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poor guy wanted to talk about sports but accidently ended up on ESPN instead.
so, in other words, cheaters never prosper?
oh please...at this time last no one except a couple of clickbaiting sportswriters thought Notre Dame or Tennessee had any shot at making the playoffs
his tweets are irrelevant.....but the Bears gave up way way to much for him.
the princeton and yale players were waiting at the hospital and police station handing out their business cards....ill take the Alcorn State players over them.
has Auburn or Louisville sent out the transfer offers yet?
dawgs fan here....but gotta say THAT is one pathetic schedule
35 or 38 extra points is nothing special ......and 1 career field goal of 30 yards? it is not exaggeration to say that most random guys off the street could hit a 30 yard field goal with about an hour of practice......and worst of all someone who actually is capable is NOT getting a scholarship because of this stunt.
and i see CNN is exhibiting there usual high standards of barbie doll journalism
plenty of "reporters" with cosmetology degrees ready to replace her.
i dont whats more pathetic ...the riots or the fact that they care that much about basketball....basketball?
sorry to break it to you but winning the East does not make you a top 10 team
no way Florida is in the top 10...but im a Georgia fan and we dont belong their either. it is just last year that vanderbilt and ga.tech beat us..so we got some provin' to do first.
nah.....if it gets down to the 4th stringer the season is already over.
i'm more concerned with the depth chart at Punter than QB at Georgia.
jeez...click bait much? two career back ups graduate and are going to transfer so they get to play somewhere there final year. Georgia fans everywhere say good for them and good luck...but bad job click baiting the story.