isn't the first time he have collapsed in the second half! Leave it to my team to be ok with mediocre coaches...
No love for Austin Allen? You can add Barretts rushing yards to his passing yards and he would still have less total yards.
For the love of god please take auto play off the video!
Can you really say that after Georgia's game?
cthm732 are you a SEC fan? I doubt it! Go troll somewhere else. God forbid the SEC didn't live up to the hype for one year out of the past twelve.
Pretty obvious sidnole is a FSU fan... Take away the rape accusation and the kid is still a poor role model. Its different for someone who is in the spotlight and a average person to steal/ scream profanities.
Thats crazy! Only if Arkansas could have a Alabama caliber recruiting class... Got to say we do very well with the mid level classes.