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Not a Mullen fan (actually a Rebel fan), but he has done something that NONE of these commentors has - HEAD COACHED 2 SEC TEAMS. So, he probably knows a little about what Kiffin is doing/thinking. Don't care if Kiffin leaves. It's just an INDUSTRY these days run by a MONOPOLY - NCCA/SEC/ETC so, whatever school you like, sit back (at home) watch the NIL players try to make it to the NFL and spend more of your life doing something other than worrying about this stuff. Happy Thanksgiving!
How good is Kiffin? Let's see - Went 6-0 against unranked and weak teams (turns out KY not as good as rated early in season). Beat Auburn at home (maybe just a good day), Waxed by LSU, survived A&M (whew), lost to weakest Bama team in 10 yrs (at home), and waxed/outcoached by Pittman at Arky. At this point I don't see where Kiffin has proven to be a great coach. When he gets beat by State this week (and it will happen - another bad matchup talent wise) and 4 losses in last 5 games - all against SEC talent, well you do the math on how good a coach he is. Lou Holtz showed he could go anywhere and win with lesser talent - that's the kind of coach you want.
I'm in the same camp as army1. College football goes the way of the dinosaur in 20 years. First, young people just aren't as interested - they'd rather play video games. Sure you still have young people in stands, but the numbers are declining. If Kiffin is correct, no loyalty/commitment to the school by players is going to translate to the same in the stands. It's just a money game at this point. Goodbye CFP.
Heisman QBs have not had the greatest of success in NFL. He's out of the running at this point - which should be ok. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise. But between Young and Corrall, I don't think it's close. - Corrall is better. The QB at Bama has superior talent to throw to and YACs are probably a big difference in those stats too. Not sure, does anyone track that?
Those LSU parents do a terrible job of monitoring their kids on-line behavior.