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No doubt. LSU and UT on the road are just as difficult as Georgia at home in my opinion. Missouri and Auburn at home and then Oklahoma on the road.
Maybe this will get a reset of his play. He hasn't shown the improvement we had hoped for as yet and we need him to play at a high level
Really good article. Milton and Edwards will find it tougher to run against Alabama (33rd) than the run defenses of Ole Miss (68th) and Ga Tech (128th). Saban tries to make teams one dimensional in these big games. Milroe is absolutely a more dangerous QB than Beck at this point in the season, but Beck will dissect you if you give him time in the pocket and/or have coverage breaks. If Bowers, Thomas and MConkey are a step slow it will be tough to get open. Both teams are peaking at the right time. I think it comes down to Milroe big play ability, pressure on Beck, turnovers, and red zone efficiency. A fumbled punt can swing the outcome. Both teams have struggled fielding them cleanly. Bama seems to have shored that up by replacing Koolaid with Downs, Mews confidence seems shaken. I don't think Milroe will need to keep it close by running in the first half. I expect a more conventional pass/run game with adjustments to QB run as needed at half. The Dawg injuries are the wildcard. Bama 30-24
Daniels is a great open field runner and a very good passer. One heck of a competitor but he was overshadowed by Milroe. If he had Bama’s receivers, DBs and DT on his team the outcome might have been different. The number of drops by an overhyped receiving core was a problem for him and Bamas overall talent level was evident.
I'm not sure the D is putting it back together. Auburns offense is anemic (200 yds against A&M) and that performance may not be an adequate measuring stick. 2 weeks ago Mizzou put up 527 yards against the D. Perkins is a great player but even he can only play one position.
DB lining up just across the line from a receiver. Trying to bumo himoff his route, slow him down or direct him a certain way.
Sometimes we get so caught up in the emotional and pschological factors we forget that it usually comes down to strategy, tactics and the matchups and the players - especially those at key positions. Can GA make plays against Bama's struggling corners? Can Bama stymie GA's pass rush again and exploit GA's secondary?
Agree, We have to recruit against the other SEC teams why would we want them to succeed?
yes, it's a screwy rule. The player is out for the remainder of the half the foul occurred in and the next half, either in the current game or the next game. Jameson's targeting was in the first half of the Auburn game so he completed the suspension in the second half of that game.
Well, Ignoring Bama's TE's might be a mistake and the back-up RB was the #1 overall player in HS 3 years ago and is finally 100% healthy. The freshman receiver who caught the game tying TD last week looked pretty good to me. So there are a lot of weapons on this team. GA has struggled to score against top 50 defenses (CLemson) and Bama's is top 10. GA is the favorite, no doubt, but a lot of 6.5 point dogs win outright.
All these Tide fans wanting to go after a loss to the Dawgs :). They aren't used to being underdogs (by all of 3 points). My money is on Bama as the 1 seed after winning the SEC. The Dawgs will get a second chance in the CFP.
Herbie has become the self appointed Tide naysayer :). He's so transparent it's starting to be entertaining.
Agree. I was there and never felt like TN had a chance. 1/2 of their yards came on 3 plays. Offense wins championships these days. Our defense is getting better as we go and they hopefully will cut out the mistakes over the next few games. I like our chances against GA.
Quitting 2 games in would top Petrino's exit from the Falcons :).
Fake News :). I was in Neyland Stadium in 1994 when Peyton, a true freshman started and played the entire game in a losing effort against the Tide 17-13. He did win the next 3, including leading the band in B'ham after the 1995 win, breaking Bama's 9 year unbeaten streak in the series. Bama had a great team in 94 only losing once, 24-23 on a Spurrier trick play in the SEC Championship. RTR
Big Ten does have more revenue but 'buries" is incorrect. estimated at 760m to 720m in 2019.
Players, players, players. Day, Franklin and Frost know their recruiting classes are at risk. Some of their top recruits will hear "it just means more down here" from the Southern coaches. You may some key de-commitments over the next couple of weeks.
Great article. I'm a Bama guy but was born and have a lot of kin in the Volunteer State. Tennessee does have momentum on the recruiting trail and I was impressed with the physicality of there play in Tuscaloosa last year. The Georgia and Florida fans on here are right in saying that there is a lot of work for Jeremy to close the gap. This class is on a trajectory to be around 10th in the nation when the numbers start evening up. When the dust settles that will put them about 5th or 6th in the SEC and 2nd or 3rd in the east. Another year of that kind of performance will put them on par with Florida, Auburn, Texas A&M in terms of talent. Alabama, Georgia and LSU will be tougher to catch unless something happens to those programs (coaches retire). But Jeremy may be able to do more with less than Kirby. In my opinion he was a better D-coordinator. It will be hard to best Kirby as a recruiter.
Henry 23 tds, 50% of team, Christian 12 tds, 20% of team. This totally defeats the argument about Importance to Team and shows how easy it is to run up inflated offensive stats in the PAC.