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We know if Alabama does get a 'participation trophy' that it will be on display all spring and summer to remind them that they lost. Those boys definitely don't want to have to look at that all practice season.
If Vanderbilt hadn't of lost to South Carolina in their opener I think they may have had the momentum to have won the east this past year...they were a really good team, but they missed many opportunities in many close games
goodness gracious we're going to have to wrap Hurts in bubble wrap to make sure he stays healthy for bowl season. However I wish all the best to the transfers this is the time in their lives to take chances and take every opportunity to grow that presents itself. RTR
If Vanderbilt can keep it close the first half they may have a shot at winning, but if UT is still doing their miracle finishes Vandy has no shot since they don't finish games...then again there really isn't too much for UT to play for since it's already likely they'll play FSU in the outback bowl regardless. I just hope it doesn't end up being one of those sloppy I don't care who wins kind of games.
That's the new SEC championship line-up right there: number 1 team in SEC vs an All Star SEC team, what could go wrong?
if the SEC were to trade Auburn for Mizzou that would help even out the strength in the east and west
Really sorry to point this out since I am happy for Vandy, but they beat Tennessee State University and you have Tennessee Tech in the picture...
I am hoping maybe he is saying the prestigious atmosphere of Stanford would have helped prevent him from making the choices he made at Florida State. Unfortunately I don't think he thought through how rude this is for Florida State to hear after everything they helped him with in his college career.
I think the ratings of a Browns vs all SEC team would be better than the pro bowl, and people would actually be willing to watch that
I truly think that if Tennessee can beat A&M they should be able to win out with the confidence of the Florida win and the possible A&M win...it will be very hard on the team, but it is talented as heck. I just don't believe that talent is being executed properly. I am looking forward to the BamaUT game in October
Tennessee is talented, but they definitely need to work on conditioning. There defense especially gets worn down at the end of the games when they should be able to trounce their opponents.
We all know that rivalry games bring something out of players that regular games do not. I have all the faith in the world that Bama can win, but it's going to take a lot of discipline and most importantly no stupid penalties. Furthermore if we do win, hopefully we'll be able to go to Atlanta healthy I don't want to have to face Florida with some green players.
That's the SEC for you, limping to the SEC championship since 1992