Avid Arkansas fan, just recently moved to Knoxville, TN after living in Hoover, AL for 20+ years. I grew in Ark but left for the military and never went back. - not for the lack of trying. I have a great wife of 20yrs and several kids and a couple of grands.

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I agree it wasn't a bad hit -- unfortunate maybe not not dirty
Great game by both teams - I'm glad to see the Hogs not buckle and be able to rally at the end.
I would agree. I think has gotten better and so has the team each week. Allen has had the benefit of being in the system for 3 years and under Enos for two so there's continuity with the offensive philosophy. I would also say, at this same point in time (junior year) Austin is better than Brandon was. It took Brandon until the TN game last year to learn to extend the play when the pocket collapses. However, experience is the best teacher so Austin has a way to go -- making better reads, not throwing into coverage etc. I do think we'll beat A&M this weekend but that's just me.
What a great picture and I'm glad they both made it and wish them both great success
Weagletexas, i completely agree Ark is not a top 10 team, a top 25 yes but not a top 10. I saw the stats on the game and TCU moved the ball pretty good but Ark kept them out of the end zone when it counted. TCU played good at times but couldn't get the job done and Ark could. Kay stat that Ark won was the Time of Possession, which is their strategy with a spread offense. Anyway, good luck this year
Actually, it's the other way around, Arkansas had the game well in hand and should have won it without OT. Give credit to TCU for making a 4th qtr run to pull ahead. Then you have to give Ark credit for responding to push it to OT and then winning it.
TCU is known for its suffocating, swarming defense. -- after watching last weeks game - the O-Line didn't handle La Tech's slanting so I'll be surprised if they can handle this. However, I'm still going to pull for them.
I have to disagree with several things. First let's say a Win is always a win. Coaching- C- when you pull out 1 pt win, at home, to a team you were picked and should have beaten by 18+ is a coaching issue, IMO. Plus the poor play in general- they played sloppy, missed assignments, missed tackles etc The O- line looked lost at times resulting in 4 sacks. The secondary, by all accounts, didn't look "much improved" was the wording that was used by the coaches. They were out of position and got beat too many times. At times they were giving 10 yard cushions, which doesn't work on a quick pass team. That's why they kept running Slants. The D-Line seemed to be ok but still got beat. The punting was improved but Special teams didn't seem to be able to tackle. Austin - this is his first start but he's got to stop telegraphing the receivers. If he can fix that and a few other things (squeezing the ball into coverage) he should be ok. Overall, at the 4 year mark I expected a better team. I'm not saying a 10 win team but I expected a more disciplined team especially related to the fundamentals and I didn't see that. There's always improvements as the team progresses but they're not living up to the small amount of hype. I'm always fan but honestly want to see a more disciplined team out of the gate.
First, I live in Knoxville & my daughter goes to school there so I'm not anti-Tennessee. As I tell my friends here I just need you to lose one particular game - Arkansas. Second, I said before hand TN was over-ranked. I could see them between 20-25 but not a top 10 team. Anyway I felt sorry for the fans. As a Razorback fan I've been there a lot of preseason hype and then realty hits and you have that first game. Wow that was just ugly. App State won that game in aspect and we all know an extra point would have won the game. On a bright note - the defense started to tighten up in the 2nd half but the offense, at least to me, was terrible. They were getting neat on nearly every play. I like Dobe's but he couldn't get the job done but worse than that the O-line failed in all aspects. I, honestly, expected TN to dominate this game. I wish them well and I'm sure they'll get better. On a positive note they're in the SEC East which is on the down side. However, I'm not as sure as I was they'll make it to Atlanta
I think we'll beat A&M and AU. LSU is always a good team so I can see that going either way. I'm a Les Miles fan :) However, we could win as little as 5 and high as 10 IMO -- we have the potential but will it all come together -- it's like rolling dice
I would agree with Chad Kelly being number 1 Pre-season. IMO, he can only go down if his supporting castes are up to par. Josh Dobbs as number 2 -- I think he has a lot of potential but hasn't shown what some of the others have shown. 3-5 but not two. He's one dimensional for the most part. I think he's a great guy but he hasn't been able to throw the long ball. Jacob Eason -- #5 for Pre-season. He's never played a down of college football. I'm not saying he won't be good but we've all seen great HS players never materialize at the college level. He should be 7-10 as Ark fan -- Austin Allen, word is he'll be better than his brother but until he proves it but he's at least a 4-6 IMO.
I agree with a lot of the comments. He inherited a complete mess and to be, at least competitive in a lot of the games is a tribute to his ability. I do like the fact, for better or worse, that he speaks his mind. Granted in today's world any off comment gets taken out of context and the media goes nuts and there are times when saying nothing is the best approach. I live in Knoxville, and for the love of God I can't stand to listen to Coach Jones speak. I'm in no way trying to disparage his coaching. He's monotone on a normal day but add monotone and coach speak -- stab me in the eyes. Every word that comes out of his mouth is Coach Speak and for the reason I mentioned above. Someone will go nuts and create a situation that doesn't exist. Like Rebel1985 mentioned Steve Sperrier was the man. he called like he he saw and did not care what you thought. I like him and think he's building a good program, with solid kids.
I agree. Last years Ole Miss game was a fluke. Honestly, the ball usually "bounces" the other teams way but for some reason it bounced ours.
lol I don't think they'll be another Spurrier -- talk about calling like he saw it
As someone who lives in Knoxville and was listening to the local sports radio the following Monday, after TN lost to Ark, last year and heard several Vol fans physically "crying" on the air because they lost...again. I'm not sure how much smack you should be talking. The last several years have not been overly kind to either team. As preseason ranking etc -- TN was one of two teams picked to win the EAST -- not even close So here's the deal, you're only as good as your last game - both teams were in the middle last year so I'm not sure anyone can say much. The reality is Ar fans don't really care what TN does -- you're not in the West.
Well, you guys missed out. It made the ESPN Top 10 and it was a big deal to offensive lines getting to throw a pass
I wish him well and hope he has great success
Honestly, we need to consistently have a top 10 class if we're ever going to move to the next level. We usually have 2-4 really good players but until we can get where we have 5 solid players on each side of the ball we'll still be chasing the other teams. OM is projected to have a top 5 class. They've stepped their game up in a big way and my hats off to them. here's a small fact to consider -- no team, in modern times, has won a National Championship with at least one top 10 class.
I would say that fact Brandon Allen final QBR this year ranked him number 1, in the nation.
He's got some major issues going on down there. I don't know that I've ever hard of two QB's, so highly rated, transferring. I watched part of the game but Petrino was ready to play and Sumlin wasn't.
I feel sorry for the guy going to SC -- I just see that getting worse
I agree - the AU helmet is the worst followed by AR lol but it's interested to see
Coaches will always come and always go - they don't have the emotional attachment to the dept a fan has. I wish him the best at his new job.
C is good for Ark -- they lost at least two to three winnable games A&M, Toledo & MS - all were winnable but they just couldn't get it done. They eventually figured out how to get done and did fine down the stretch.
I would have South Carolina last on that list. TN and AR are on an upswing. I'm a fan of Muschamp as defensive coordinator but not a HC. I do wish him but SC, IMO, will be a 7 win team. GA, TN, FL will only get better
Texas Tech have a decent QB so I would have this one on the list. The Toledo game -- that should be on the list. We had so many chances to win that it wasn't funny. The Memphis vs Ole Miss is the most surprising of all of them.
I was really surprised that AU dropped like they did. I've always been a Gus fan and I hope he straightens it out