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I agree, unless there is more to the story than he is telling and this was just the last straw.
I thought from the beginning and still think the same thing, he got what he wanted....... his name in the news and his 15 minutes of fame. He just didn't expect it to explode and cost him his job, he was just looking for attention and creating a feud with Nick Saban got him that.
Alabama makes a lot of money but I don't know if we have the grocery budget to add Brett to the staff...............
This is not an issue for Alabama, he was probably leaving no matter what...... It's a slap in the face to LSU that he'd rather take a pay cut than have to move to Baton Douche.........
Wonder why I'm not surprised to scroll to the comments on this story and find LSUSMC spouting moronic gibberish again claiming to know what everyone talks about in private. I thought the idiots on Yahoo comment boards were bad but this moron makes them all look like Einsteins..........
Here's what I don't understand. Why does LSU want him so bad??? Not trying to be deragotory, just practical. If he comes in and succeeds they'll only have him for one year, he'll get an HC offer next year because that would make him and very valuable attraction to other struggling schools. Seems they should be focusing their efforts on finding someone that will stick around a few years.
Oregon might be a better option for LK. He's a left coaster and after this past season they have no where to go but up..........
I've got no problem with LK leaving Bama, we won NC's before him and we'll them after him. Just laughing at the moron Corndogs like yourself who've been jumping on every media bandwagon for weeks everytime a rumor starts about the next NC or OC. It's Jimbo guaranteed...... now it's Herman, no doubt....... oh, it's the King Corndog Coach O, but we're saved because he'll get LK from Bama........... pathetic.
Actually you are main Corndog who was assuring everyone that the report was true and Saturday would be Kiffin's last game, deny it now but you said it a few days ago.
What happened to all the Corndogs who said Kiffin would be moving to Baton Douche as soon as the SEC CG was over??????
Where have all the LSU Corndogs disappeared to, after predicting all week that Lane Kiffin would be moving to Baton Douche today??????????
Just as much talent.....LMFAO Maybe if Kiffin had been there this year Fournette would have broken 40 total yards against Bama.
Two weeks ago it was guaranteed by the media, LSU insiders and so called experts that Jimbo was the next Head Coach. A week later the exact comments were being made about Tom Herman. Now the story is Kiffin is downgrading himself to LSU. I think I'll believe it when I see it happen and let the "experts" and "insiders" keep having a circle jerk...............
That argument is lame, Kiffin may not want a long term contract that he has to buy out of if he gets an HC offer.
If Bama stays undefeated and wins it all, short of getting a high profile HC position Kiffin will be back to try for a 3peat. If they lose in the playoff he might make a lateral move to LSU.
LMFAO at PoFoke, I seem to recall LF7 meeting RF10 head on a few years ago on a punt return, and if memory serves LF7 is lucky to still be playing after that hit………..
TAMU fans see one thing, Bama fans see something different. The rule is subjective and the referees reviewed and didn't see foul. Get over it......... If your returner doesn't want to get hit they should make a fair catch.
The sad fact is that Saban will retire someday and all these morons who predict it every year will claim they are genius's even if it is 20 more years before he is gone.
Why is everyone ignoring the fact that this is an SEC rule not Saban's rule? He is just following the rules, if you don't agree with the transfer rule then lobby the SEC to change not trash Saban for following the rule.
He's an adult? Yet he had to get his mommy to go fight his battle..........
They were probably giving away left over corndogs in the parking lot..............
Hate to see that. Good Luck Gurley, RTR!
Well said, it's been what?? 10 years or so since Saban left LSU and the corndogs still can't move past it......LOL