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Saban is barely holding his own against Smart??!! Tell me again how many championships Georgia has since Saban took over at bama???
Corch, every time you put your fingers on a keyboard you prove to all of us how dumb you really are.
I guess if you can't beat em, make fun of their appearance and call em names right. :)
Dude you shouldn't be allowed to have a computer, phone or whatever it is you used to comment on this!!! Because it's one of the star players on your favorite team, he is automatically getting set up, and the accusers are hookers!!!???? This post proves how stupid and delusional you are.
Will be sorely missed when he leaves, without him OM doesn't win half the games it's won the last 2 years. I hope he becomes one hell of a pro.
Not saying Auburn can't win, but do you really think that defense can hold OM to 24 points??? More likely to be 54-51 than 42-21 IMO
Does this guy actually think anyone read all this nonsense???
Do a little research and read an article or 2 on Tucker and everyone of them mention how well he recruited while he was in the SEC, so yeah I guess that's what I understand!!
Since LSU likes Ole Miss retreads I hear Matt Luke is avaliable!!! P.S. this is a joke btw
From what I understand Tucker was a hell of a recruiter for Saban. IMO I think Kiffin get a massive bump after this year to stay at OM Probably in the 6-7 mill range, Carter is gonna try to avoid losing another top coach in conference (Ala-Tuberville)
I may be in the minority here, but I think USC might go after him if he is available!!
Being from a town in Mississippi about 20 minutes north of Amory, I know for a fact that Will Hall is a class act. I hope he is successful at USM because he is a hell of a football coach as well.
I'm not understanding the hate that GameDay gets. I've been waking up early just to watch it for years, it's a tradition at my house.