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Funny how everyone forgets how average clemson was until dabo got there...
I find the major weird, but from what I've read since he's been at Arkansas, he is Pre-Med.
I agree, I'm assuming because the entire front 7 are NFL players lol
He's tough as nails but sooner or later it's going to get us.
No intelligent razorback fan would say that...even with pittman we would still be struggling some I think. We have got to bench our LG, we have too many 4 star lineman for them all to suck
Because it was a non conference game setup and the renewed the contract when coming to the SEC they wanted out but Arkansas said no...I wish they would do home and home. Takes a home game away from each of us every other year.
Not saying A&M won't beat my hogs Saturday but no way in hell can u consider knight the best QB...he's got the best wr group in the sec probably and he's completing 53%. I think we win a close one but of course I'm biased. He hasnt impressed me much, a&M's defense looks good though
Georgia and Tennessee in the cotton/sugar but A&M in the Texas bowl?? I'm an a&m hater but come on??
Pretty sure kentucky went 0-8 that year in the sec so yea chizik and Phillips
Our secondary was terrible, not our D-line. We pretty much held every back in the SEC in check
Can't give Arkansas credit for 1964? The only undefeated after the bowl games and beat #3 in the bowl game.
Linebackers had 46 tackles? I think it was 200 between greenlaw and ellis...greenlaw lead all freshman in tackles so ummm...
Lol! Yea kinda like all the ole miss fans said he was better than henry too!? Just admit it he's a big wr that can't block...
you know only Alabama gets credit for players who do well...regardless where they played.
Michigan does use their TEs well but he should be in arkansas unless he doesn't want competition for a starting job bc we have a ton of them.
Why take a shot at the Hogs? That was a crazy game, wasn't like yall were clearly the better team.
I'm pretty sure he is only a sophmore
Butthurt much? Lol! C'mon man a true ole miss fan cheering on state? Ouch! It's not arky and how bout Ole miss beat us before you talk trash.
Hogs offense is rolling right now, but our pass defense is very suspect. We need this game bad though, thinking we will pull out all tricks.
It didn't take Collins 4 OT's to get 100 yds. He didn't play in OT.
I agree...guess the #4 DE in the country isn't considered a "top commitment"
Imagine what could have happened in the game if A&M wrs didn't hold every bubble screen....
As much as I love seeing a Hog up there...slow down a lil espn, it was UTEP.
It's still the same formula, so they are not wrong. The BCS chose for the rankings to come out later to be more accurate with more games being played.
So Mississippi state has 1 good season and yall think you are the top of the SEC...good luck this year and after Dak leaves. We get them in Fayetteville this year it will not be close.