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Now that this is national news there's no way that Tim Wolfe gets to keep his job. He should've been more responsive and proactive to the situation before it got this far out of control. Right now this is a black mark hanging over the whole university as wells as it's administration. Wolfe is going to have a tough time trying to find new employment once he does finally get fired or step down at Mizzou.
If he gets fired he has nobody to blame but himself because he mishandled the situation from the start. If he would've just responded to the first couple of incidents immediately after they happened there wouldn't be this big uproar from the students.
They're taking a page right out of the new Black Panthar party play book. Of course it's interesting to note that the individual who started the hunger strike was also an intern for Rahm Emanuel who is the current Chicago Mayor and was a former Chief of Staff to President Obama.
Should be a great game in Hotlanta under the Dome on Saturday! Playing in last year's SEC Championship may be helpful for some players who actually played in that game. That said, Bama has plenty of players with experience in this game and winning it so there's not really an edge to either team on the experience aspect.
Give a few more years and Gus Malzahn will be run out of Auburn just like Gene Chizik was.
There were bad calls both ways all game but I point one stat out to you Missouri had 12 penalties called against them while UT only had 5 so if anyone was getting the calls going their way in that game it was UT. Can't really blame the officials as UT was given a second opportunity to execute a successful onside kick but failed because the player reached out for the ball rather than letting it come to him. If the UT player lets the ball hit him in the chest on the second onside kick attempt then it travels 10 yards and it's UT ball.
So you're advocating that all FBS schools stop scheduling FCS schools or is it just SEC schools that you disagree with scheduling them?
I thought it was Verned and Garyed. Those two are like two peas in a pod and just plain awful to listen to.