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As much as I hate to type this, I think that is what the team from the update did to a certain degree. The brotherhood, play for each other seems to have worked for them. I think when players, especially college, play for each other and are team oriented, you win more. We had individuals with CWM and it showed. Look at the sidelines under him when we were getting killed. Players were joking and laughing. Beamer seems to have that family mentality. Sure, he wants to help guys get to the NFL, but that is not his sole objective. Seems like the last staff was focused on that. Let's mash some taters this Saturday night! Good luck to all the SEC teams playing acc teams this weekend!
Parker White has been fun to watch. Great kicker that I will miss having on our team!
It was nice to win. Loved the 2 pt conversion that Mizzou did on UF. I think that was the last nail in Mullen's coffin.
Let's hope so! 1 good game offensively does not make a season, that's for sure. Let's see what we can do in the next 3 games.
They sure do. You are better off trying to sneak in a picnic basket! Seriously, they need to fix them. The locations just cause to much log jam. Horrible.
All so true. I think Zeb gives us a better chance, but A&M's D is going to pressure him all game long and our OL sucks right now. I hope we can beat them, but realistically I see us losing by double digits. I love my Gamecocks, but this is not our time.
It is only 1 game against an inferior opponent for sure. I do think what I saw Saturday impressed me. Shane and staff had a good game plan and had the team prepared. We missed that greatly under the last staff.
I will wait to see how he does in a few games, but I agree GatorPhil. I don't think he is the long term solution - unless his passing gets way better.
Let's see how Beamer and staff handle gameday. Can't be worse than Muschamp. I have a feeling we will see a huge improvement.
AFan nailed it. Every point is why he failed at UF and SC. While Beamer is unproven as a head coach, I do think he can recruit and if the coaches he hired do well and he lets them do their jobs, we will improve dramatically. Muschamp was a terrible hire. He failed at UF. How the eff would he succeed at SC? UF had won 2 nattys, the East a bunch and the SEC. If he couldn't win there, why would anyone think he could win at SC? Even as a sunshine pumper Gamecock fan, I know that it's easier to win at UF than SC. Muschamp is a horrible head coach. I never disliked him, but he should never coach a team again. He has proven he never learns from past mistakes. Good riddance to a terrible coach IMO. Congrats to Beamer and staff working their tails off to get recruits. Sure, we are not stealing them from top 10 programs, but we are getting quality players IMO.
Beamer and staff are working hard and seem to be landing some good players. Just need to see this staff coach them and create a team environment.
Agreed. UT played well to win the East. I wish my Gamecocks could have taken game 3 Saturday. Started the 9th with a double and then Sean Hunley smoked the next 3 batters with strikeouts. Looking forward to Hoover. SEC has some great baseball teams this year.
What did he say RoosterC? I did not hear or see that. I wish him well, but not surprised he is leaving. Good luck Ryan.