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Bevo is a steer. (A bull that's been neutered.) I was at the game but sadly missed all that excitement. Bevo's pen is a long way from my seats...
I literally don't know a single Longhorn who cares about Horns Down. We all know taunting when we see it, and unless you're poking horns in some guys face, that ain't it. Please, knock yourselves out. Have fun.
Thanks. It was close but we just couldn't seal the deal. Kudos to Young for getting out of that sack. I thought we had him... Still, it was fun to see our stadium packed and fired up! I'm hoping we take the frustration out on Oklahoma in a few weeks.
I think all their problems could be fixed by giving Fisher another million dollars.
Pretty cool. He wins that challenge because I'm not jumping out of a perfectly good airplane! I will be at Gameday, though! Gonna finish my sign tonight...
UT's stadium holds 105,000 and we have about 70,000 season ticket holders, so two-thirds of all football tickets are unavailable unless people start scalping them. The lower deck is sold out to season ticket holders. I've been buying mine for 26 years and would be pretty upset if the #1 team in the country came to Austin and I suddenly had to move to accommodate the other school's band. I think it's a shame Alabama's band chose not to come because I'd like to see them. Where do SEC schools put the opposing school's band? (FWIW, our alumni band sits up there every year.)
I've been a fan of Al Michaels ever since the 1989 earthquake that hit the World Series while he was calling the game. He did an incredible job that night. Hope he likes the new gig, although I'll miss him on Sunday nights.
I just looked up AR15 and AR-15 at the US Patent and Trademark Office. Those trademarks are owned by entities other than Anthony Richardson. That's a good reason for him to change that has nothing to do with "woke." He can't get a trademark.
I'm skeptical but I'd be all for it. It would give Manning a year to settle in and if he redshirts Ewers must be playing well.
Expectations for Manning will be insane but I'm plenty excited to see what Ewers can do. He'll have a lot of weapons to work with if the newly hired O-line can give him a couple of seconds.
From all indications, Saban helped Sark get himself together and helped him earn another shot at a big school. Nice to see he appreciates it.
SDS members rightfully give Texas grief for losing to Kansas. I stayed in the bleachers for every last down. That's not soft. (Insert laughing emoji here.)
Of course there's nothing wrong with Horns Down. I'd never "Gig 'em" with a thumb up... On the field, who knows what refs will/won't call for taunting? It's a judgment call just like holding, PI, etc. I'm a 26-year season ticket holder looking forward to welcoming all of you to Austin. Please gesture as you see fit. ;-)
Texas and OU are attending Big 12 meetings because for the season that's about to begin, Texas and OU are still generating about 50% of the money coming into the conference. Why shouldn't they take part in decision making? But yeah, a quick resolution is better for everyone. I'd bet the Horns and Sooners are leaving when Cincy, BYU, UCF, and Houston arrive next year.
Hope to see you for Thanksgiving real soon! It'll be good to have y'all back in town.
Not really overlooking, just haven't had a chance to see Auburn play yet.
Vegas oddsmakers are favoring Texas but we've had bull pen issues all season, could run out of arms before we run out of opponents. And yeah, Melendez is a beast but "Hispanic Titanic" makes me cringe. The Horns had a tough super-regional with ECU. The first two games were as tough as anything I've seen all season, tough team and a great environment. OU is hot, A&M is hot, Arkansas is hot, ND knocked off the Vols... should be a great CWS.
Hostile much? A few things... 1) I'm no SEC hater - my Dad went to LSU and I've cheered for the Tigers since I was knee-high, long before I went to Texas. In 2019, I wore my Dad's old LSU hat to the game to honor him. Still cheered for Texas, of course, but I was sad he wasn't there. 2) "Desperately seeking to survive" is a considerable exaggeration. We've sucked on the field but still made more money than just about everyone. So much that the rest of the SEC steamrolled over A&M's objections when we joined. (The same A&M that everyone in the SEC likes so much.) 3) A&M was invited to join what became the Longhorn Network before it went on the air and declined. If ESPN waved $300 million over 20 years in front of your school, do you think they'd say no? (And when the Longhorn Network dies, ESPN will owe Texas, not the other way around.) 4) As for destroying the Big 12, Nebraska left because they went 1-9 against Texas. A&M left to improve their recruiting and bottom line. LHN may have played a part but again, they were invited to join. 5) My brother and his wife are Ags so no hate here, just a headlock and a few noogies. 6) Austin's a great place for a ball game. You should come... you might find your impression of Texas fans is a caricature. I'm a 26-year season ticket holder and have had a few beers with Buckeyes, Nittany Lions, Golden Domers, Hogs, Tigers, Ags, etc... made a lot of friends up in the bleachers. I even get along with Sooners in Dallas... Are you guys always this friendly?
Saban made his comments, Fisher responded. Bjork is just singing to the choir, getting on the record, playing to the base, etc. NIL may not be all A&M has going for it, but to say it wasn't an influence on this recruiting class just isn't credible. It would be like me saying Texas' OL collective had nothing to do with the Longhorns signing a ton of highly rated linemen. Of course it did. It's the world we live in. A&M has a big checkbook and used it. Lay off the fake outrage and own it.
One school might. Hope to see you soon. Thanksgiving just hasn't been the same...
You're going to have to step up your game. The Aggies are offering sheep!
Saban told the truth. But under current rules (or lack thereof) Fisher did nothing wrong. It's no coincidence his best recruiting class ever coincided with the influx of NIL $$$. He should own it, publicize A&M's giant checkbook, and get a jump on the next recruiting cycle. Any school that can afford to play moneyball alongside A&M is going to do so... including Alabama. I think Texas started its OL collective even before the Aggies. It's the wild west out there, can't blame the Ags just because they played it better than other schools.
How many all-expenses-paid recruiting trips can young Mr. Manning get out of these universities??? He seems to have found a way to milk the system even before his NIL money comes in.
It's pretty clear Meyer is past his expiration date. It was a gift that he turned us down a few years ago...
No mention of Texas/OU? Oh well... you guys will like when Texas vs. A&M comes back, too. And of course, Fletcher's Corny Dog isn't technically a topping but if you're at the Texas/OU game at the State Fair you oughtta grab one. Mustard. Always. mustard...
Believe it or not, I'm actually pretty friendly. ;-) Gators and Horns are currently scheduled for 2030 and 2031. Hopefully we won't have to wait that long...
I'd rather see Texas, A&M, OU, and LSU. But either way, let's get UT vs. A&M back. Thanksgiving just hasn't been the same...