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Little salty after being brought back down to reality? We will beat them just like we beat y’all. Woooo pig!
I’ve watched it over and over again. He clearly has the ball. That’s probably the reason that EVERYONE is saying Arkansas got hosed. NFL officials, college officials, etc. Arkansas was the better to team. Y’all enjoy Chad Morris running y’all into the ground!
You obviously didn’t pay close enough attention. Joe Fouche, #7 for Arkansas, clearly recovered it. Hell, just watch the video above buddy.
Y’all can have him. There’s a reason he was benched for a freshman. We will develope the incoming and current recruits. KJ Jefferson for Hesiman in 2020!
Probably because we scored 31 on BAMA. Which you Georgia bulldogs may be able to score 20 on them. Worry about your own team brotha.
I guess that means they’re good enough to beat A&M then? Yall beat the hogs by a touchdown, which they gave a&m. So surely Vandy could beat them too....
I guess I’m missing something here. Memphis came close to beating a top 10 team in UCF last week, actually should have won. Missouri’s defense is ranked 96 overall in total defense. 25th in rush and 124th in passing, which is the worst pass defense out of any power five school. They will focus on shutting down memphis’ run game but memphis’ qb can light them up through the air. Memphis wins the game hands down.
Scottie Phillips rush for 100 before Rakeem Boyd? Are you outside your mind? It’s going to be hard for Ole Miss to play pitch and catch in the rain! Go Hogs! Check the weather next time before you predict such dumb stats.
What does Ole Miss have to offer him? A car from Cannon? Or maybe some clothes from rebel rags...yea, that’s all he will get there.
And all of you hating State fans are as bad as Old Piss fans. As soon as something goes bad, y’all jump off the wagon. I’ve lived in Mississippi my whole life and that’s how it’s always been with you “fans”. Woo Pig even when we suck!!!
I hope you do think y’all are gonna beat Arkansas with an offense like that. You just didn’t see where the hogs held Texas A&M to their lowest offense totals of the year yesterday? That’s right, not even Clemson or Alabama could stop em like we were. I know Arkansas sucks but mark my word...we will beat MS State!