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Head high Montana! Y’all played your hearts out and gave it everything. Sure, disappointing but a great season regardless by you and the Bama ladies. RTR!
Proud of the Bama ladies. They gave their all and more. FSU just had a bit too much. Congrats on a great season ladies, hold your heads high. Great job as always by Coach Murphy. RTR!
Saban: knock knock Kirby: who’s there? Saban: Owen Kirby: Owen who? Saban: 0-3 against me!
Don’t have to pay what he was contracted if they fired him for cause. Understandable, but don’t have to slam the guy to this extreme.
I was an airline pilot and had a layover in Meridian on a Fri afternoon. Checking in the lobby had a number of LSU fans milling about. Asked on gentleman why he couldn’t find a hotel closer to Tuscaloosa. His reply? “I wouldn’t spend a penny in Alabama”! Okkkk I said, enjoy the drive to T-town then. RTR!
Yup. Guess your donors better open up their wallets but you still won’t catch Bama. RTR!
Well there is that ACC school up in Carolina....RTR
Quit watching the NFL, NASCAR since big E died, never watched the NBA, still some ML baseball and college BB. Add college FB now? I can go without it, plenty of other things to do on Saturdays. So if they go on strike I would think the decision whether to play this fall will be easier for the deciders. Go on strike, cancel this year. Terminate those striking scholarships. That’s the way it works in the real world, and I was a union member for 24 years.
Yes he did, quickly. The 2007 team, his first year, didn’t buy in to “the process” and if memory serves me right no one from that was drafted. RTR!
Does anyone really believe this dude? Worst sports personality ever.
I say suit up the coaches from each team and have them the game this season. RTR!
Yeah I’m in agreement there. Miles made many bonehead calls/decisions while at LSU or else he’d still be there. The NCG vs Bama comes to mind using Jefferson instead of the QB who got them there. Rumor I heard from a former player was that the black players wanted him in, supposedly threatening Miles by not playing if he didn’t.
He wins. That satisfies the boosters.
I think he’s ranking current coaches. But I’d agree with you, both Spurrier and Bowden would have to be ranked up there, along with many others like the Bear. RTR.,