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Just so adults can be entertained? That is why he even has a decision.... but compare it to Fields and Lawrence's approach...say what you want.
2 time BCS champion Heisman Trophy Married Miss Universe I'm the one who needs to act more humble....
this prediction isn't aging well currently, we'll see how it looks after 6-7 weeks into the season.
The system didn't help him make those crazy throws out of scrambles.... throwing on the run with top tier defenses breathing down his neck--- UGA ....Clemson
Please don't use Finebaum's statements about what 'would have happened'--it undercuts what is already very good logic- we're well acquainted with his odd predictions.... I believe you that Clemson will be very good next year, with Lawrence and Etiene in the backfield I don't see how you couldn't make it into the finals.... Geaux Tigers - my tigers will have some tough sledding to get there.
i agree- I see UGA has Bama early next year- that winner will be poised for a run....you just may have to win that game twice though in the SEC championship unless LSU can pull it out again. Good Luck.
A comparison from this long ago is completely useless... our time is better spent making talent vs talent matchup comparisons of the current teams...
Just me- and I'm the biggest LSU fan- I wouldn't expect to start CEH- and if he plays it will be sparingly and maybe as a decoy- we have certainly as good RBs- maybe not a total RB- but good hole hitters- Price or Emery could fill in against OU- but we will likely need a HEALTHY CEH against OSU or Clemson.
D alone isn't gonna get you a W against LSU. Auburn was the beneficiary of several very good circumstances against LSU- they stopped a receiver on 3rd down at the 1 yard line very close to an LSU TD, and LSU kicks field goal- they also pinned LSU inside their 10 on several special teams plays, and were the beneficiary of an LSU muffed punt - Auburn's D is very good . But without some exceptional 'help', LSU scores over 30 against about anyone. The way you beat LSU is to out-offense them and play exceptional D- otherwise you have to keep up on Offense....that hasn't fared well for too many teams either.
Dude can throw the ball- he needs to learn how to throw it away when necessary.
The FPI certainly got the LSU Bama game right.... so I'll guess we'll just have to wait and see who actually wins....rivalry week!
This article isn't aging well I guess- he's good enough to start at 100% of the NFL programs......
He knew at the snap the ball was coming to him- and needed a little help getting open I guess.....
Lsu hasn't won a time of possession type game this year (except for Bama) - Vandy, Texas,Ga Southern, Florida, Miss St --- Arkansas had the ball for 40 minutes- LSU for 20-- one of the few games that LSU won time of possession was against Bama- and that's because 3 of Bama's scores were on 3 one play drives--When LSU/Burrow is on its game, they are nearly impossible to keep out of the endzone. I agree with you that OSU and Clemson will likely take LSU down if their D is capable enough.