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Higher ranked team should get their choice of jersey colors. Wear the panty colors of your choice, Cmahan68
If not for Tua's high ankle sprain and subsequent hip injury, we would be having a very different discussion right now. Bama will be back in the CFP next year. But for now, Geaux Tigers! SEC! SEC! SEC!
Is it to early to rank the South Carolina hire to replace Will Muschamp after they go 6-6* in 2020? *Assuming wins at home vs. Coastal Carolina, East Carolina, and Wofford
The Ol' Mess HC position is either a death trap or stepping stone. Not a career destination by any means in today's world.
Utes were showered with love from SEC haters for their gaudy numbers and record against weak opposition. No wins vs. Top 25 teams. And I would definitely put the SEC #2 team in the CFP over Oklahoma. Geaux Tigahs!
Looking forward to a GREAT SEC Championship Game with no injuries to our beloved warriors. Geaux Tigahs!
The Utes demonstrated the fallacy of game statistic dominance last night. Great numbers do not equate to a great team when you are playing mediocre or sub-par competition every week. If the Utes were in the SEC, they would have finished below Mississippi State in the SEC West, and about equal to South Carolina in the East. Geaux Tigahs!
Looking forward to a GREAT game of SEC football. Sorry, other conferences, the SEC is the BEST conference. Winner should be CFP #1, runner-up in the mix whatever their record. Both of these teams are contenders for the championship. I would pick the loser of the SEC Championship over any team not ranked in the CFP Top 4. This means you, Oklahoma / Baylor or whatever other chump the CFP serves up. Geaux Tigahs!
Assuming that Ol' Mess hires him, does ANYONE think that this is the coaching position from which Little Lord Kiffin will retire? Or is it just another stepping stone for him? If he makes this program a contender in the SEC West (good luck!), he will be out of the door for greener pastures ASAP.
The Arkansas head coaching position is a career deathtrap. Given the current state of affairs, "rebuilding" is a multi-year project. Home-grown talent will not be enough to challenge other SEC West teams, so recruiting from Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Mississippi, etc. is essential. But you have to settle for their leftovers. If Auburn is silly enough to run Malzahn off, I don't think he would be foolish enough to go there. There are no easy fixes for the mess in Fayetteville, much to the detriment of the entire SEC.
LSU Tigers averaged almost 1 point per offensive play and 2 points per minute of possession vs. Florida. MSU just lost to Tennessee, who lost to Memphis. This could be ugly.
The letters of "Paul Finebaum" can be rearranged to spell "Alabama Shill", if you include as as many substitutions and omissions as he does.
I expect to see the Gators in Atlanta for the SEC Championship Game. On Saturday night against LSU, their offense demonstrated that they can move the ball and score in hostile environments. Their defense is still incredible, and missing a few key players may have been the difference against the Tiger juggernaut.
Joe Burrow "managed" to complete 21/24 passes. I'll take that kind of management every week.