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Everyone hates OSU except for OSU. 87% of the country wants to watch OSU get pole waxed. Roll Tide!
I have a friend in the Tennessee AD and he said that french fries are good with salt and that water is wet. He also says that the earth is flat and that we never landed on the moon. So basically he's the smartest guy in Tennessee.
Nickie is not going anywhere. He will come back next year with a vengeance and make Clemson his special little project. Clemson is going to catch one next year because nobody Nick Saban's Nick Saban and gets away with it.
Clemson looked scary good tonight. That was a tough loss and I was actually pulling for Bama! Trevor Lawrence looks like Barry Manilow but plays like Peyton Manning, that kid is the real deal.
Settle down man, I was just giving you a hard time! We never see you guys get beaten like this and it probably won't happen again for a long time so I had to get my jabs in while I can. You guys had a hell of a season and just so you know my dad doesn't work on the garbage truck, he drives the garbage truck so show a little respect broham!
Speaking of sisters, you better get to bed big guy, she's not going to wait up all night!
Blitzer, your mom just called....she said... It's great to be a Georgia Bulldog... she said it's great to be a Georgia Bulldog!!!
If he were eligible immediately he would take Tate's job I believe. He does everything Tate does but he is bigger, stronger, and faster. Tate just has the experience advantage but Tate is also a turd burglar so there is that aspect as well.
Oh I almost forgot about that 1992 Citrus Bowl, man Hunter Renfrow was lights out! Dude is a baller.
I remember the first time I saw Hunter Renfrow play. It was 1986 and I was just a little boy but I remember it clear as day.
You guys looked horrible against Virginia. You almost looked like a top 100 team in the country. The good news is you guys were riddled with injuries...the bad news is you sucked before all of those injuries as well.
Exactly, we better beat Texas before we start talking smack.
This game may be close, I'm not sure how it's going to go,but I really hope Bama stomps a mud hole in these turds.
Martell will be riding pine if Justin goes to OSU. If he was talking about Fields in that tweet then I respect his confidence but he will be looking really cheesy when Justin shows up and steals his job and his girl.
Georgia, Alabama, LSU, Florida, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Clemson, Notre Dame, Kentucky..... I'm getting you want me to keep going?
I like Kelly Bryant, I just don't know how well he will do in the SEC. He seemed to be good against the ACC but struggle against SEC defenses. He will be surrounded by SEC talent though so I guess we will see. Like I said, I like the guy and hope he does well.
LSU please stomp a mud hole in these turds and end this crazy talk once and for all. Thanks.
When the Vols don't suck anymore get back to us. I'll be old and have grandkids by then I'm sure but I'll still be here. You get it right? You do understand you guys suck right? We are to play Alabama for the SEC championship and you guys are about to play Southern Akron College in the Fart Knocker Bowl. Now go on and get!Go wash those mayonnaise stains out of your T-shirt.
Seriously though, get back to us when you beat Vandy. Let that sink in....You guys can't even beat Vanderbilt. You Tennessee tards crack me up.
The thing about ass whoopings is, you don't have to be scared to catch one. Sorry Joe, but you're about to catch one.
Ron Zook would coach circles around Steve Spurrier
Tyson is a true freshman and will be fine. Auburn should probably look into not losing to crappy teams like Tennessee.
Yeah I know. I was talking trash about UCF and Tennessee at the same time. Killing 2 turds with one stone....or birds. You know what I mean.