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Ooh Nick mad. Love it when he gets like that. RTR!
Just hope y’all aren’t saying you ALMOST beat KY! RTR!
Finebaum, WTF cares what he says. He’ll say anything in an attempt to be relevant. RTR!
Always that way when fans accustomed to winning all the time experience a loss. Bama was flat, dropped passes, too many penalties, poor offensive coaching decisions. 3 passing plays trying to score when Robinson was running well? Look, A&M played extremely well and probably could have beaten Georgia too. They deserved the win. Baba came back strong in the 2nd half but then let up at the end and couldn’t stop A&M from moving down the field to get in FG range. RTR!
Eli’s show is pretty good. He even took a jab at Saban lol. RTR!
Maybe a stint at Coach Saban’s “coach rehabilitation program” would straighten Meyer out? Asking for a friend… RTR!
These days DK doesn’t mention much about FSU. Hmmm wonder why… RTR!
Naw he was just showing her how centers handle “balls”. Totally innocent on horny Urban’s part. RTR!
It was the other team’s fault. Unfair they scored more then FL did. RTR!
Showing her how centers “handle balls”. RTR!
Hey who wouldn’t enjoy that! Even us old guys. Wonder if he tagged her… RTR!
Looks to me like he’s enjoying it! RTR!
Quit watching that goofy show years ago. Goofy Corso and Howard’s silly laughing, well…. SEC Network and CBS better shows, IMO.. RTR!
Hey at least he didn’t pull out the Darth Vader outfit! RTR!
Wow can’t take the heat over a bad pick. Reminds me of a certain political party…. RTR!
Yeah even Tebow picked Ole Miss, Kaneel probably did too, I dunno. And Chris too. Common denominator here, they played FL college ball. Whatever that means lol. RTR!
Honestly he may as well go for it, probably knew he couldn’t beat the Boss so just go for it. RTR!
Pittman coached O Line at GA for a couple years. Was associate coach something…. RTR!
Watched this during the Saban segment Monday night. Eli referred to Hurts as an Oklahoma QB jokingly trying to get a reaction from Saban. Saban didn’t fall for it though, just complements Hurts as a quality young man. But it was funny Eli trying to get a rise out of Saban. RTR!
Game Day is a joke for serious Football. They are totally silly, it’s all about Them. The Head Gear is silly. They are Goofy. The 4 Stooges Exactly! Quit watching those clowns years ago. Best college football show is on CBS Sports Tuesday nights, two hour show.
YES! He’s one of the reasons I quit watching Gameday years ago. Actually that entire cast is tired. SEC Network has much better shows. RTR!
Kamell. How does he stay on these shows? Guess his anti-SEC plays well in some places. Boring sports personality.
Young team so hopefully they get better fast. Not 100% sure we should be No 1 but haven’t seen anyone else this year deserving of it yet either. RTR!