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Sorry for the long post, but this short-sighted ignorance pisses me off!
Most ridiculous article ever. Dooley was a joke of legedary proportion. Players called him "Derek Do-little". We had pretty good talent around '09, bolstered by Kiffin's top-10 recruiting class. When he abandoned TN, his talent left with him. The cupboard was bare. Dooley did nothing. He didn't recruit for sh#t, and ignored the offensive line, which most of us know is the core of rebuilding. The damage he inflicted on the program has been felt 3 years later. Jones was left with the rubble of a destroyed program, and suddenly the elite talent is coming to Knoxville. Look past the record and ask yourself - are we a better team now than we were then? Dooley lost at home to Wyoming. His team was lucky to get to OT against Troy, again in Neyland. And we battled Vandy for the SEC cellar (they beat us too). But with Jones, we're back to a level where we can beat the hell out of Oklahoma and Florida for 50 minutes, then roll over and beat ourselves. Horrible, scared play calling when it matters the most is unacceptable, I agree. We no longer expect to win. Sadly that's the culture right now. So your solution is to fire Butch Jones and start over? Who would be the next coach willing to come here? Get realistic, Vol fans. These are growing pains. We will grow up. You're not helping.
Spud- you are wrong about everything you just posted. 1. In 1990, as in all even-numbred years, the UT-UF game was in Knoxville, not the swamp. 2. Heath Shuler wasn't QB until 1992. Andy Kelly was our QB. 3. We were up 7-3 at the half. 2nd half kick was returned by Dale Carter for a TD, and the rout was on. 45-3. I was there. I was a Senior at UT. Gator fans will remember. RTR, professor. VFL'90