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The Little14 & Puny12 decisions to not play this fall had NOTHING really to do with COVID - it is just an excuse to try to "resist" and hurt Trump in any way possible... it doesn't matter if a vaccine is developed or not, they only delayed things past the November election to try to hurt the economy and Trump... all this COVID panic will magically go away as soon as the election is over.
Big Deal... this year's flu isn't even the worst I've had - the Russian Flu of 1978 was way worse... why such a wuss attitude? TDS?
TDS works in strange ways... yes, they think by "resisting" in any way, shape, or form, it may "hurt Trump".
The pressure is mounting on the Big10, Pac12, MWC, & MAC to CANCEL their CANCELing (of Fall 2020 Football Seasons)... it's obvious they are doing it for no other real reason than to just "spite/hurt Trump" - as mitigation factors clearly exist, as is being seen with SEC, ACC, Big12, AAC, Conf-USA, SunBelt conferences MOVING FORWARD with football for Fall 2020; with those factors put in place, such as significantly reducing crowd sizes, very few on-campus students/faculty, and super aggressive testing/tracing/quarantine plans, etc.). TDS is NOT a good reason to CANCEL the Fall 2020 College Football season.